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Summary: Drabbles of such fluff that even your dentist wouldn't approve, showcasing instances of intimacy between Usagi and Mamoru in all their incarnations. Some are canon-based and others AU.

Twenty Kisses
Rated T
Chapter Title: "Bunny Among Wolves"
Setting: First season
Genre: AU

"Usagi, Tuxedo Kamen would never in his right mind want to kiss you!" Mamoru heard Hino Rei proclaim loudly from across the cafe, choking on coffee in his surprise. Keen ears pricking up, the college student was severely dismayed when Kino Makoto shushed her priestess friend into quiescence. Now unequivocally interested (Odango Atama wants to kiss my alter-ego!? Now this I have to hear...), Mamoru slipped away from the counter and Motoki's companionship. Aforementioned blonde hissed a warning his way, probably something to do with steering clear of his surrogate little sister, but Mamoru couldn't resist. The thought that Usagi would want to pucker up with him, even if it was in his superhero form, sent a strange batch of butterflies aflutter in Mamoru's midsection. He briefly wondered just what Tuxedo Kamen's draw was for Usagi, a mere civilian who knew next to nothing about his other identity, before coming up behind said fourteen-year-old.

"Of course he would. We're meant to be! My first kiss has to be reserved for someone special; for that one true love destiny has paired me with... and only Tuxedo Kamen fills that role!"

"Odango Atama, just what makes you think Tuxedo Kamen is your soulmate?" Mamoru sneered, seeming to appear out of thin air on Usagi's right. The teen yelped and blushed a fierce shade of red.

"You creep! Stop doing that!"


"Popping out of nowhere! Listening in on our private conversations! Existing! Because the sole purpose of your life is surely to aggravate me..."

"Don't worry, the feeling is mutual," Mamoru quipped, rolling his eyes. "Now answer my question. I'm intrigued."

"Hmpf! It's none of your business, Chiba Mamoru!" Usagi huffed, turning up her nose at his sardonic countenance. Mamoru allowed himself a quiet but humorous smile at her expense, inwardly guffawing at the irony of her exclamation. None of my business? Oh, Odango, if only you knew... "And stop smirking at me! I know that look, and I don't like it."

"What look?" Mamoru frowned.

"That one! On your face, right now! The one that's mocking me for wanting to save my first kiss for Tuxedo Kamen! Well you don't know anything about me, Chiba Mamoru! I'm so much closer to fulfilling my dream than you are to getting a new jacket that's not sickly green!" Usagi shouted, standing up in her fanaticism and smacking the tabletop with her palms. She shoved her face forward until it was only inches from his own. Mamoru, stunned at Usagi's unexpected outburst, almost missed the sudden glares of warning from the other girls. However, so entranced was he by the elegant contours of Odango's angry visage that the man barely stopped to ponder their reaction. Nor had it escaped his notice that Usagi's lips- the subject of their current debate- were teasing him mercilessly by their propinquity. It would only take one stumble to connect his with hers... one tiny, inconsequential slip-

"Usagi-chan," Mizuno Ami, always the logical one of the group, pleaded. She tugged on her friend's sleeve imploringly. "Sit down. The patrons are starting to stare."

Usagi ignored her. "You're always misjudging me, and I hate it! You probably think I'm not worthy of any man's kiss, too! But you know what? I'm going to prove. you. wrong!"

Mamoru wanted to protest at the direction their feud was taking, but he couldn't seem to stop gaping at Usagi's lips. Idiot. He tried not to sigh as Usagi pulled back, straightening up and calling to the cafe at large,

"TOMORROW AFTERNOON, I, TSUKINO USAGI, WILL BE HOLDING A KISSING BOOTH! GET A CHEAP THRILL FOR ONLY TEN YEN! Raven-haired jerks-" Here the blonde threw Mamoru a withering glare- "are not invited!"

"But Usagi, your dream-" Makoto started to argue.

"I don't care what I said earlier," Usagi snapped, blue eyes like fire in her fury. She bestowed an ugly look on Mamoru, shoving her petite body past him to march out the door. "Plenty of guys will want to kiss me, just you wait!"

