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The lights dimmed in the classroom. It was Health Class and they were beginning the chapter on "Human Reproduction" also known as "Sex Education." Sam Connelly (real name Winchester) shrank down in his seat. At twelve, he was one of the youngest in class and also one of the smallest. He had not had a growth spurt yet and the "baby fat" that clung to his body made him look younger. His mop of unruly brown hair fell carelessly in his hazel eyes as he looked down at the notebook in front of him. A blush began to burn crimson on his full cheeks. While he had yet to understand the attraction of the female form, he was embarrassed that he would have to sit in the same class while the more physically "mature" boys made catcalls at the breasts flashing on the screen and the developing girls giggled at the scenes showing the male phallus. To Sam, it was just anatomy, what was the big deal?

He watched without word as the film described the act of coitus. He stared in awe as the mechanics of the act were described using diagrams. He drank in the knowledge of how the male and female bodies worked and marveled at the ingenious way the human forms were created to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. For the first time, he began to feel a heat burn between his legs and to his surprise, he began to grow firm and lengthen in his jeans. The curve of the female hip made beads of perspiration break out on his upper lip. His lips felt dry as he became enthralled with the shape and rosy pink color of the woman's nipples. He licked his lips, trying to relieve the parched skin. His lower stomach began to feel funny as he shifted in his seat, searching for some way to alleviate the pressure on his now fully erect penis. To his horror, a wet spot became visible on his right thigh and a tingling sensation ran through his body. He wondered what it would feel like to actually act out the things he saw on the film…that is until it began speaking of the consequences of "unprotected" sex.

The horror he saw before him was more terrifying than any monster. He gasped as various pictures of STD s flashed on screen. If that were not enough to deter any young, hormonally charged pre-teen from taking the next step, the next images were: Live Birth…Sam's hand flew to his mouth as the hospital scene unfolded. The blood drained from his face and his erection fell limp. He felt sick as he watched the woman, in obvious pain, pushing. He stood to run to the bathroom but could not take his eyes from the gruesome scene. Before he could reach the door, the baby's head crowned and Sam fainted. A sickening thudd was heard throught the class as skull hit tile.

The opening rift of AC/DC's "Back in Black" ruptured the silence of the classroom as Dean's cell phone went off. Mr. Whitlow, the white-haired, bifocal clad English teacher glared in disdain at the boy.

"Mr. Connelly, you were instructed to turn all cell phones and pagers off while taking the mid-term. Bring your answer sheet and test to my desk, then report to the principal's office," the man barked.

"Dude, chill! That's my brother's school," Dean calmly explained to his teacher.

"I do not care if it is the Pope himself! Rules are made to be followed. You are no exception!" he glared over the rim of his spectacles.

"Well, screw you and your damn test," Dean huffed as he threw the papers down. "If you would pull the ruler out of your ass for a few minutes a day, maybe you wouldn't be such a dick," the teen threw over his shoulder as he stalked out of the room. He heard the teacher grumble something unintelligible to the class as they broke out in laughter.

He knew he would get an earful when his dad was called. He would probably have to do a few more miles than the normal training, but he didn't care. He needed the phone on in case something happened to Sammy. He stormed out to the parking lot and got into his baby. The engine roared to life as he sped away towards his brother's school.

Sam heard a soft voice calling his name. He blinked his eyes, trying to adjust to the fluorescent lights in the nurse's office. A pair of concerned green eyes peered down at him. He shook his head to clear away the fog clouding his mind and immediately regretted it. A wave of nausea hit him and he groaned as he tried to repress the urge to vomit.

"Whoa, kiddo. Take it easy, Sammy. You passed out and hit your head, dude. I'm here to take you home now," the elder brother soothed. The concern was etched on his young face.

"M'kay, Dean. Just got a little sick. Must've been the tuna surprise at lunch," the younger boy joked. He would not tell anyone of the repulsive images that he had seen. He would never let anyone know that those images would terrorize his dreams for weeks to come. He would never let anyone know that the thought of sex now frightened him to his very core. It would be years before Sam would be able to think of the act without bile rising to the back of his throat.