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The Night Before


"Have you chosen who you will take tonight?" Pam asked, as we surveyed the crowd in the bar. "I made my pick," she said, "But you always seem to like the same ones I do, and I would hate to take your prize from you this evening."

"When has that ever stopped you from trying to take them from me?" I asked. One of the perks of owning our own bar was that every night we got to work together. We would scan the masses and pick out who we were planning on drinking from and fucking for the evening. Some nights we would pick the same fangbanger and on those occasions we would sometimes share, or Pam would eventually give them to me. I guess I have a certain charm she can't resist.

"I have my eye on two this evening," I finally stated. I nodded my head to a secluded corner of the bar. "Those two over there will do just fine. It will probably be an all night thing, so I will head to the hotel. Call ahead for me?"

Not waiting for a reply, I rose from my throne, the one that Pam had insisted I get, and made my way across the floor. It made me sick of humans to have so many fangbangers hanging around trying to look like one of us just to get our attention. I was not attracted to the goth look, and they seemed to think that the more they wore the more turned on we would get. It was the same thing, every night, sitting on that damn throne while crowds of wannabees threw themselves at my feet. Crowds of nameless, faceless, forgettable humans all looking for something in a world of nothing.

The ladies in the corner were wearing simple cocktail dresses, one in dark red, the other a deep purple. While I was really only interested in the blonde one of the pair, I knew how offended women could be when only one of them found a partner for the night. Besides I hadn't had a threesome in a while. I had chosen them due to the fact that they seemed to be the only females there not attempting to try and get me to notice them. The only interaction they had had with me so far was a few momentary glances throughout the evening.

"Evening ladies," I said, coming to a stop by their table. They both giggled strangely at each other for a moment before they tuned to address me. Women these days, they all had their little oddities and these two were no exception.

"Good evening," the brunette replied. "I'm Marnie, and this is Hadley."

"Are you looking for company this evening ladies?" I laid on the charm, despite the fact that I could care less if they wanted company or not. I had yet to be turned down in my bar.

"You want both of us?" Hadley asked ,with a hint of surprise in her voice at the fact that I was interested in both of them.

"If you are willing to share me, I know of an excellent hotel just a few blocks from here," I replied.

"The Red Diamond?" Marnie asked.

"That very one," I said, running a hand across Marnie's cheek causing her to shiver.

"I don't think there are any rooms open," Hadley replied. "We tried to get a room there this morning, but they said they were full."

"Yes, they are rather busy, but I have a room I keep there for just such occasions. Meet me there?"

"Sounds good," Hadley replied grabbing her bag. Marnie grabbed her much larger bag, and they both followed me outside. They headed off to their car while I made my way to my Corvette. I never let any of my feed-and-fucks ride in my baby and I would certainly never ride with them to the hotel. My dates were expected to leave before dawn, and I wasn't a chauffeur.

The drive didn't take more than five minutes, if you were me, and by the time Hadley and Marnie arrived I had checked in and had the room key. The staff all knew me as I owned the hotel and I oversaw the final hiring of all staff. I was proud of my hotel and used it when I wanted an extended night with someone from the bar.

"Ready Big Guy?" Marnie asked.

Big guy?

"This way ladies" I said, motioning toward our room. I led them to the elevators, and we rode up in a bit of an uncomfortable silence. These two were not like normal fangbangers who were usually hanging all over me by this point. We walked down the hall, and I let them in ahead of me. "I am going to take a quick shower. You get ready and we can get down to the fun part of the evening when I come out."

"Sounds good," Hadley said with a smile that looked a little forced. If things didn't change once I finished with my shower I would glamour them and then head home for the night. They didn't seem like my type anymore, I wouldn't put up with their strange behavior all night just to get a meal. I had bagged and bottled blood at home that would do just fine. I guess I could always bite them and send them packing thinking we had a wild night. No need for me to drink the bagged filth at home when I could have a drink from the top shelf here.

