Chapter 5


Early morning, in a tent

The two integrators, listened to the man as he just kept going on and on about his life.

"Then she was angry, seriously I was marrying her when I didn't love her, she should be grateful. It's not like she has anyone who actually wants a life with her. Even the brain dead thug is going to walk away, he always does." said the man sweating from the heat.

"I mean, her sister came to town and Sarah, she was hot man. Yet I was going to wait until AFTER we marred to take a shot at hitting that, I was being good. But no, she had to walk out. After all we did for her. Then that thug shows back up in town. They left the party, I know they went to her place. I saw him leaving a bit later."

Four hours later as the prisoner went on and on, the man looked at him and asked "What year are you to now?"

"Uh, 2004." he said. "Any I was willing to be a father to Zander's kid. It wasn't hard, the kid didn't do much at first, then he started to crawl and became a pain in the rear. She actually expected me to watch him when she worked. I mean what was her grandmother for?"

"I thought you weren't working?" asked one of the men. The other uniformed officer looked at him and glared.

"What?" he mouthed at him while the prisoner kept droning on.

"I don't give a crap about this losers life. If I were the wife, I would run quickly the other way. What did you do to piss off the post commander? There has to be a reason we received this assignment. Did you hit his new car? Sleep with his wife? Get his daughter pregnant?"

Before the man could answer the prisoner said "Yeah, but she was at fault. I mean I didn't want to use condoms, I told her birth control pills worked better, but she had to bring up the issue of her heart transplant. The condoms are faulty and she blames me, like I did something wrong."

Looking at the clock, he said "This person has been going on for ten hours, has he taken responsibility for one thing that has gone wrong in his life?"

"Yes, I think it was his fault that he had a bad hair day when he first meet Brenda Barrett the model." he said wearily. "Look on the tape, about an hour in."

Outside their boss had stopped to listen in on the interrogation and looked at the time then went to the tapes. An hour later he put a halt to it. "Gentlemen, on me. Two days in Miami. I will even pick up the hotel, my personal dime."

"What was it this guy was supposed to have done?" asked the more senior of the agents.

"Smuggled anthrax into the states. They have him dead to rights. Did you get anything?"

"No, nothing other than an urge to smack the crap out of him. Where does he go next?"

"Supermax. Did you catch that one name, Manny Ruiz?"

"Who is he, someone we want?"

"No, former drug dealer, he's dead. I find it interesting how he claimed to take him out. I was in Miami when he was arrested once, took four cops with tasers to take him down. I wonder what really happened there. I think it is safe to say he didn't really single-handedly take him down."

An hour later after a shower and packing a quick bag, the two interrogators were on the tarmac waiting to get on the jet taking them back to the states. Seeing the man they owed this trip to sitting in a seat, his arms and legs in chains with a gag on said "We will take the next flight."

Walking down the ramp, the felt bad for the two DHS agents taking the man to the supermax in Kansas. Catching the next flight, they were soon in Miami, toasting the loser who by then was in his 6X6 cell with nothing in it but a bed and a toilet.


Jason woke up early, as his phone buzzed. Picking it up, he read the text message then curled up around his wife remembering the ride the afternoon before. They had stopped at a secluded spot near the old bridge and he finally understood all the excitement about making out in a car.

Arriving at Sonny's a half hour later to join his boss and both sets of children for dinner, feeling blissful, which ended quickly when Cam handed him a toy motorcycle that Emily had bought him and Elizabeth leaned over to whisper. "Next time, we do that on the bike."

Standing suddenly, he handed Cam back his toy and rushed outside ignoring Sonny's amused glance and Elizabeth quiet laughter. "Cam how was your day?"

"I met a girl, she is my aunt but her sister is really, really bossy. She said I had sauce on my nose." he replied annoyed. "So, I was eating spaghetti, it happens."

