A/N: Gluttony: unsatisfied hunger, unquenchable thirst, unsated desire, and the need to satisfy, quench and sate, no matter what the cost.

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Munch, Fin, Olivia, Elliot and Cragen were sitting around the conference room table, discussing the details of the case. They were in hour twenty-seven. The food had just arrived and Olivia grabbed her salad, watching, wide-eyed, as Elliot grabbed two sandwiches, a container of soup, a small salad, a side order of fries and two cans of soda. She shot him a look. One that said, "What the fuck?"

Elliot looked back her, smirked and shrugged, and reclaimed his seat next to her.

"You're really gonna eat all of that?" Olivia asked him, raising an eyebrow.

Elliot nodded. "We've been working for almost thirty hours, Liv. I haven't eaten in two days, and we're nowhere near catching the bastard. I'm fucking hungry."

Olivia rolled her eyes and chuckled. But, as Cragen continued briefing them on the latest case developments, she found herself stealing some of his fries, sharing half of one of his sandwiches and sipping from one of his soda-pops. Elliot didn't mind at all. In fact, it made him quite happy.

Cragen's phone rang, and he excused himself to answer it, as Elliot and Olivia finished off the fries. "I guess I was hungrier than I thought," Olivia said with a laugh, dipping a fry into a cup of ketchup.

"Maybe it was me, Liv. I just make you really hungry," Elliot quipped, covering his own potato wedge in red-goop.

"There are a thousand words to describe the ways you make me feel, Elliot. Hungry is not one of them," she said. "Well, I mean, on occasion, we do work up quite an appetite, but…" she was interrupted when Cragen bolted back into the room.

"Benson, Stabler! He got another one! Snatched a girl off of Eighty-Eighth and witnesses say he's in a blue minivan, heading downtown. Partial plates, DMV is looking for an AVR. Go!" Cragen snapped, throwing Olivia a set of keys. "We'll keep you in contact."

"Guess I'm driving," she said as she and Elliot ran out of the conference room, out of the bullpen, then out of precinct.

They were driving down the highway, fast, when a call over the radio came in. "Yo, it's Fin! Suspect pulled up to an old apartment building in Queens. Woman who called said she saw the man get out and throw the girl into side window and drive away. Munch and I got the chase on with the prick, you guys get the girl. One-Six-Seven-Zero, Bell Boulevard!"

"What?" Olivia and Elliot said together. Then they looked at each other.

Olivia stepped on the gas.

Elliot shook his head. "You have to take the…"

"I know how to get there, El." She couldn't believe what Fin had just said. "I used to live down the street from that building."

They pulled up to the apartment and they both got out, Elliot chuckling to himself about something. They ran over to the woman standing outside, frantically pointing at a red, paint-peeling, door. "In there, he put her in there," the woman cried.

"Jesus," Elliot said. "Unbelievable"

Olivia ran over and tried the knob. "Sweetie? Are you in there?" she yelled through the door. She heard a soft murmuring and tiny scratching noises. "Shit," she said. "I can't kick it down, or shoot the lock off, she's leaning right up against…oh!" Olivia pulled the old, silver key out of her pocket.

"Liv, I really don't think that's gonna work," Elliot said, rubbing his forehead.

"It's worth a shot," Olivia replied. "I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess. I love using this thing, and I love watching it not work." She slid the key into the lock and turned it slowly, and lo and behold, the door opened. "Holy shit!"

The weak and beaten little girl tumbled out onto the grass and Elliot scooped her into his arms. He ran her back to their car and laid her across the backseat, then radioed to let anyone who was listening know that they were bringing the almost-unconscious girl to St. Vincent's. He looked up at Olivia as she plopped into the driver's seat and peeled away, speeding, faster than a speeding bullet. "Liv," he said, still stunned. "I'm not gonna ask how, or why. All I'm gonna say is, that door used to lead into my living room. That was my apartment when I was ten years old."

Olivia said nothing, kept her eyes on the road, and pushed down on the gas pedal. The only thought running through her mind was this: if she would have found that door when she found the key, Elliot would have saved her. After all, he did think he was Superman when he was ten, didn't he?

They waited until the doctor told her that the girl would be okay, and until they had confirmed she hadn't been raped, and then they left St. Vincent's. Olivia was on her fifth bottle of water, and Elliot had just noticed.

He opened the door for her, she was tired of driving, and as he got in he looked at her. "Thirsty?"

"Can't seem to get enough water," she said, gulping down the rest of the bottle. "Don't know what's wrong with me. Are you sure that was your old apartment?"

"I think I remember where I used to live, Liv." He chuckled. "How the hell did that key end up in your yard?"

