The first school day after the Halloween Friday night and the weekend, Xander Harris hobbled into the Sunnydale High library. Harmony Kendall was at his side, supporting him while having on her features a look of care, concern, and gleeful smugness. The others already in the library -- Giles, Buffy, and Willow -- all watched with increasing alarm that was finally brought to a head when the teenage boy slowly sank into a chair, producing pitiful whimpers all throughout his actions.

"Xander! What happened are you all right did your costume change were you hurt--"

"Willow Rosenberg, be quiet and breathe!"

The crisp command from Xander shocked the redhead into stunned silence, which was also shared by the Englishman and his Slayer. All of the other members of the Scooby Gang couldn't believe the air of authority in which the young man delivered his order to Willow.

Rupert Giles was the first to recover. Clearing his throat, the man began, "Er, Xander, we would like to know just what occurred on that Halloween. Frankly, while the media has given us a great deal of information, we're not quite sure about exactly what to believe." At the last, Giles waved his hand at the stack of scattered newspapers on the main library table where he and the other two girls were sitting.

Xander and Harmony both glanced at the table having on it numerous newspapers from various Southern California cities, and then they looked at each other, and promptly went into gales of laughter.

The Englishman sighed, took off his glasses, pulled out a handkerchief, and decided to start a lifetime high on his rpm's in polishing his eyewear. Buffy and Willow looked confused at first, until they also glanced at the newspaper front pages and then they aimed impatient glares at two people who were now reduced to fits of giggles that were clearly inappropriate for what was reported by the print media in screaming headlines:






Finally losing her temper, Buffy Summers brought down her dainty fist on the table with a BANG! that resounded throughout the entire library. As the table shook and a young girl on her left and the mature man on her right both jumped, a pair of eyeglasses went flying through the air to be absently caught by Buffy and returned to Giles, both done without the blonde girl taking her glower away from two amused people across the table.

Still chuckling, Xander pointed at the newspapers, saying, "Hey, guys, it's all in there -- though I personally think Elvis was a zombie at the end rather than a vampire--"

In a tone of utter menace, Buffy growled, "Alexander LaVelle Harris, talk, or I will hurt you."

"No, you won't," quietly said Harmony in her chair next to Xander. She brought up her right hand to place it on Xander's left shoulder, with the boy momentarily wincing and then looking lovingly at the tall blonde girl, who herself held steady, with her gaze aimed directly towards Buffy's now-uncertain face. The girl with a musical name continued in a firm voice, "If anyone hurts Xander, it's going to be me and nobody else."

The mouths fell open of all three people at the other side of a young woman who had confirmed what had happened to their Twinkie-loving friend.

At last, Willow squeaked, "Harmony, Xander, please tell us what happened."

A final glance was shared by the couple, with the boy then wryly explaining to the other members of the Scooby Gang, "Short version, what else could you expect with a Batman and Supergirl team-up?"