The hills were green and soft underneath my feet, a light coat of morning dew clung to each piece of grass. The sun was rising and covered the world in a beautiful orange that swept the dark blue of night away. I sighed, feeling content. I wasn't used to this, the grass, the trees, the sky and even more magnificent, the sun. The beautiful orb of yellow that filled me up with energy and hope.

I didn't think I would ever grow to expect the world I lived in, no, I was certain that for the rest of my life everytime I woke up to the darkness of my room I would think I was in Ember. Each day I would think I had only dreamt up such wonderful, illogical things. However, when I walked outside and heard the birds chirp and had to shield my eyes from the sun, I knew that this life was too fantastic to dream up. Of course, I would often still pinch myself-just in case.

I set down the picnic basket that had been packed for me and spread my arms out, letting nature consume me. The sun embraced my skin, the wind whipped my hair and the grass tickled my feet. Suddenly I felt like dancing, and so I did. I spun and flew across the earth in ways that I'm sure looked foolish. I couldn't bring myself to care. I heard a delightful sound, laughter, and almost didn't notice that it was my own. I continued to spin, my eyes closed and my face almost in pain from the smile streched across it, the pain was pleasant though.

I heard clapping and my eyes snapped open, the world was blurry and I quickly lost my balance, toppling to the ground.

"Ouch" I hissed, rubbing the back of my head as the world finally stopped swirling.

I looked up to see a boy, he was tall but a little slim, with messy brown hair and an amused smirk. He lent up against a tree, still clapping slowly as he watched me.

"Nice dancing, Lina." He laughed, shaking his head. His brown eyes wandered to my picnic basket. "Do you mind?"

Of course, he didn't give me a chance to answer, and to be honest I was too shocked to do so. He just picked up an apple and bit into it.

"Doon?" I said, increduously.

Doon was supposed to be gone for two weeks, helping out some old friends, it had only been a week, but here he was. Standing there, stolen apple in his hand as if he hadn't been gone more than a day. I stood and rubbed my scraped elbow, Doon watched me with an raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Lina?"

I felt the smile come back up on my face, though I suspect it was larger than it had been before. I don't know how I moved that fast, but somehow I had ended up in Doon's arms, or rather he had ended up in mine.

"You're back early." I whispered, glancing up at him. "Why? Did you guys finish early?"

Doon shook his head and look away. "No...I uh, well...I missed you, Lina."


He looked back down at me, his body tense and his face looked pretty uncomfortable. He looked away again, with only a nod to respond. I don't know what it was, perhaps it was the way the sun hit him, or the way his body felt in my arms, maybe it was simply because I missed him; all I knew was that in that second, he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Doon?" I whispered, my eyes scanning the structure of his face.

He made a noise that sounded close enough to a 'yes?' for me.

"Look at me." I demanded.

When his brown eyes met mine the world faded, there was only Doon, only those brown orbs, only the feel of him. There was no grass, no sun, no sky, it did not matter if we were in Ember or Sparks, no, there was only Doon.

"You better have missed me."

And then I did the one thing that had haunted my dreams for months, I leaned forward and captured his lips with my own. The apple tumbled from his hands, and rolled across the ground. Really though, who cared? All that mattered was his lips on mine, his arms pulling me tight to him and the overwhelming feeling of sparks scorching between us. Everything was tingly and breathtaking, I felt so warm.

Doon pulled back, and reluctantly I allowed him with only a groan of protest. I opened my eyes to look at him, he was dazed, his fingers held to his lips.

I giggled and he snapped to attention, his eyes on mine once more.

"What?" He frowned.

I let my tongue flick out to taste my lips and leaned up to his ears, streching on my tip toes, still giggling in amusement and glee.

"You taste like apples." I whispered.