Hey it's me!!!!! I just finished a story, but I must start on an idea a have had for a while. Ok so, I don't know how this will turn out. It's just a plan it as you go along type thing. So….. We'll see how it ends. Also, can one of you explain to me the concept of a Beta and how I get one?!?!?! :)

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"What would you like, Rae," Lisa asked me at the counter. Here I was, at my favorite café, with my good friend, and she was asking me what I wanted. I had woken up this morning, early due to the restless I had experienced the night before. I had reliantly gone to my room after Robin remarked I would be dead on my feet today. Which I still am, I might add.

"You know what I want miss cocky," I said giving her half a glare. She laughed and went to fill my order. I took my favorite seat next to the window, trying to be as incognito as I could possibly be with purple hair and eyes. Sometimes being a teen hero, not to mention half demon, was a real pain in the butt. I opened my book about a preacher's daughter falling in love with a bad-ass. I sighed as I reached the point about them doing another midnight meeting. Don't get me wrong, I love that she follows her heart, but how could she deny something she has known her whole life.

"Raven, here's your drink," Lisa said sitting across from me. I reached and took my caramel macchiato from her outstretched hands. "What's this one about," she asked reaching over and taking my book, but careful to keep my place. She read the back and then laughed.

"What," I asked reaching to take my book back. I placed it in my lap as I took another sip of my drink.

"Do you not get how ironic this is? You read a book on forbidden romance and yet you want open your eyes to your own love life," she said casting me a sympathetic look. I shot her a disbelieving look but my communicator went of then.

"Raven, there's a robbery at Jared's. Come on," Cyborg said and I could tell he was getting into the car. I sighed before standing up, coffee in hand.

"I'll see ya, Lisa. For once can't these villains wait till' a decent hour. I mean, who robs a store at seven in the morning," I said waving.

"We'll finish this later," she hollered as I went out the door. I teleported my book to my room and myself to the street the store is on. I arrived at the same time the team did. They were all in costume and seemed to just get up and here I was in normal clothes and had been up for three hours. Robin was the only one who actually seemed awake. His hair was as spiky as ever and he seemed radiant with energy. He shot me a look and I shot him a questioning one.

"What are you doing already in town," he asked with concern through the bond. I ignored his question and started into the jewelry store quietly. The others followed behind me. We stayed in a line; me in front, Robin, then Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. Robin was leading me with a hand on my back, which slightly irritated me. I am not his property. When we reached the corner I peaked around to see Red X robbing the most expensive looking diamond I have ever seen. I teleported to in front of him and sent a roundhouse kick to his stomach. He doubled over nearly dropping the crystal, but not quite. He zipped it into his pouch before using an equally powerful attack to me. I hissed in pain as my back hit the wall behind me. Cyborg then went after him as Robin came to my side. X was blocking Cyborg's physical attacks and avoiding his cannon blasts.

"Are you ok," Robin asked helping me up. I swayed a little and sighed as he had to straiten me up. He kept his hands on my waist and just stared at me. I couldn't read his emotions in his eyes because of his mask, and he was blocking his mind from me. We stood that way for about a minute, his hand on my bare skin under my shirt where it had rose. I didn't know what we were doing or why I just stood there, but something tells me it had something to do with what Lisa had mentioned earlier.

"I hate to interrupt this love fest but….oh wait I am absolutely glad to interrupt this," Red X said shooting a red x at Robin. Robin, being unprepared, was glued up against the wall. I looked and discovered that, during Robin and mine's moment, everyone had been defeated. I stood in front of Robin and Red X stood in front of me. Red X stood there waiting for me to make the first move, but I wasn't going to oblige.

"You are so stubborn," X said taking one step forward. I hissed in return, fighting the urge to strangle him. I hated the fact that he was able to get under my skin so easily and I think he sensed it.

"How so," I asked hoping to distract him as I took a step forward.

"Well for one, you keep fighting a powerful instinct. Another, you are standing in front old your boyfriend, hoping I want hurt him. Finally, you don't see I'm not a bad guy," he said as we started circling each other.

"First of all, Robin is NOT my boyfriend. Second, the hell you aren't a bad guy. Finally, what emotion am I fighting? Rage, because I am fighting the urge to kill you right about now," I said as we got closer. I broke the dance then by grabbing the cash register and throwing it at him. He dodged it but then jumped at me knocking me to the ground. My head hit the side of the case and I smelled blood. I reached my hand up and felt sticky crap in my hair.