During my shower I listened to the girls out in the main room. I heard no talking, but a lot of movement. Definitely sending them home. They had seemed like close friends when they were at the bar, but ever since we got to the hotel they were acting like anything but. Most times when I brought friends to the hotel there was chatting about the sex to come or worries about not pleasing me enough to go more than one round, but never complete silence.

I toweled off, dragging out the time in hopes that the girls would come around a bit. I hated to have to go home empty handed so to speak. Finally dry, I wrapped the towel around my waist and exited the bathroom. What I walked into was not what I was expecting. All the furnishings had been moved to the sides of the room, and the large bare patch of floor had odd symbols drawn out in blood in a large circle. There were candles sitting on several surfaces around the room giving off the only bit of light. Witches! One or both of my 'dates' were witches. I needed to leave now! It wasn't that I was scared of what the women could physically do to me. I had known of several Vampires who had not been wary of a witch's power, ending in their final death.

Before I could make a move I heard the soft chanting of both girls, and my body went limp. I could feel myself crumbling to the floor, but I couldn't do anything to stop myself. My body was no longer mine to control; just something to house my spirit.

"Quick, let's get this done with," Marnie said, grabbing something out of her bag, before moving to my side. I had to rely on sounds, as my view was restricted to the ceiling, and to whatever I could see in my peripheral vision. "I don't know how long the spell will work," said Marnie, "I would rather he be drained before it wears off."

So this was my fate? Immobilized by magic, to be drained of the blood that kept me alive. I could feel that they were inserting needles into both of my arms; at least it wouldn't last long. I tried with everything I had to move any part of my body, anything to indicate that the spell was wearing off. It was then that the fear started to creep in. I was honestly helpless for the first time in centuries. I had only felt this fear and sense of helplessness when I was being made vampire all those years ago. Since that night I vowed to do everything in my power to keep myself from feeling that way again.

Lost in my internal struggles I had lost count of how many vials they had filled. I could tell that my body was getting weaker. I had tried to call Pam over our maker-child bond several times, but grew weaker with each attempt and I was unsure if I had reached her or not. My eyes were beginning to hurt, and my mouth felt dry. All I needed now were itchy gums, and I knew when that happened, I would not be around much longer in this world. I had only felt this way a few times before in my life; my maker never starved me enough to cause too much damage. Unfortunately, my maker was dead so if I was to survive this by some miracle it would take months if not years to return to my full strength. Thoughts of the Draining Recovery Center, which I started not too long ago, entered my mind. I tended to stay clear of the place as it reminded me of one of the vulnerabilities we Vampires had, and it was never pleasant to see a fellow Vampire in a weakened state when they did not deserve it.

My vision began to grow fuzzy, and darkness began to creep in. I would soon be finished. My last thoughts before the darkness took me were that Pam would remember these two women and could extract revenge for my final death.


It was rather pathetic how easily Hallow and I had been able to get the Great Eric Northman to take us somewhere private. We had just sat quietly in a booth facing his throne and every now and then we looked up at him. We had pretended to be really close friends and he must have believed it and thought we would be more than willing to share him. If only he had known what part of him we had wanted to share.

This was my chance to get that annoying Andre out of New Orleans so that Sophie and I could be together with no interference. Andre was the first child of my my Queen and lover, Sophie-Anne. By removing Northman from the picture, Sophie would have to send Andre to Shreveport as the new sheriff. After planting the thought in Sophie's mind that Eric wanted to be King and was preparing to march down and take New Orleans, she had given me the go ahead to find a way to finally kill Northman. I planned it out perfectly.

I met Hallow while I was wandering through a store for the dark arts located in the southern part of the French Quarter. She was a Were, and she had been able to smell that I had some vampire blood in me, as well as having several vamp scents on my cloths and body. She had told me she was a powerful witch and had offered to help me with whatever my reason was for being in the shop, if I was able to get her some V. V was the street term for Vampire blood. Now I usually don't condone V addicts, what with me being in love with a Vampire Queen, but for my plan to work, I would need her help.