Seeing Sonny looking her way, Elizabeth told him who Cam had spent the afternoon with. Realizing the bossy girl was his daughter, it finally hit him that he should have seen it before. There was a strong resemblance between Alexis, Kristina and Elizabeth. "You know, looking back I can't help thinking people were blind. I mean here, take a look."

Picking up the school photo of his little girl, Sonny said "She has my coloring but she does look like you a bit."

"We saw what we wanted to see." replied Elizabeth. She looked toward the window and saw Jason returning. When he sat down he whispered in her ear you are so going to pay later for that one."

"Promise?" she asked.

Hearing footsteps, they saw Carly arriving for the boys and they all decided to head home, Sonny stood in the entryway and watched those he loved heading away and quietly closed the door to head up to bed feeling lonely but knowing he was never alone.


The house was now theirs and Elizabeth wanted to be settled into it before the holiday season began. First though, there was something else Jason and she wanted to do. As he tugged her up the stairs, Elizabeth tried to stop laughing but couldn't.

Her husband was acting like a randy teenager trying to get one over on his parents. "We don't have long. Why did you ask them to meet you here?" he said glaring at her for laughing.

"I-I'm sorry." she said bursting out in laughter again, "I just, Jason."

Pulling the hysterical woman into the bathroom, he quickly closed and locked the door. Removing his leather jacket and tossing it aside, he was unbuttoning the large red button on her fall wool coat.

Elizabeth dropped her purse and was undoing her buttons when she saw the expression on his face as he just stopped. Reaching out, she cupped his face and asked "Hey, what is it?"

"I just, I want more than fifteen minutes in that shower with you. Can we send them home." he said quietly.

"Yes, here, let me call Emily." she said reaching for her purse. Stopping her, Jason groaned then pulled her into his arms.

"No, we need their help. I will be fine. When we get this place finished we can complete this." he said. Leaning down to his kiss her, he said "I just panicked."

Looking up into the eyes showing vulnerability, she said "Why? I am not going anywhere. What caused this?"

Sitting down on the edge of the clawfooted tub he said "Lucky."

"Jason, he is and was my past. You, me our family is our future." she assured him.

"No, I just got news today. Then Diane came in and said the house was ours... I just worried how you would take it."

"Tell me," she said getting that something had happened, something that Jason believed she would walk away from him for.

"He was in a super max for terrorism suspects. He pissed off the wrong guard, tried to escape. I am sorry, but he is dead." Turning away, he waited for her reaction, well aware that part of him was afraid she would blame both herself and him.

Elizabeth felt herself turning white, then said "I feel bad for Lulu and for Laura, and honestly feel bad he is dead. However, I won't pretend that I wasn't worried about him showing up some time in the future and trying to hurt us."

"I...' Jason almost told her that he was glad the younger man was dead. He had once been his friend, but the years of abuse towards Elizabeth were the result of a man he don't think he ever knew. "I spent years being jealous, then when we returned and he was saying what he did that day. I wanted to kill him for it, now he is dead."

"You didn't do this, Lucky did. He was always his father's son, even before the fire. I spent years thinking I had to fix Lucky, that I owed Lucky but for what? Doing what any normal person would do under the circumstances. I owe him nothing, I only wish I could smack my younger self for feeling she had to live her life protecting him."

"But now he is dead." he said softly.

"Yes but not because of you or me but because of his own stupidity." she said. "This is what you were worried about? Jason, you and I are not the ones who got high, stole drugs and helped bring chemicals that could have killed millions."

Moving to stand in front of him, Elizabeth lifted his down turned head. "I love you, I feel bad for his family but Lucky is the past. We, you me, Cam and this baby are our future."

Resting his head between her breasts, taking comfort in the sound of her steady heartbeat, Jason lost track of how much time passed until they heard someone coming in through the closet door and said "I think I found them. Ilk, Yuck. You two need to get a room." said Emily as she saw what looked like Jason and Elizabeth in an intimate situation.

Robin who was with her, pulled the other girl away reminding her. "Why do you think they bought this place?"

Back in the bathroom, Jason raised his head and with a relieved smile said "Why did you ask them for help again?"

