Darksiders: Tribulations


After the fall of the Destroyer and justice was satisfied, the Horseman War is soon subjected to being hunted by both remaining kingdoms and the Charred Council, however, the other three Horsemen reenter the battle arena to keep the balance and dispute War's involvement.

In the meantime, a distinguished Demon Lord, Mephistopheles, takes the reins of what is left of the Destroyers' armies while Samael regains his status as the keeper of Hell. Thus a civil war in Hell begins.

With more power that is unnaturally more potent than anyone has ever seen, Mephistopheles manages to quash both the Angel's outposts as well as Hells', using tactics the armies of Heaven or Hell have never seen.

After the incidents, thereof, the Council suspects an unbalance and is quick to summon the Elementals, stewards of the Earth Realm, to establish the balance to its original integrity before the armies of Mephistopheles excel. However, because of the incidents of the premature Apocalypse, the Elementals are quick to realize that they are outside of the Council's jurisdiction and anarchy ensues. Despite the lack of supervision among the Elementals, some have managed to organize their own forces while others keep their alliance with the Creator.

In the meantime, the Horseman, Death has isolated himself from the others and the Council, to avoid being War's potential executioner while finding a way to salvage War's innocence. But before he confronts the Council, he roams the Earth, seeking Elementals that can serve as witnesses to build his case for War's innocence.

Realizing the circumstances as dire, an Elemental known as Plague, is given strict orders to assist War in his efforts to establish the balance that is still in sway and protect him from both Heaven and Hell, as well as renegade Elementals.

Despite War's protest in needing any assistance in the matter, Plague reminds War that the bond between Lord and servant in inseparable and that Plague was instructed to stay with War for a "time trial." At the end of their union, if War feels that he is in no need of Plague's assistance, then Plague will comply and return to the "master" with no repercussions.

Despite War's lack of trust in Plague, he allows Plague to aid him in searching for "allies" to help War bring justice against those who framed him, buying time for Death. But as they dig deep in search for what has transpired, revelations are revealed that neither may be ready to handle.

Greetings and welcome to my next Fanfic. As I finish up my latest fanfic, Snowblind for Gears of War, I have begun setting up the outline of this fanfic that will take place shortly after the events of the game. As I continue to do more research in the genre, I will have to disclose that some of the events taking place in my fanfic may fall out of canon events since additional information concerning the storyline that follows the game is limited.

The series will officially begin in February as I get some chapters squared away. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to email me anytime.