"You jackass," I said standing up. He reached up as if to touch my head but then came to reality. He placed a small x on my head that rendered my powers. He then bolted for a door that led to the roof of this three story building. I chased him up the stairs, thanking Robin for forcing me to learn to run. Despite my head and the blood that continually rolled down the side of my cheek, it was surprisingly easy. When we reached the roof X whirled around and sent a kick that I dodged and I brought my fist around meaning to give him one hell of a black eye. When my hand went through air, I looked around furiously, but I didn't see him. Thinking he had left, I turned and started to the door, but then a kick to my rib cage sent me to the ground. I rolled to the edge and continued over it. I screamed as I fell into the air without a way to stop.

"Raven," I heard Red X holler. I paid no attention to him but then I felt someone's strong muscular arms wrap around my small body. I was still screaming because of the ground rapidly approaching. Suddenly, I was on ground again. I doubled over as I threw up on the ground beneath me. X held back my hair and was caressing my neck and face. When I stopped throwing up, I quickly stepped away from Red X.

"Why…why did you save me," I asked him looking him in the mask. He stepped towards me and I stayed still. He took off his gloves and put them in his pocket. He touched the side off my face and I felt shivers up and down my body. What the…

"I couldn't bear to see you hurt. You matter too much to me," he said smoothing my hair back. He touched the side that was still hurting and I winced.

"I'm real sure," I said reaching up to remove his hand from my face. He dropped it to his side and sighed in defeat.

"I didn't mean for that to happen," he said reaching to take the small x off my head. I immediately started to heal my head, because it hurt like hell.

"Why do you care what happens to me? You don't care about anyone but yourself," I said backing up against the wall. He then pressed his whole body up against me and I didn't stop him. My heartbeat sped up and I could feel electricity scorching me.

"No, I don't care about myself. I care about you; your life, your feelings, your books," he said chuckling. He reached up and grabbed my cheek softly.

"Most of all, though, I love you," he said in that monotone voice of his suit. I hated it; it made him sound so emotionless. Sensing my discomfort he reached up and pulled his mask up to his nose.

"Raven, I am in love with you and I want you to know that," X said. It was his voice and his words that froze me. His voice was like velvet caressing my skin and the scent. Oh my god the scent. I leaned in to get a better whiff, and only then did I realize how close we were.

"How can you love me," I asked him leaning heavenly against the wall. "Look at who we are. You're a thief and I am a hero." He leaned in, our lips centimeters apart.

"Because, you are beautiful, kind, sweet, outgoing, strong, and I just feel something there between us," he said reaching to claim my hand. He ran his thumb over my lips, and I was filled with the urge to feel his lips on mine. I opened my mouth to contradict what he said, but then I noticed how much I wanted to know him. I reached up and traced his lips and his face until I reached his mask. I cast him a pleading look and he smiled. He reached up and took his mask completely off. When he did, I gasped. Oh, I never thought in my life I would see such beauty upon a human's face. He had the bluest eyes and the longest dark lashes. His skin was naturally tan and was smooth as could be. He had the darkest brownest shaggiest hair. It was hanging in his eyes and I moved to wipe it away. He captured my hand in his and held it to his cheek.

"You are beautiful and your eyes are," I drifted off. He didn't seem to notice my words, despite the fact that he was watching my lips. He slowly leaned towards me and I leaned in as well. I couldn't think of a reason to stop. His lips gently brushed mine but I turned away.

"Robin's coming up the stairs," I said, but when I returned my gaze to his eyes, it didn't seem to matter. I reached up and pulled him to me. I kissed his lisp furiously and he kissed back. He pushed me up against the wall, but pulled back a minute later. I was hurt, but he pulled me back to him wrapping his arms around my waist. I returned the hug and I felt at…home.

"Trust me, my little bird, I want to stay, but he is coming and I don't want to get you in trouble. Goodbye my little bird," he said. He kissed my nose and disappeared. Robin entered at that moment and came up to me.

"Raven, are you ok," he asked grabbing me into a hug. I shivered as I craved a different pair of arms.

"I'm fine. Let's go home," I said before walking down the stairs. All the while, wondering if I will ever feel at home anywhere besides in Red's arms.