"No fucking clue," Olivia shrugged. "It's gonna be a lot of fun, explaining it on the DD5." She reached into the backseat and grabbed another bottle of water. "I finally have my answer, though. I finally know." She still had the silver key in her hand, afraid to let it go, now that she knew where it would have taken her. Olivia's cell rang, then, and she saw Fin's name on her screen. She furrowed her brow, wondering why he didn't radio in. "Benson," she answered. "Oh, shit! We're on our way." She snapped her phone shut and looked at Elliot. "They were still chasing the fucker, the whole time, and they cornered him at an alley. He shot Munch, in the arm. Fin's running after him, but he needs us. They're heading up Fifty-first, El. Go!"

Elliot hit the light on the dash, pulled the siren and flew down the road, turning left with a screech up Fifty-first Street. They caught sight of Fin and then the man he was chasing, and Elliot floored it, turning sharply at the corner. He and Olivia got out and aimed their guns at the man, who stopped running, but kept bouncing in place, from one leg to the next.

"You have nowhere to go, Castler!" Elliot yelled.

The man turned, and saw Fin, also pointing a gun at him. To his left, was an alley between two brick buildings, and to his right, the street, but he was blocked in by people and cars and several uniformed officers. He took his chances with the alley, hauling ass into the blackness. Elliot wasted no time, bolting after him. The perp leaped over trash cans and the iron gate, but Elliot followed, not missing a beat.

"Shit," Fin said, stepping up next to Olivia. "I've never seen Elliot run so fast. It's almost like he's..."

"Flying," Olivia said with a small smirk. "He's flying, Fin." She looked at her friend and nodded, and they headed into the dark alley, watching Elliot pummel the man they'd been chasing for three days into submission. Olivia clambered over the iron gate, dropping to her feet behind Elliot and she pulled him away from the bastard, tugging him as he tried to get a few last kicks in. "Okay, Superman, easy!" she yelled, holding him back.

"He deserves it," Elliot spat, as Fin pulled the perp up, roughly, and cuffed him.

Olivia squeezed his shoulder. "I know he does, El, but you..."

Elliot looked at her, something unreadable, but so full of emotion in his eyes. "I'm not satisfied, Liv. He gets to live, after he raped and killed fifteen little girls? How is that fucking fair?" Elliot kicked the trash can next to him and ran a hand through his hair, trying to catch his breath.

"You don't need to be the one that kills him, El." Olivia, knowing Fin was long gone, into the light, while they were still bathed in the protective shadow of the alley, wrapped an arm around him and scratched the nape of his neck, something he loved. "I thought you wanted to be the hero?"

He let his head drop to touch hers, out of breath, tired and with a strong desire to feel something other than anger, exhaustion, hunger and the need to get justice for Castler's only living victim. "Some hero."

"You saved that girl, El," she reminded him, unconsciously leaning back against the wall.

"No, you did that. You and your magic key." His lips brushed hers, lightly.

Olivia tugged on his shirt, pulling him closer, whispering against his lips, "It was the key to your old house. You...were meant to save me. You did."

"Liv, I think we saved each other," he said as he finally brought his lips down on hers. This kiss was hungry, desperate. As if they couldn't get enough of each other. They couldn't; Elliot pressed into her, biting fiercely on her bottom lip as he tugged desperately on her pants. "Off," he whined. "Need more. Need you."

Olivia tried to rationalize. "El, we're in an..."

"I know where we are," he assured her, capturing her lips in another kiss. "God, Liv, baby, kissing you isn't enough right now. It's never enough." He watched in great reliefe and sure anticipation as she unzipped her slacks and slid them down, with her silk panties, and he bent his head to nibble lightly on her neck. She moaned softly as her hands traveled to his grey pants and worked them open.

Olivia chuckled. "You were seriously wearing these today?" she asked as she reached her hand into his Superman boxers and stroked his length before pushing the cotton down around his hips.

Elliot laughed as he pushed his way into her, holding her tightly and wrapping her legs around his waist. "I was hoping they'd finally work," he grunted, thrusting slowly.

"They did," Olivia replied. And as they kissed, as he moved deep within her, she said, "You were right, El. It's never enough. I'm always gonna want more. I'm always gonna want you."

Elliot hiked her up a little and quickened his pace, making his thrusts faster and harder. "It's a good thing we've got forever then. We have each other, baby. You have me. Always."

They held each other, kissing madly, gluttonously, as they franticly and laboriously made love in the alley, like two starved lions who had been given a steak for the first time in weeks. As the came, together, and Elliot's name rolled off her tongue like a sweet prayer, she knew that they had, indeed, saved each other. Numerous times. And they'd continue to be there to save each other, because they had the aching, insatiable hunger to keep each other safe, keep each other satisfied, and keep each other loved. It's the way it always was, and now, it's the way it always would be.

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