Kissing him, she said "Because you are leaving to go talk to Sonny and I need to get these measurement before going shopping."

Standing, he pressed a hard kiss on her lips then said "I guess I am leaving. Cam and I are going to Kelly's for lunch if you ever get free of them."

"We are planning on eating here." she admitted. "I want us here by Thanksgiving and it is the middle of October already."

Walking down the stairs, they dealt with the teasing from the gruesome twosome along with Carly who had turned up. "Where is grams?" she asked.

"She is running late, let's get started." said Carly pulling out the tape measure, the clipboards and the lists. "Where do you want to go first?"

"Upstairs." she said then paired Robin and Emily since both were a little testy about the idea of Carly even being there. Seeing her grams show up as Carly and she finished the room for the baby, she asked her to help Carly for a bit.

Joining the other two, she soon had the upstairs done and they were soon working on the rest of the house, leaving the club room to last. Seeing Robin snap after something Carly said about the kitchen, she suggested that Carly and Emily help her in last room and asked Robin and her grams to see what was needed to set up a full medical kit for the storage area attached to the garage.

When they were talking about the room, Elizabeth telling them where they were going to place the larger pieces of furniture, Carly was surprised to hear she was putting the pool table in there.

"I know Jason will like that, but with the kids? He is so protective of it, he gets upset at even the idea of sitting on it."

"He can't be that bad." said Emily. "I mean... wait, you're right. I remember visiting him and his very politely but firmly making me remove my butt."

"I know, I know I shouldn't be saying this..." said Carly with a sigh, "But Courtney used to complain about wanting to you know... she saw it in a movie. Well, Jason sort of was very rude about it. Told her no may in hell, not on HIS pool table."

Emily couldn't help laughing... "God do you suppose Sam saw the same movie. She complained about the same thing once. I had asked her for help, after my rape."

"You went to the town tramp for advice after your rape?" asked Carly shocked. "Why?"

"Like you said the town tramp." replied Emily. They were unaware of gaining an audience. Robin and Audrey had finished their lists and had heard a car pulling up, after greeting Alexis they had been happy to hear that Jason had sent her on out with Max.

"Anyhow, her advice was to just get back on the horse so to speak." she said. "Elizabeth had been telling me to give it time, but Nik was pressuring me and I guess I thought... someone like Sam would know more about sex. Anyhow she suggested we take it elsewhere instead of the bedroom and asked about a pool table."

"Let me get this straight. Sam, told you to have sex on a pool table to get over being RAPED?" asked Elizabeth furious with the dead woman.

"No, just someplace like that. Obviously we all know what a disaster it was. But the reason I brought it up, she mentioned how protective Jason was of his table and that he had rejected her on it once. He had been furious she had sat on it naked and replaced the felt after telling her to never do anything like that again."

Elizabeth hid her smirk thinking on what had gone on on that particular pool table but her grandmother knew her Lizzie and gave a small chuckle that drew Alexis' attention. Then looking at her daughter got it while Max just smirked. He was there because Jason wanted Elizabeth to be aware of the new changes but he knew that if anyone could make Jason lose control enough to break that rule it was her.

After greetings all around, Elizabeth went with Max who was showing her the security updates while Audrey and Emily spread out their lunch. "You know, I wonder if Jason would tell Elizabeth no?" questioned Carly. "I think I have to have a little talk. Anyone want to place bets that she could get him to stop being so tight assed about that table?"

Then looking up at Audrey said "ERR, uh maybe we should..."

"I will take that bet." said the woman. "Alexis want to front me the hundred dollars?"

"What are the stakes?" asked Robin.

"Carly, you are betting she can get him to have sex on the table in the future that you don't think they have right?" asked Alexis handing the elderly woman a hundred.

"Yes." she said then drew out two hundred dollars to match what the elderly woman had placed on the top of the picnic basket.

"My bet is they already have." said Audrey while Robin and Emily bet never.

