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"Good evening, Anju-chan." My dolls whisper as I get out of bed and make my way to my closet. It's cloudy outside today. It may even rain. I peek through my dark curtains just once and make my decision.

"Just where are you going Anju?" Bge-Kun asks from his spot on the rocking chair. "Hmm?"

I don't respond, just tie my ribbon carefully in my hair and slip into my dress.

"Anju answer me!" Bge-kun demands and this time all my prized dolls tilt their heads and murmur my name . "If you're going to spy on the pig-headed, selfish sister of yours then-"

I tense. Pigheaded? Selfish.

With one swift movement I grab Bge-Kun and yank him off the chair, shoving him into the closet where he hits the wall and falls silent.

"Don't. Bge-Kun." I whisper harshly. Then I grab my parasol from my desk and leave my room, slamming the door behind me.

I don't feel bad about leaving Bge-Kun in the closet. He deserves it.

"I'm going out," I call quietly, fluffing out my parasol and glancing up the darkend staircase. Of course all I hear back are the creaks of the house and Bge-Kun's faint voice calling out my name.

I open the door and step out into the faint sunlight.

"Anju, look what I've made for you!"

Anju looks up, her curious topaz eyes wide. Her older sister, Karin set a plate down in front of her and smiled hugely.

Anju stared at the plate, her stomach churning in protest, for there, placed neatly was a large donut with white sprinkles and chocolate dough.

"I just wanted to thank you, Anju. You've always been there for me and your birthday is in a few haha." Karin was blushing lightly now, her face embarrassed. Then her eyes softened. "I love you Anju."

Those words have always stayed with me. I didn't like the pastry but I ate it anyway. Because that made big sister happy.

When I returned home, Mama and Papa we're arguing. Mama was saying she needed better liars blood and that this wasn't fresh enough ('IT TASTES LIKE A CORPSE, HENRY!') and Papa was desperately trying to calm her down. My sister sat on the couch, wincing as Mama slapped her slipper in Papa's face. When she saw me pass by the door she smiled tentatively and waved.

It was an amusing scene but as I looked close at both their faces I saw sadness buried deep there.

I didn't want to think what they've been talking about before Karin returned home.

Big brother Ren wasn't home so I went to bed without any grief. I lifted Bge-Kun out of his closet prison and placed him on the bed beside me.

I peeled back the sheets and curled under my duvet.

This was the place where I truly felt safe.

"Anju, just tell Karin how you feel. I don't want to see you upset anymore," Bge-Kun said.

I shook my head mutely.

I knew deep inside that our time together was limited. I didn't want to think about it. But I knew that I couldn't run forever.

I love you, Anju.

You're my little sister!

Don't cry Anju, big sister's here, okay?

I would not cry anymore. I wouldn't. I.

But somehow, the tears came anyway.