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"Hey Sookie."

"Evening, Amelia," I called back to, fellow nurse, Amelia Broadway as we entered the windowless building. "How was your day?"

"Tray and I spent it in bed," she replied wiggling her eyebrows. "It's our two year anniversary today." Amelia always was telling the rest of us nurses about her boyfriend, Tray.

"Congratulations," I said signing in at the desk.

"Miss Stackhouse, Rasul would like to speak to you before you begin your shift tonight," the guard behind the security desk said as he pressed the button to open the door for us. I felt bad not knowing his name, but the guards had sporadic shifts and I could never keep track of who was working when.

"Thanks. Can you put my things in the locker room?" I asked Amelia.

"Sure." Amelia replied taking my bag.

"Thanks, see you later." I turned to the elevator, and pressed the down button to reach the lower levels while Amelia went to stash our things.

It was just another night in Vampire Recovery. I had been working in recovery for four years now and though it was sometimes dangerous work, I loved it. Vampire Recovery helped drained vampires back to health. Ever since the vampires came out of the coffin six years ago they have had to watch out for vampire drainers. Drainers would rob a vampire of their blood and then sell it as V, the price of the drug depended on the age of the vampire. When the vampires were caught by drainers they rarely survived, either from being staked or just left out in the sun. When they did manage to get out alive, or rather undead, they were brought here. We are the only drained vampire recovery facility in the country. The Sheriff of this area, started the Vampire Recovery to help out the vamps that have become victims.

"Come in," Rasul called when I knocked on his office door.

"You wanted to see me, Rasul?" I asked as I entered, shutting the door behind me. I always liked how Rasul's office looked. It had light green walls and a hard wood floor. He had a large rug sitting under his desk and guest chairs. Along one wall was a black leather couch that we used every now and again just to chat.

"I did, Sookie." Rasul and I had been friends since recovery was started. He looked up from the papers on his desk that he had been reading. He motioned to a chair, but I didn't feel like sitting just yet. "We are having a very important patient coming in," Rasul explained, "and since you are the head nurse I want you to over see his care."

"What about my other patient, Cameron?" I had recently been assigned a new vampire a few days ago.

"Amelia can take over Cameron's care as she just finished up with her last patient. I want this to be your only priority."

"Certainly, when will he be arriving?"

"In a few hours. His child is bringing him, they are just gathering a few of his personal things before security can escort him from the other side of town."

"He is a local vampire?" I was shocked. Most of the local vampires were very skilled at keeping drainers out of this area.


"The Sheriff wont be happy about that." I said, thinking out loud. Rasul let out a short laugh.

"No I would think not considering that your new patient is the Sheriff." My jaw dropped.

"How?" I asked sinking into one of the chairs in front of Rasul's desk.

"We are not sure, but it is being investigated. This also is to be kept secret as it causes greater risk not only to the Sheriff, but to this facility as well as the rest of the area."

"Yes, sir," I replied seriously. "You know that I would never knowingly endanger one of my patients."

"I know Sookie, that is one of the reasons I chose you to take care of him. Here is his file. Typical information is inside: name, age, known children, known enemies, etc. He should be here no later than eleven so you have until then to get things ready." As I got up I took the folder from Rasul and turned to leave.

"Careful with this one, Sookie." I turned to see what Rasul was talking about. "We have never had one in that is this old, I have no idea how he will react. I don't want you to get hurt."

Even though I had known Cameron less than a week I figured that I should be the one to let him know that I would no longer be his attending nurse. After I stopped in the locker rooms and found Amelia, I gave her all the information I had on Cameron and told her that I would give Cameron his first feeding and then move on to getting a room ready for my new patient.

By the time I got the call that my patient was pulling into the garage adjacent to the recovery building, I had prepared the Sheriff's room, read through his file, and taken a quick break, the only one I would be sure to get.

"Sookie, just hang back a bit," Rasul said when I entered the incoming patient area. "We want to be sure that he wont attack you, before you interact with him." I nodded and stayed where I was as Rasul and four other vampires stepped forward. I heard a car pull up and two doors opening.

"Back off I can do it myself." My heart saddened at the voice. It was clear that he was yelling, but I could barely hear the words. It was obvious that this vampire had been drained almost completely. Considering his age this was going to be a long recovery time.

"Pamela let go of me!" I looked up to see my patient Eric Northman stumble through the doors.

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