"Not even Elizabeth, mainly because Jason is too straitlaced." said Robin while Emily just felt ill betting on her best friend and brothers sex lives. But if Audrey Hardy could, so could she. "Here they come, who is going to ask?"

"We do it really casually." said Alexis. "I will do it."

Carly rolled her eyes, then once Elizabeth returned with Max handed them water bottles then said "Elizabeth, settle a bet. Do you think you could get Jason to have sex on his pool table?"

"W-what?" she shrieked then blushed to the amusement of the rest of the room. "Why are you asking me this?"

"Just answer the question?" said Robin curious herself now because Elizabeth had a guilty expression on her face.

"Uh, I refuse to answer on the grounds that my grandmother is in the room." She knew she was going to regret letting Carly come with them and she did.

"So?" snapped Carly. "She put up two hundred dollars that you already have."

Looking at her grandmother in shock, she turned and glared at Alexis when Emily said "Technically she put up half, Alexis put up the other half. So, there is six hundred dollars up for grabs, answer the question?" she said teasing her best friend.

Then looking at Elizabeth she moved in closer, squinting her eyes while Elizabeth backed away. "OMG, OH MY GOD, THEY DID, THEY REALLY ALREADY DID!!!"

Amidst the shocked, Carly said "The very very virgin pool table at the penthouse? Jason sank balls someplace other than the pockets on it?"

"Caroline, there is no reason to be crude just because you lost the bet." said Audrey picking up the money. "The children's Christmas party at GH thanks you for the donation."

"We still haven't heard it from Elizabeth." said Robin torturing her friend who just sputtered then said oh the heck with it.

"Yes, we uh, used the pool table." Then walking to the food sat down and said "What did you bring grams I am hungry."

Two hours later, Elizabeth was off to the paint store with Alexis while Robin and Emily went to GH for the afternoon shifts. Carly had been planning on going but had had an idea and wanted to talk to Jax about it but since he had a meeting about the plumping she went to see her friend first.

Entering the coffee shop, she didn't see Lorenzo there, only Jason and Sonny so she just opened her mouth and said "So I hear the pool table is no longer a virgin."

Swallowing his coffee, Sonny said "Carly, does Jax know you are off your meds?"

"Not funny, ex-husband of mine." she snapped. "Now tell the truth Jason. Did Elizabeth and you use your pool table for something other than it's intended purpose. I mean, already that is?"

"I would say if they were intending on using it for that purpose, having sex on it would be considered intended purposes." drawled the man in the corner. Turning Carly glared at Lorenzo and said "What are you doing here?"

"Hearing about more of Morgan's sex life than I want to know. Gentlemen." he said getting up to leave. Corinthos could call to set up the next meeting. Carly had too big of a mouth for the truth to be told to her.

"What was Lorenzo doing here?" she asked.

"Business, how why the hell are you asking questions like that?" snapped Sonny. "Seriously Carly why would it be any of your business?"

"Hey, it wasn't only me. Emily and I were comparing notes, turns out both your sister and ex-skank tried to get Jason on it, they couldn't." she said watching Jason glaring at her with his I want to kill you face on. "Hey don't look at me, it was Audrey Hardy and Alexis who placed the first bet."

"Who won?" asked Sonny in spite of himself.

"Mrs. Hardy and Alexis, they guessed that the event already happened." said Carly with a sidelong glance at Jason. "Look, you deserve this teasing."

"Go away, Carly. Go torture Jax." Jason only hoped they had gone easy on Elizabeth about this.

"I am on my way." she said in a cheerful mood as she left while Sonny leaned against his desk and said the pool table?

"Let it go?" he asked.

"I can't. I know about Brenda's bed from the condom but the pool table?" he asked in disbelief.

"There, the stairs, the door, the... let it go Sonny." he said flushing.

"I just have to ask, you remembered to toss the rest but left that one in the wastebasket?"

Looking confused when Jason flushed even more, Sonny started laughing at his partner. "So let me get this straight. Once with and the rest without? How did you manage with all that tequila in you?"

