"It only happens once. Anything before that is just progress." - Jacob, "The Incident", season five

The phone rings. Clementine groans as she rolls over in bed to pick it up. The clock reads 3:16am.

The man beside her is still sound asleep.

Rolling her eyes at him, she picks up the phone.

"Hello?" she says, groggily.

"Hello, Miss Philips?" comes a very excited voice from the other line. "It's me again. Listen, I think I've figured it out – "

"You again?" Clementine moaned. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"What? No. I guess I lost track. And I didn't account for the time difference. But please, listen to me."

"Why? You're just going to tell me that I'm going to die, right? That's I'm in grave danger?"

The woman's voice sounds terrified. "Yes! Please, Miss Philips, I've figured it out. Megan set off the bomb. But it didn't work like it was supposed to! It created an alternate time, but the other time – the time when we were on the White Rabbit – still exists. But I think I know how to – "

"For the last time," Clementine sighs, annoyed, "I was never on a boat with you. I don't even know anyone named Megan!"

"You died on the Island!" the woman cries. "And you'll die here if we don't change that! You can't live in one time and not the other!"

"This is crazy."

"Miss Philips - "


"No! Miss Philips, please! Is he there? Is he there? Let me talk to him!"

"Goodbye, Miss Faraday," Clementine sighs, hanging up the phone.

The man beside her groans. "Are you awake?" he mumbles.

Clementine lies back down. "Yeah. That English woman called again."

He rubs his eyes and yawns.

Clementine bites her lip. "Do you think… do you think maybe we should listen to her?" she asks.

"No, Clem. She's insane. Just go back to sleep."

She shakes his shoulder. "But she said something about Aaron last week. Remember?"

"Of course she did – he's one of the Oceanic Six. She probably knows all about him."

"Yeah," Clementine says, fluffing her pillow. "It' just… what if she's not insane? What if we're supposed to talk to her?"

"Don't worry," he says, smiling warmly at her. "I've heard everything she's had to say. She wants tp change some past the doesn't exist or... something."

Clementine laughs at how confused he looks.

He laughs, too. "This is how I see it - whatever happened, happened. We can't change that. But, in the end, things always work out how they're supposed to be, you know?"

Clementine smiles. "Like fate?"

"Yeah. Kinda like fate."

She kisses him. "You're right," she says, softly. "I'm sure this is how it's supposed to be."

He smiles and wraps and arm around her, closing his eyes again.

"I love you, Clem."

"I love you, too, Walt."