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Chapter One

I walked down the country side, completely in my own world. Ah, daydreaming! It was truly a luxury that I enjoyed taking advantage of as much as possible. One day, as many have told me, it would be the end of me…but as far as I was concerned it was not going to be today. My left arm supported a bag of groceries and the other carefully balanced my handbag. I was supposed to be making my favorite meal tonight; Lentil Tomato Soup. I had been in the market and purchased the five reddest, and juiciest, tomatoes I could find. I loved tomatoes…the color…the smell…they were a beautiful fruit-or vegetable. Fruit/vegetable, was that even possible? To be both a fruit and a vegetable…ah, but I digress…I warned you that while walking I disappeared into my own little world.

I smiled and looked up and saw that the sun was starting to disappear over the horizon. I had hoped to be home long before dark, but I took a detour through a random garden. Usually I wouldn't do that, but this wasn't a normal garden…this garden had beautiful roses everywhere! It would have been a sin to not stroll through. I slowed my pace as a cool breeze blew by and a small bird began to sing me a song. Whenever walking down this road I always took the time to admire nature. Where would humanity be without the gifts of god? No where, because without these basic necessities we would have learned nothing to advance and be where we are today.

My arms were starting to get heavy as I continued down the dirt road. I should have asked one of my friends to drive me into town rather then take it upon myself to walk. Curse me for wanting to enjoy this beautiful spring day. I stopped for a brief second when something caught my eye.

Had those three gentlemen been following me all this time? If I had been closer to town it would not have made me so suspicious …but we were closer to my home now, and there was no reason to be this far from the city. Not that I didn't believe people had a right to walk out this way; just that it was rare to find three men walking this way. I quickened my pace slightly only to find that they did as well.

My heart started thumping in my ears as I abandoned my groceries on the ground and began to run. My legs didn't go very far as then men chased after me.

"Ah AIDE." (Ah, Help!) I screamed.

But of course that was pointless…no one could hear you out this far away from town. No one came to your aid when they could not hear you calling for it…and because of this I knew my fate. Did that stop me from struggling as the three men grabbed me by the shoulder's and threw me to the ground? No of course not, I would fight to the bitter end if I had to.

"Vous n'êtes pas une chose assez petite." (Aren't you a pretty little thing?) the one man laughed in my ear.

I cried out in horror as he began to try and pull my skirt down. I locked my knees and shoved my foot into his groin. Of course, because it was three against one it was a short lived victory. His friend, who smelled absolutely revolting, slammed his palm against my cheek causing my head to whip to the side.

"La petite chienne dure, n'est-ce pas?" (Tough little bitch, isn't she?) You got that right you perverted little fucker!

However tough I was, or however tough they considered me to be, didn't matter as he ripped my shirt down the middle and exposed my bare stomach. I shivered as the man stroked it with the sharp tip of what I knew to be a knife. I bit my lip as he held it to my face.

"Quel est votre nom, votre prostituée?" (What is your name whore?)

What I had done, considering the certain circumstances, probably had not been the smartest thing to do. I puckered and spit in his eye. Which of course I was rewarded for…when the man took his knife and sliced a large exuberant X into my side. I screamed… loud enough to hopefully pop all of their eardrums.

I screamed in pain, screamed in horror, screamed in anger…because these men were taking something from that could not be replaced…and at the moment I was completely helpless to stop them. I could only cry and let them treat me like some common animal as they all took turns ripping off another article of my clothing, beating me, and slicing various letters from the alphabet into my stomach, arms, and legs.

So I guess everyone was right…daydreaming would be the end of me…who could have imagine it would be in such a painful and derogatory manner?

"Tuerons-nous cette chose." (Are we going to kill this thing?) my eyes narrowed a bit and I almost nodded. I yearned for death at this point.

My body was completely mutilated…no one would be able to look at me the same, and after what these pigs have done I wouldn't be able to look at myself the same.

"Non, juste la partir ici pas comme n'importe qui viendra la cherche." (No, just leave her here...not like anyone's going to come looking for her.)

The one man who had been leaning over me pulled himself up and stared down at me. He smiled…and I flinched. His smile was evil, pure evil! I wanted to kill him, I wanted to send him to Hell!

"Bien mon cher, je suis triste pour dire que je dois dire l'adieu- (Well my dear, I am sad to say that I must say farewell-)

My attacker was caught off in mid sentence as the sound of a car came rumbling down the road. I watched as the men looked at one another and then in a rush fled; like the rats they were! I closed my eyes as several tears streamed down my cheeks. It was dark, no one would see me…and I had no one in my life so no one would care. I lived alone, and now I was doomed to die alone. Had my life really been so meaningless? Had I day dreamed all of my days away? Apparently I had, and now it was…it was too late to… to-

"Madame, madame vous peut m'entend...madame?" (Madam, madam can you hear me...madam?) I could, but I didn't want to. However, mabye this was a sign. Maybe this would be my chance, my chance to make a change in my life.

"Oui...m'aider...s'il vous plaît...je dois aider." (Yes…help me... please…I need help.) My words sounded like someone had shoved gravel into my esophagus.

"Je vous aiderai, mais j'ai besoin de vous prendre. S'il vous plaît ne pas être effrayé." (I'm going to help you, but I need to pick you up. Please do not be frightened.)

Do not be frightened…that was a good one…but he seemed sincere whoever he was. I felt as his warm hands slide under my bare frame as he pulled me up into a pair of strong arms. I cringed in pain, my legs burned from the cuts as did my side and my arms.

