The Horror of Ravenwood

Chapter 1 Vampire History 101

"What do you know about Vampires?" Professor Richard Hindsight asked the assembled students at the George Town University class on the Supernatural. He stood about six foot two, brown eyes, black hair, thinning and shot with silver, moustache and goatee, also showing the passing of time. He was a tweed jacket, with the inevitable shoulder patches, a wool knit waist coat with a gold fob chain running from one pocket to the other. He had dark green corduroy pants and brown shoes.

The lecture theatre hushed as the professor walked in front them, limping slightly which explained the cane whose handle was in the shape of a bird of prey..

"You" He pointed at a freckled face boy with curly orange hair.

"Um They suck blood?" he replied, going red.

"They turn into bats," shouted a girl from further back.

"They can only come out at night."

"And they like burst into flames if sunlight touches them."

"They're sooo sexy." said a giggling blond which caused the rest of the class to break into laughter.

"They manipulate governments, businesses and treat humans as cattle." Came a female voice from the far back. Everyone went quite.

"Really?" the professor's obviously English background and accent came out. So Actually vampire society is a sort of Illumanati, manipulating us poor mortals from beyond the grave Miss?"

"Infanta, Carmilla Infanta," replied the woman. She was quite striking with long platinum blond hair and a beautiful although somewhat hard face.

"Carmilla, Interesting name for a student interested in vampires." The professor replied. "All interesting answers based on what you have learnt from movies, or," he looked up at Miss Infanta," Role Playing Games. But what is the truth?"

He limped back to the black board and reached up and pulled down a chart showing a timeline.

"From what has been pieced together by occultists and other worthies intent on learning the mysteries of the Supernatural Vampires began as nothing more than slaves. In the Pre-Cataclysmic Age when Atlantis was the greatest civilisation on Earth a small group circle of Atlantean Mystics discovered the indestructible parchments which had been left on Earth by the primeval Elder God Chthon. Those Mystics gathered the parchments together on the scroll that became known as the Darkhold, The Book of Sins. It was filled with arcane lore and dark magic and the Darkhold granted them power unimagined. They would have ruled the world, had they not made one tragic error." He paused and gave a quiet smile as he saw all the class enraptured, leaning forward intently, none more so than Miss Infanta.

"They used one of the spells found within the text and caused some of their enemies to rise from their graves to walk again …… as undead vampires! These first Darholders as they came to be called fancied that they could use their own slain foes as soldier-servants to enforce their plans of conquest. They believed that these vampires would be under their control. However, these vampires were more powerful than their would-be masters, slew them, and escaped Atlantis before the continent sank."

"Curiously first true vampire was not actually a foe of these sorcerers but one of their own, an Atlantean priest that was dying and saw this as an opportunity to gain eternal life, known only as Varnae. He became the Lord of the Vampires and he has been theorised that he may have even tricked his fellow Darkholders into making the vampires too powerful so that he, and he alone, would be able to rule them. Records from the Hyborean age indicate that Varnae clashed with Conan of Cimmeria before he became King of Aquilonia. Since then vampires and vampirism have been documented in all civilisations and cultures up until the modern era."

"What about Dracula?" The Professor visible inhaled and then exhaled in a long sigh.

"Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, more commonly known as Vlad Ţepeş or Impaler, was a three-time voivode of Wallachia, ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462.

Historically Vlad is best known for his resistance to the Ottoman Empire and its expansion and for the cruel punishments he imposed on his enemies, most notably by impalement, a rather curious method given his current reputation.

In the English-speaking world Vlad III is more commonly known for inspiring the name of the vampire in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula."

"But…" The young Lady who thought vampires were sexy raised her hand.

"No buts Miss Westenra. This Dracula is a fictional character. There has been no actual documented evidence of Dracula being a vampire. One can suppose that real vampires may have posed as him since the publication of the to take advantage of gullible young people."

"And do vampires still exist today?" Asked Miss Infanta.

"No. The original Darkhold -created vampires were wiped out years ago when a massive mystical wave swept around the world obliterating all vampires from existence. There are a few, chemically created or mutated beings that show vampire-like traits, such as Dr Michael Morbius, but the original vampires are extinct."

"But what about if a vampire came from another dimension?" Asked the freckled-faced boy at the front.

Professor Hindsight shook his head in mock sadness. "No, I'm sorry, my boy. The spell that was cast makes it impossible for a vampire to exist, even from another dimension. I was told that such an attempt was made by a modern day cult of Darkholders and that as soon as the vampire entered our plain of existence it disintegrated. Sorry Students, but vampires are now just the stuff of legends. Now that's enough for tonight. Next week we will be looking at werewolves and their role in the Green Peace Movement. Conservationists or eco-terrorists?"

There was a universal groan of disappointment around the room. The Professor smiled fatherly as the young men and women filed out noting with some amusement some rather suggestive glances from more than one young woman, and a young man as they left! Soon the room was empty, except for Miss Infanta, who rose from her seat and walked, with incredible grace, down the steps to the floor of the lecture hall.

"Yes Miss Infanta?" He cleared his throat. Her tight sweater and even tighter jeans showed off her dancer-like body to perfection and was quite distracting for the 50 year old English Professor. "I must admit I have not noticed you in my previous classes."

"I transferred in from Berkley this semester and I saw your class and I'd like to join." She moved her hips in a most tantalising way, almost dancing as she swayed to some unheard music. "Would you mind, Professor Sir?"

The Professor seemed entranced by the young woman's hypnotic movements. "Huh, mind? Oh no no of course not, Pleasure to have you."

" Excellent, maybe I can have some … private tutelage to get me up to speed." She actually twirled around, her platinum hair sparkling as she did."

"Tutelage …private….yes of course." The Professor mumbled, hypnotised by the woman in front of him. "You could come to my home. I have many books on the subject that could be of value."

" Great, let's go. On the way you can tell me all you know about vampires." Dansen Macabre* smiled contemptuously as the Professor picked up his black hat and battered briefcase and led her out of the lecture theatre. At this time of night there would be no one around, she thought to see her with the Professor. Oh so simple. And so fortunate. She had only been tasked with the job to hunt down vampires two days ago by The Hood and already she had found one of the leading scholarly notables on the subject of vampirism. She knew this Englishman had more information than he was letting on, possibly contacts in the mystical community, maybe even knowledge of vampire haunts. And once she had acquired all the information he had she would simply dispose of him. After all She couldn't chance having someone else finding the Professor and getting the same information. Any rewards were going to be hers and hers alone. She smiled, delighted at her plan. Whatever else, she felt certain she was about to learn a lot more about vampires.

To be continued.

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* Note: Dansen Macabre is a member of the criminal Night Shift. She has the mystical ability to hypnotize or kill anyone who witnesses her dancing. She can also make herself undetectable by human senses.