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Chapter 1 – inter-Oscar awards

"And the winner of the inter-Oscar awards is…. iCarly!" Sam, Freddie, and Carly jumped with joy as they grabbed their award from the show host.

"Oh my god this is amazing!" Carly said.

"That's not all kids. Your prize is two rooms for a whole week at a five star hotel in Kauai!"

The kids could barely breathe. They were in too much shock.

Freddie was the first to speak, "Thank you so much!!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii! This is best show ever. I would like to thank my mom, my cousin…."

"Stop yakking away before you bore the audience to death Fredward," Sam interrupted, using one of the various nicknames she has for Freddie. Carly shot a look at Sam.

"Well someone had to stop him!" She replied.

The next day Sam and Freddie were at Carly's house as usual. Spencer was making a sculpture of a giant pineapple to celebrate for getting a free trip to Hawaii. Sam was watching TV with 14 fatcakes around her. Freddie and Carly were looking at their comments for the last iCarly.

"Look at this. Everyone is congratulating us on the inter-Oscar awards and our trip to Hawaii," Freddie said.

"Cool," Sam said rather uncaring.

"Sam I hope you're not planning on eating all those fatcakes by yourself," Carly said glancing disgustedly toward Sam.

"Don't worry Carls their Low-fat fatcakes."

"How can you eat that junk and think its ok just because their low fat?"

"Carly Shay you take that back. Fatcakes are the greatest joy in the world and you cannot just insult them like that!"

"This is pathetic," Freddie said watching the girls in amusement. "Hey, why don't you two stop arguing about fatcakes and go pack? We're leaving in 2 days."

"Spencer did you get us a boat to Hawaii?" Carly asked her brother.

"Yup, Socko's cousin Row is a sailor and he got us the best boat ever."

"This better not be like the time we had to sky dive out of a plane full of possi." Sam said remembering their trip to Japan.

"Is there room for my mom to..."Freddie started.

"NO!" Sam yelled not letting him finish. "The last thing we need is for a psychotic freak to ruin our vacation!"

"Hey you can't talk about my mother like that!"

"Well don't tell me you don't agree! Even Carly thinks so, right Carls?"

"I want no part in this," Carly replied.

"My mom only acts like that because she loves me."

"Ya well she may be the only girl in the world who ever will."

"At least my mom cares that I exist!"

That shut Sam up. She realized that this was probably true. Sam's mom didn't care where Sam went or what she ever did. She just looked down at the floor and didn't say anything more. Freddie felt a bit guilty so he tried to change the subject.

"Why can't we just take an airplane to Kauai?"

"The prize only gives three tickets and it's too late to buy another one," Spencer said, looking guilty that he was the reason they were taking a boat.

Carly tried to cheer him up by saying, "Well it would be cool to go in a boat rather than a plane."

Sam looked worried for a second, "Wait, doesn't the ocean have….sharks?"

Carly looked at her friend with an odd expression, "Uh ya but we're in a boat so why does it even matter?"

"Boats can sink. Like the Titanic duh!"

"Sam since when are you scared of the ocean?" Freddie asked, "Come to think of it, since when are you afraid of anything?"

"I'm not scared you dipthong. I'm just making sure."

"Okay." Freddie said not really sure.

"Come on Sam let's go pack," Carly said.

"Wait can we go to Build-a-Bra first? I need a Coconut Bra to impress all the hot Hawaiian dudes."

Carly rolled her eyes and followed Sam out the door.