"Madame, je sais maintenant n'est pas le meilleur temps pour les introductions ; mais peux-je demander votre nom?" (Madam, I know now is not the best time for introductions; but may I ask your name?)

My head bobbed back as I felt my self begin to submit to the sleep that I so desperately wanted.

"Mon nom est Gabrielle Blanc." (My name is Gabrielle Blanc.)

My name came out in a gasp as I tried to hold onto consciousness. I wanted to stay awake, and I wanted to know who this man was before I passed out.

"Quel est votre nom?" (What is your name?)

He looked down at me and very warmly smiled.

"Mon nom est le Colonel Hans Landa." (My name is Colonel Hans Landa.)

I wanted to stare in shock, but rather then be able to show my proper expression my head just lolled to the side and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

24 Hours Later

Everything hurt, my arms hurt. My head hurt. My eyes hurt. My body, my pride…need I go on? I was in so much pain that I wasn't even sure that I wanted to open my eyes to see where I had been taken. The pain proved that none of it had been a nightmare; everything had happened…including my very awkward car ride with Colonel Hans Landa. Awkward for me, how could it be awkward for me when I was unconscious then entire time? I meant for him, he had a naked stranger in his car!

"Ah, le bon matin tête endormie!" (Ah, good morning sleepy head.)

I turned slowly on my side to see the Colonel himself step into the room. He was wearing his SS uniform and he looked very regal and important. Of course to the Nazis he was…he was very important…and a very infamous person here in France.

"Bonjour, monsieur." (Good morning, sir) I said formally. I was after all in his bed, and he had saved me from death.

He pulled a wood chair to the side of the bed and sat down in it. He smiled at me, with one of those suave smiles that could easily melt a stick of butter. I wanted to return his kind gesture but the pain in my head prevented me from doing so.

"Parlez-vous des langues autres alors françaises?" (Do you speak any languages other then French?)

As a matter of fact I spoke several other languages.

"Oui, je parle de l'allemand et l'anglais." (Yes, I speak German and English)

The colonel really smiled at that.

"Darf ich etwas Ihres Deutsch hören?" (May I hear some of your German?)

I cleared my throat and tried to think of what to say.

"Danken Ihnen für Sparen mich, Oberst Landa." (Thank you for saving me, Colonel Landa)

"Wunderbar." (Wonderful.) he praised.

I attempted to pull myself up from the pillows but just ended up failing miserably. I fell back on my pillow and a few stray tears slid down my cheeks.

"As good as your German is I think it would be easier for us both if we just spoke in English." He said gently.

"Oui…I mean yes, sir."

"Very good." He praised once more. "Now, I trust you know what I am about to ask."

"Yes…but I do not know who attacked me sir…I'm sorry."

Colonel Landa's face sunk slightly and he nodded. I felt horrible, battered and I was honestly prepared to ask him to take his side arm and just shoot me in the head.

"That is a good question, but that is not what I was about to ask you Gabrielle. I was going to ask you if you were in pain…but judging by your tears I assume I have already received my answer."

I closed my eyes, hoping to alleviate some of the pain he was referring to.

"I brought you some aspirin and several other medications that will ease your discomfort."

"Thank you Colonel Landa." I gasped.

He helped me sit up and reached to a nightstand table where a glass of water sat. He coaxed the two red pills into my mouth but I moved my head before he could successfully place them on my tongue.

"I promise you that it is not poison and that I do not have any intention of harming you…if I wanted to kill you why would I take the time to save you?"

That was a very good point, with a great nod I turned to face him and opened my mouth a bit. With the pill sat gently in my mouth he brought the glass to my lips and I sipped the cool, fresh, liquid until the glass was completely dry.

"The injections cannot be made until you have eaten." He said placing the glass down. "Are you hungry?"

Unfortunately I wasn't…and then it hit me! My tomatoes! My tomatoes had been destroyed! I dropped them on the road running from those bastards!

"My…dinner…my dinner was ruined!" I cried. "My tomatoes were killed!"

The Colonel glanced at me in amusement, but to me this was serious! At least at the moment it was.

"I spent all day…looking for those tomatoes, they were absolutely perfect in every way!"

"I am sure I can find you more-

-no," I said cutting him off with my hysterics. "They were absolutely perfect! Redder then…then-

I looked down at my hands, which were coated in dry blood. Well of course dry blood wasn't red, but if it had been I could have compared those lovely fruits to the blood I had lost.

"I understand…I promise to purchase you a bag of the finest tomatoes, but at the moment nothing can be done to salvage them."

I shook my head, I felt like such a child. Fretting over something as simple as a red vegetable- or was it a fruit…wait vegetable… maybe the Colonel knew?

"Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?" I asked, randomly.

The Colonel chuckled.

"I do believe it is a fruit because it has seeds."

My head snapped up and a smiled slightly.

"But so does a pepper, and yet that is a vegetable…no?"

Colonel Landa laughed and nodded.

"I do suppose it is," he took his hand through his dark hair. "I can see that at the moment in your current state you are not fit to talk. I will let you sleep and then later we will continue where we left off."

He aided me as I slid down into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin.

"Where did we leave off Colonel?"

"Hush." He said firmly.

Not wanting to seem ungrateful for his help I did as he asked and closed my eyes. I had heard the stories about Hans Landa, I knew that I should keep one eye open while he was around…however as he had said, he had saved me…what reason would he have to kill me?

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