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Chapter 20 – Some Vacation!

Spencer was lounging on the beach while Sam Carly and Freddie were swimming around in the ocean. Carly and Freddie were standing in the water which was up to their chests. Sam was laying on a surf board on her stomach since she still wasn't an expert swimmer. Carly was checking out the hot Hawaiian surfers while Sam and Freddie made fun of her.

"Wow Carly you seem so desperate!" Sam laughed at Carly.

"What are you talking about? I'm just trying to learn a few surfing tricks." Carly tried to cover unsuccessfully.

"Excuses Excuses. It's ok Carly you'll find love someday." Freddie looked over at Sam and they both started laughing at their pathetic friend.

"Oh stop." Carly smiled splashing her friends. Soon they all started laughing and splashing each other. When they stopped, Sam sighed and looked out into the ocean with a smile on her face.

"Some vacation this has been." Sam said more to herself than to her friends.

"I'll say. When we got stranded on that island the first time, I thought we were doomed. But this turned out to be one of the most unforgettable trips of my life." Freddie said.

"Tell me about it! I learned to swim, my best frienemy turned into my boyfriend, and I survived a whole two weeks without ham or fatcakes!"

"That's right! Sam just broke her own record! We should celebrate." Carly joked.

"Oh stop. I could go way more than that." Sam said sarcastically.

"Oh really? Let's see you try." Freddie replied.

"Shut up Benson you know I was joking."

"I thought you weren't gonna call me names anymore."

"I never said that. But it's different now. I'm not teasing you, I'm flirting." Sam smiled at Freddie.

Freddie liked the sound of this so he smiled back, "Ok I'm fine with that… Puckett."

"You two are such a cute couple. I rue the moment I wanted to break you two up." Carly said absent-mindedly.

"Ok first of all, you've been hanging around Nevel too long. Second of all, when did you want to separate us?" Sam looked at Carly suspiciously.

"Uh… is it getting hot in here?" Carly asked uncomfortably.

"You know what, forget it. I'm too lazy to start a fight. The point is that now you're happy with it." Sam said.

Carly seemed relieved but she kept talking about it. "I was just thinking that it was weird that Freddie would choose someone who constantly torments him, and Sam would choose someone who she constantly insults."

"Well some famous person once said, 'You May Be One Person To The World But You May Be The World To One Special Person.'"

"That is so true." Freddie said smiling at Sam.