Author's Note: Originally I had ended this at the last chapter. However, more than one person wanted the story to continue. At first I didn't have any ideas. Now I do, but they get away from the initial plot of this story. And so, I'm writing a sequel - Just Another Victim.

First thing was first. Brennan knelt down next to him. "Have you been sleeping?" She felt like it was a stupid question. He didn't appear to be. Dark circles were under his lined eyes.

He was slow to respond. "Not really."

Booth was closing up on her and she knew it. Even if he was allowing her to stay, he definitely had no intentions of making it easy on her. After everything he was now struggling to protect her from himself.

"I can call your doctor and have him prescribe something."

"No!" He said with so much strong emotion in his voice that she reeled back. "No," he said then again, softly. "No pills."

"But Booth-"

"I'll be fine," he insisted, shutting his eyes.

Brennan drew his hand into hers. She held it, stroking the back of it with her thumb as he began to drift off. As his body fell under the stress darkening his features began to ease. His breathing slowed.

Satisfied, she rose to her feet. While he slept she was sure she could take a quick jaunt over to her place to retrieve some things. If she planned on staying a while, which judging by what she had seen so far she would be, she needed clothes and other personal items.

For no more than fifteen minutes she was gone. By the time she arrived back inside Booth was no longer sleeping peacefully. He'd flipped over onto his stomach. His muscles were clenched while he gasped. His hands had formed into fists.

Brennan dropped down to his side. "Booth!" She hollered, rubbing his back in an attempt to wake him.

Gradually he came to. Brennan got one good glance at the tortured look on his face before he turned his head away from her. His back rose and fell as he sucked in air to get his breathing back under control.

How had he ever thought he could do this alone, she wondered. This was going to be more of a war then she'd thought.

To be continued..