"On me." he mumbled only for Sonny to go around and sit in his chair as he laughed.

"Really?" Seeing his partner stand and start to head out, he asked "I will let it go.... for now. But what do you think of the Zachara offer?"

"That is up to you." he said. "We would have to deal with protecting the son, though are you sure you want to take it?"

"Yes, we gain the shipping lanes and the more legitimate business. Alcazar will close down his drugs in exchange for the warehouses and the small arms shipments."

"I will call Johnny, then set it up with Zachara's sister."

Looking at him intently, Jason said "Are you sure, with your track record..."

"Yes. Carly is going to be a problem, but other than that...." he said "It gives us another layer of safety and more legal than illegal businesses."

"But we have more work that way."

"I like the idea of training Johnny to take over for you. We also have less things to hide and can use a legitimate accountant for those businesses."

"Sonny where are you going with this?" he asked needing an honest answer.

"I want less worry, less danger. I don't want Michael following in my footsteps, Jax was right about that. After Diego I gather Lorenzo does as well."

Still feeling annoyed about that folly, Jason said "Then I am in."

Calling Lorenzo, "We are in. Nice doing business."

Hanging up the phone, watching his wife and daughter, Lorenzo thought about the wasted life of his son. Diego had been sent to South America to learn respect and the business after disobeying his father in regards to Sam, now he was dead. He disrespected the wrong person and died.

Thinking on the offer, Lorenzo knew that there might be trouble, if the Zachara daughter didn't agree to the deal, but he knew from his spies the son didn't want to run things which was why he had approaching Sonny on his sister's behalf.

Jason and Cam finished lunch and went to find Elizabeth. Hearing her telling a sale man what type of bed she wanted, the little boy ran and hugged his mommy from behind while his father moved in closer to kiss her.

"Hi." she said breathless. "This is my last stop, how was lunch?"

"Good, you are done?" he asked astonished.

"I used the catalogs they had, we made most of the decisions during lunch. We will be having deliveries until next month but we will have a home instead of a hotel suite." she said hugging him while Cam plopped down on the bed in front of him.

"Are you sure you are going to be up to this?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Yes, it is mainly getting the painting done and Max is handling that." she said kissing him while the man rang up the sales in the other room. "However I have had a strange day and want a nap."

"The baby?" he asked. "Or our family?"

"Both." she said leaning against him and closing her eyes for just a few minutes. Cam giggled and said "Daddy, Mommy fell asleep again."

After getting the credit card back, Jason carried his wife out to the car and they were soon on their way back to the hotel.


"Elizabeth, time to wake up." he said running his finger down her exposed arm. "Elizabeth?"

Moaning as she cuddled closer to the warmth next to her, Elizabeth opened her eyes smiled and and went back to sleep to the amusement of Jason. Leaning in even closer, he said "Elizabeth, we have to get up now."

The next noise sounded like a combination of a whine and moan as his wife slowly started moving to the edge of the bed. Standing, she stretched watching as Jason's eyes traveled down her body to the baby bump that was beginning to show. Pulling her around and back into bed, he decided they could easily get to Sonny's by one.

An hour later, Elizabeth roused herself enough to look at the clock then said "Oh my god, Jason it is eleven thirty." Rushing up out of bed, she wasn't amused when he rolled onto his back and propped his head up with his arms. "Jason, come on, we have to get going."

Seeing his body reacting as she rushed around, she said "We don't have time for that, come on, shower, Now."

Dragging him into the shower, they were soon delayed again. Finally after making sure he was finished washing his hair, she shoved him out then closed the glass door so that she could finish.

"Don't forget to shave." she called out. "But hurry, poor Morgan and Michael are going to need us there."

Ten minutes later, after drying her hair and giving it a look and a promise, they were heading down the stairs to head to Sonny's. "Thank god, oh my god, Cameron, we have to run over and pick him up."

"Relax, Milo already did." Jason said squeezing her arm. "That was why I woke you earlier, the boys spent the night at your grandmother's for some reason."