I had followed her to her place and once there, I explained to her what I wanted to do. For the next month we researched and planned, gathering the things that we would need. Things had to be done under the radar, so I publicly announced to the Queen that I wished to travel home to Bon Temps to see my family. Since Bon Temps was only an hour outside of Shreveport, it had made a perfect cover for what Hallow and I were really going up North to do.

Hallow and I drove up to Shreveport in my car, and I had tried to check into a hotel near Fangtasia. They were full so we tried a few more places before we gave up, apparently there was a conference or some such thing in town. Hallow had informed me that her brother lived near Shreveport, and we could stay with him. Not two hours later after settling in at Hallow's brother's place, we had found ourselves at Fangtasia and subsequently the first hotel we had tried. The night had gone smoothly and once we reached the room Northman had rented, our luck continued. Northman told us to get comfortable while he took a quick shower. I thanked whoever it was that had granted us the luck we had in getting picked by Northman that night.

Once he had closed and locked the bathroom door, we quickly and quietly began to pull the necessary things out of Hallow's bag and setup the items around the room. Thank goodness that Hallow was a Were, and that I had enough of Sophie's blood in me so we could easily move the furniture without needing to slide it across the floor. We were almost finished when I had heard the water shut off. Grabbing the sheet of paper with the Latin incantations from Hallow, I stood on the opposite side of the room from the bathroom door.

I could tell Northman knew he was in deep shit when he opened the door and took in the new look of the room. Before he could act, Hallow and I had begun to speak the words to the spell that would hopefully cause him to lose control of his own body. We had tried it on a few old donors at Sophie's compound and had great success, but Sophie was unwilling to let us try it on any of the Vampires in her court ,so we were not certain if it would work as well as it did on the humans. Had we tried it on the vamps, someone would have found out about our plans.

The spell had worked like a charm, no pun intended. Northman fell to the floor, and Hallow and I quickly set to work draining the blood from his body. We could have easily just cut his head off or driven a stake through his heart, but we had planned to pin this on the local drainers to shift the blame even further away from myself and Sophie. I did not envy Eric Northman in that moment. He had no control of his body. I could see the fear in his eyes. I had studied his eyes throughout our work and watched as the life slowly emptied from them as his blood drained out his arms. Once I saw his eyes go dim I finished filling the vial I had, before removing the needle from his arm.

"That is enough, Hallow, he's gone," I said beginning to pack away our things. "We need to get out of here before his child feels his final death, and comes looking for him." She looked as though she wanted to disobey me. "Need I remind you that my Queen knows who you are, and if you are to cause me trouble she will kill you? Besides, the windows in this hotel are not light tight; once the sun comes up he will be a goner." Hallow nodded and removed her vial and needle. I watched as Hallow crisscrossed a silver chain over Northman's legs.

"Just in case he wakes up before the sun rises," Hallow answered my unspoken question. Seeing the logic in her actions I let her be. We finished packing away our things and made our way out of the room.

Hallow gave me directions back to her brother's house. I was to spend a few weeks in the area to keep up my guise of visiting family and to also see how things went with the loss of Northman. It didn't bother me much as Sophie was off in Europe for a small vacation. It was lucky for me that Hallow's brother, Mark, lived in the middle of nowhere. Once we got out of the car I moved to follow Hallow up the walk to the house. I pulled a small knife from my bag and repeatedly stabbed her in her lower side. I had done some research and found that I could damage several vital organs this way. Sophie wanted none who helped me to left alive. Plu the fact that Hallow was a V addict, made her deserving of death. I raced to the side of the house and swiftly took out Mark as he ran outside to try and aide his sister. So much for powerful witches, you would think they would have at least some kind of protection spells on them. It really was my lucky night.

Placing my things inside the house, I got to work on hiding the bodies in a nearby shed. As I hosed down the pathway, I thought through the events of the night, and all that I still needed to accomplish before returning home to my Sophie. Actually, this had been such a victory, maybe I would stop in and see my family at some point.

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