Mamoru stared at her retreating back, mind reeling in shock. Was Usagi really going to hold a kissing booth? Over him? And... why did it matter so much whether she lost her first kiss to some random stranger off the street or not? Shaking his head of the boggling ruminations, Mamoru wandered out the door in the waspish Odango's wake, listening to the warble of her friends fade.

"No raven-haired jerks? Aw, shucks, I guess I'm not welcome either. And I was so eagerly anticipating a smooch with Usagi."

"Don't tease, Rei-chan! This all started because of your stupid remark."

"Hey, it's Usagi's life. If she wants to throw away her first kiss because of some false notion and regrets it later, then that's her fault for not listening to reason."

"Ugh, you are heartless, Rei-chan. Right... but heartless."


He did not care.

Usagi's odango shone gold under the hot afternoon sun as she set up her booth, scrawling "Kisses for Ten Yen" on a poster board. It was probably lucky her parents were not home- even though Mama might understand, Papa would have her head for this. Selling your body for cash, he would sigh with utmost disappointment. Disgraceful. But she had to show Mamoru she was desirable. Had to.

He did not care.

Usagi tapped her foot impatiently, arms crossed as she waited for customers to arrive. Surely some depraved guy had overheard her announcement at Fruit Parlor Crown yesterday...

He did not care. Then again, why was he perched atop a tree outside Odango's house in full Tuxedo Kamen garb, braving all manner of birds and cricks to make sure Usagi's first kiss was not stolen by some pervert? He was only doing this to protect an innocent damsel. Really. It was in his job description!

A gaggle of acne-ridden teenage boys from down the street approached, wolf-whistling and pointing at Usagi's sign with a predatory, yet excited gleam in their eyes. Mamoru could see the bills in their hand even from this distance. Some strange and foreign creature gnawed at the pit of his stomach when Usagi smiled encouragingly their way. Was it jealousy? Hate? Anger? Or... something deeper; more primal?

He did not care. Nope, nope, nope. Not one iota. Not one smidgen. He. did. not. care. He was only here to ensure Usagi's well-being as she proceeded with this asinine kissing booth scheme.

The throng of males was now mere feet from Usagi.

"Hey, baby!" a particularly masculine one called appreciatively, flexing his broad arm muscles in an attempt to show off. "You look lonely over here, all by your little cute self!"

He did not care.

"Wanna pucker up with me first?"

He did not... aw, hell, he did, didn't he? Mamoru leapt nimbly from the tree.

"No, I brought extra money! She wants to kiss me first!"

"She's taken," Mamoru said in a loud, rather frightening baritone from behind the blonde. Usagi gasped as the testosterone-ridden teenagers made a hasty retreat, murmuring amongst themselves.

"T-T-Tuxedo Kamen-sama?" she whispered in awe. "You... I... how...?"

"Word spreads fast around here. A little Bunny like yourself shouldn't hop willingly into a pack of wolves- it's dangerous," the superhero warned smoothly.

"I only wanted to prove my worth," Usagi, blushing profusely, admitted in a tiny voice. She averted her eyes, feigning great fascination with a blade of grass next to her foot.

"Through means of a kiss? There are so many other, and more telling, ways."

"I know. But sometimes I wonder if he's right," Usagi continued dejectedly, and Mamoru did not have to ask who she was referring to. "Sometimes I wonder if I... if I will ever see my... my dreams come true. Besides, I'm nobody special. Who would ever want to kiss me?"

Usagi started when soft, fabric-laden fingers caught her chin and tilted her countenance heavenward. Suddenly, a pair of gentle, warm lips captured her own. Breathless, she allowed the kiss to deepen as fireworks exploded in her mind. When Tuxedo Kamen finally released his light grip, Usagi dazedly floated back down to earth. Her chest was fluttering and hands trembling, but the fourteen-year-old steadied her gaze to smile graciously at her ebony-clad hero as he crooned,

"Perhaps someone who wishes to see dreams come true."

Usagi blinked in surprise, wondering if he knew the full implications of what had just occurred, but in that bat of an eye Tuxedo Kamen had disappeared.

A fresh rose lay at her feet.

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