"Michael and Morgan too? I thought they were supposed to be meeting Sonny's fiancee?"

"They did, I think that is why they fled with Cameron. Max and Milo stayed to help, but I got the feeling that there is going to be no lost between this Zachara woman and them."

"I wish she hadn't come early." complained Elizabeth as they drove to Sonny's to spend the afternoon. "I know the why, I just wish that she sounded nicer."

"She isn't and at least we know that in advance. Her brother is working out fine though." he said grimacing as they pulled onto Sonny's estate. "He is at the casino on the Island which is why she is here."

Entering the house, they heard Leticia and the boys coming down the stairs while the brunette from the study walked to the entrance way. Seeing Jason, she sighed, he was a beautiful man. Too bad she was stuck marrying the partner. Maybe she need to convince her uncle that Jason would work better.

When the door was just about closed, they heard Alexis calling out, "Hang on."

Entering with Kristina, she waited until the preteen hugged her sister then said "Are you sure you are fine with bringing her over to Mac, afterwords?"

"Sure, no problem. Is Molly there?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes, along with Georgie and Maxie who is home for the holidays. Elizabeth, I think she is looking to talk to you, fair warning." she said before saying hello to Sonny who didn't introduce her to Claudia.

"Claudia, you remember Jason?" he asked then when he saw her assessing look at his partner, said "This is his wife, Elizabeth and my daughter Kristina."

When the little girl nodded then rushed off to join her nephew and brothers, Elizabeth said "Sorry about that, she is a bit shy."

"I am quite capable of getting to know my stepdaughter on my own thanks." replied Claudia stiffly. "Without help from a stranger."

"Claudia." Sonny said her name as a warning then added. "Alexis is Elizabeth's mother too, Kristina is her sister."

"That must be pretty cozy." she snapped before returning to the other room. "Drink?" she asked as they entered.

"Nothing, thank you." said Jason while Elizabeth was still in the hallway with Cam and the others. The littlest of them entered and said "Daddy, can Milo help me get my bike out?"

"I will." he said then eyed Sonny letting him know to stay with Elizabeth while he went outside.

"So, I understand you went to the wedding yesterday?" he asked Elizabeth. "Any problems?

"Carly arranged for it to be surprisingly low-key." she said with a laugh. "The only problem was Lulu was there. She is still blaming me for Lucky, then there is Luke who gets out of jail this month."

"I heard that he is going to Switzerland where they moved Laura." he said.

"Yes, but it is more from the fact that Mac contacted the WSB, they are worried about them making some sort of attempt to grab Maxie's baby than anything else." she said with a sigh. "I would hope they know better. Nik moved to Moscow of all places. Sarah called and gave me a heads up."

"Your sister?" he asked then saw Jason entering with a box. "Is this the brownies for the boys?"

"Yes, and cookies from Alice as well." Jason said handing them over. Sonny had gone to the kitchen when Jason's phone rang, frowning, he went into the hall and kept an ear open.

"So, you are not what I was expecting?" said Claudia leaving the sentence hanging waiting for her to ask what she had been expecting.

"How are you settling in?" asked Elizabeth. "Sonny said he had to call in a decorator for you."

Shrugging that off, Claudia said "I mean, you are a little thing aren't you. How can a woman like you be enough for Jason, don't you ever worry that he will find a little something something on the side?"

Laughing at that one, Elizabeth smiled and said "When you know him a little better you will get that Jason isn't that sort of man."

"Honey, all men are that sort of man. I have yet to meet one that says no to sex." she purred.

"Wow, I heard that Trevor Lansing did a number on you, look Claudia. Jason isn't going to cheat on me. And yes, I do think I am woman enough to keep up with him. Now I would suggest you remember that you are marrying Sonny, NOT my husband."

"All I need to do is make one call and my uncle would get him for me." she bragged. "I am the deal breaker, honey. Power is everything and even your husband knows it."

Laughing, Elizabeth said "No, he wouldn't do that. Look, Claudia, I get that you are feeling a little insecure, but don't try putting a wedge between Jason and I for entertainment. Won't work."

Sonny had stopped Jason from entering, wanting to see how bad Claudia would get but at what Elizabeth said they joined them.

"You need my half of the business." said Claudia not backing down, she knew if she did she would always be subservient in this marriage.

"Claudia, your people came to us, we didn't go to them." said Sonny. "I hold all the cards plus your brother is working for me and we have already started combining things. Our marriage is to celebrate the merger. But you attack Elizabeth again and I walk away."

Sitting down, sulking, she was a bit happier when it came to dinner time and Sonny sat her at the end of the table as his hostess. Seeing Elizabeth on his right hand and Jason on his left threw her for a bit until the Alcazar's arrived a bit late.

Dinner was noisy astonishing Claudia that the children were at the table with the adults. When Cam who was sitting next to his dad asked if they still had to go visit Emily she saw Skye look at the clock as well.

"Cam is right, if we are going we have to go soon. They should have finished the pizza by now." she said kissing Lorenzo who was staying while Jason and Elizabeth said their goodbyes. Elizabeth made a point of walking up to Claudia and saying "It was nice meeting you, if you want to talk, call me. I do get how hard this is for you, don't make it even harder by making me your enemy."


A week later at GH, Claudia saw the woman she was looking for. "I was told to come see you."

"Sonny called. My shift ends in ten minutes, you can wait over there." Elizabeth said pointing to the waiting room then went back to filling out the end of shift paperwork.

"Nurse Morgan, I need you to explain this to me." said Miss Sneed pulling out some paperwork.

Taking the forms, Elizabeth said. "It's all right there, what can I do for you?"

"Why is this patient who doesn't have insurance being given a private room. We don't do things like that, why is it so hard for you to understand?" she asked condescendingly.

"Is there a problem?" asked Alan walking up.

"Yes, this nurse overrode hospital policy regarding private rooms then ignored my request sent hours ago to move the patient to Mercy." said the woman.

"Elizabeth?" asked Alan knowing there had to be more to the story while the hospital administrator rolled her eyes at the chief of staff calling a nurse by her first name.

"The patient is one of Kelly Lee's. A woman with high blood pressure, about eight months pregnant who ended up that way because of an error on our behalf. Someone called the pharmacy last month and canceled our program that gave free prescriptions to expectant mothers in need. Now since I know my grandparents funded that program for perpetuity, I was trying to fix our mistake and let her get better so we weren't sued."

"That program costs us money." snapped Miss Sneed. "That is what welfare and charity is for, Ms. Morgan, we are a private hospital not a free clinic for every member of the unwashed who enters our doors." she said smugly.

"Miss Sneed, I am well aware of the foundations of this hospital, my grandfather helped create them." she said while Alan laid a hand on her shoulder. Miss Sneed stood back smirking when she saw the chief of staff frowning at the younger woman.

"Take it easy, Elizabeth. I will deal with this. Miss Sneed, we don't turn patients away we have money in place to take care of those who need it. This woman is to remain in her room and I will be making it clear to all here that I make policy, not you. I want that funding returned to the prescription plan. NOW!"

Listening as she walked away complaining about socialized medicine, Elizabeth said thank you and good bye to Alan before walking over to Claudia. "We can always do this and say we did.

"No, he made it clear that I do this." she said gritting her teeth, Uncle Ruby had been no help at all. Instead he had said for her to make the best of it.

At the Metrocourt, Claudia sat with Skye, Elizabeth and several other women including her fiancees ex-wife who had just gotten back from her honeymoon. When Carly's whiny cousin made yet another tacky remark to Elizabeth, Claudia decided to find someone to tell her the woman's past. Who knew, it might be a way to pass the time.

As they all pretended to be happy about her wedding, she saw the man glaring at the pregnant brunette who had at least been trying to help her. "Who is that?" she asked pointing him out to Elizabeth.

Looking, Elizabeth saw that Milo was already on the phone with Jason while moving closer. "My ex father in law. He is not a sane man."

"Have you ever met mine?" asked Claudia just as the man pulled his weapon. Acting on instinct, she shoved the pregnant woman away, then looked down at the red color spreading across her chest then up at the man who had shot her.

He too had a surprised look on his face before he fell face first onto the ground while the women screamed and ran from the restaurant upon seeing the bullet hole in his back and the dark haired man holding a gun.

Milo relaxed and said "Zachara, get over here, your sister is in bad shape."

Meanwhile Robin, Emily and Elizabeth did what they could but the bullet had hit the heart. "Tell, tell Johnny, I love him."

Falling on his knees, he cradled his sister's body while ignoring the screeching blond who was hitting him on the back and calling him a killer.

When Mac arrived, he saw the two bodies and then arranged for the medical examiner to take them away while Lulu was given a sedative and told to shut up.

"He killed my dad." she just kept whining.

"Luke was trying to kill Elizabeth." snapped Emily before Carly took her away stunned. She had not liked the mob princess but she had been shocked when the hard woman saved Elizabeth.

Three days later, Mac closed the file on Luke's death and told Bobbie and Lulu. "He was protecting the guests at that party. We will not be filing charges."

Nodding in understanding, Bobbie took her still raging niece away and put her on a plane to Moscow. There she was stunned to realize that Nik had married Sarah Webber who was not going to stand for her nonsense.

Two weeks after burying Luke, Lulu was on a plane to Switzerland when her brother's wife made it clear she was unwelcome. Sitting in her mother's room, she sadly decided she had nothing left and took the pills that were brought for her mother and ended up sitting in a room just down the hall.


Meanwhile it was Christmas and Jason was trying to figure out what to get his wife who had given him the best gift of all, a family. After tossing out the suggestions of Carly, Sonny and Emily, he decided the simplest gift was the best after entering his office and seeing the globe she had purchased for him that summer in Italy.

Thinking on a certain piece of glass, he began making a few calls, he gathered Cameron so they could join Elizabeth for the annual GH Christmas party. There, he saw the various families as they started to gather. His parents talking to Edward who was clearly trying to get over to Elizabeth and him.

Emily talking to the handsome new heart surgeon and Elizabeth's brother who was in town for a visit along with several other people he was sure were doctors, nurses and interns. Robin was kissing Patrick Drake under the mistletoe while Audrey was fixing Santa's outfit.

Looking around he saw Sonny talking to their new enforcer and a friend of his from Sonny's old neighborhood. When Morgan rushed over to hug his father, Jason saw that Jax and Carly were talking to Alexis and her daughters while Michael played a video game, more than likely feeling he was too old to be here for this.

When Mac joined the three, he was almost certain he saw the police commissioner briefly kiss the DA, but wasn't positive as he had just seen his wife joining the group while Kelly Lee went to join her friends. "Why were you with Kelly?" he asked worried.

"Nothing." she said with a smile thinking of her present for Jason. Kelly had given her the photos of each stage of their son's development. She had put together a photo album of both the baby she was carrying and Cameron for him.

Alan said down and read the annual story then they heard someone saying ho ho ho, and more than a few people chuckled as Max came into the room dressed as Santa while a sulking Georgie and Brooklynn followed dressed up as elves.

When the unhappy elf stopped and talked to her sister, Elizabeth felt bad for the blond who was now a single expectant mother. Her father had helped her get a job at the police station, but it was only a temporary measure. She had heard rumors that Maxie was going to put the baby up for adoption.

When an excited Cam went to join the children encircling Santa Max, Jason wrapped his arms around his wife. "Happy?"

"Yes, I am." she said with a smile as their child kicked. Placing his hand on top of her stomach, they never saw the vast audience they had gained watching the simply family moment. More than a few people wiped a tear at the end of the romance and the start of the new happy life the Morgans were just beginning.

The End.