Chapter 20 There's No Place Like Home

I smelled an abundance of fragrances. The aroma seemed to be beckoning for me. The smell of different foods nuzzled comfortably around my nose. My stomach made an unhealthy gurgling sound which startled me out of my sleep. My eyes snapped open.

I panicked, where was Serina…where was I? I jumped up grabbing my throat- it was sore, I felt a funny material wrapped around my neck, I started ripping it off frantically, tears gushing out of my eyes. I couldn't breathe…I was suffocating …I was dying…

"Nessie…Nessie its ok, I'm here…just breathe"

I turned abruptly a sharp pain struck through the back of my neck when I did so.

"Jacob…?" I cried in confusion. His arms were immediately around me, trying to keep me still, trying to calm me down.

"But…? Serina…? You were…" I questioned still not completely sure where I was or why Jacob was here. I thought Jacob was…I knew Jacob was… dead.

"It's all over Ness, you're safe. Everyone is here everything is ok now"

Jacob's voice was calm, relieved…happy.

I still didn't understand.

I slowly looked at the four walls around me, freshly knew lilac purple paint. Then a flash of dirt, mud and gravel flickered in my mind, I blinked that image away. I then saw the huge cherry wood door to my bedroom slightly ajar; then my memory flickered to a gaping hole only covered with cheap ply wood.

All the events finally came back to me, except the part when my family found me…when my family and Jacob… saved me. The last thing I could remember with vivid detail was hearing Jacob calling me from heaven. But I'm here now I can see? I can breathe? I can live? It seemed impossible, I'd thought I was holding hands with death, when all along I was hugging and embracing life.

I turned to my window-ignoring the sharp aching pain in my neck that ensued- and saw the sun beaming in…the beautiful sun, the sun that I hadn't seen in how long? I stared at its beams as it reflected off of my mirror. I'd taken the sun for granted I never really cared for the meaning of it but as I looked at it I finally saw it meant life, it meant color, bright rays of spirit sprinkled with the possibility of eternal bliss…it meant that no matter how bad the day was; how horrible the events that took place were it-the sun- would always be there it was a constant reminder of stability.

Jacob was exactly that to me. He was the life and bright rays of spirit that sprinkled my fickle heart. He was my eternal bliss, no matter what happened in my life he was my constant; he was stability. Jacob Black was my sun.

I turned to Jacob; he still had me in his arms, patiently watching me as I examined the room.

I couldn't believe that it was him; he was truly here with me. I couldn't express how euphoric it felt to know that this was all behind us. The English language wasn't equipped enough to describe the elation I felt as I looked Jacob in the eyes. To think the love of your existence is no more, then have that love right there in front of you alive and healthy with their arms wrapped securely around you? It should be illegal to feel this way.

"Jacob" I said again my voice was so low and coarse but I couldn't pay attention to that now.

Before he could answer I wrapped my sore arms around his neck, angling myself so I could reach his lips.

I crashed my lips against his and this wasn't like any other kiss we'd had. I always made it a habit to break down our kisses weigh the intensity of them but this one out matched any I'd experienced with him.

This kiss was saturated with longing, the reason why this was different was for the fact that we didn't force this separation like when we were broken up and then reunited. This separation was sprung upon us really testing our need for one another.

I turned myself into him as the kiss grew passionately I ignored the excruciating pain radiating down my neck and spine.

I pulled myself away from him, taking his hands from around my waist and holding them to my heart.

"Why doesn't I love you seem like the right words…it's not enough" I asked lowly my voice still completely hoarse.

He smiled.

"I was thinking the same thing" he chuckled lightly "I wanted to say something really romantic like I'll love you forever or something…but forever doesn't seem like the right word either…forever doesn't seem to be enough" he smiled.

He was right forever wasn't hardly enough time to show Jacob how much I truly loved him; I would only be able to scrape the surface with that time frame.

"Is it really over?" part of me was scared to hear the complete answer. I was so used to being on guard it couldn't just be over that simply.

Jacob smiled and gently placed his lips on my forehead "It's really over…there is nothing to worry about anymore" he said as his lips were still pressed against my skin.

I wanted to ask details, I wanted to know exactly what happened to Joham and Serina but apart of me didn't want to know-not quite yet anyways-…apart of me wanted to live just in the present, willingly ignore the past and securely be ok with the future because any future of mine that included Jacob would be more than what I deserved.

Once again I couldn't escape staring in his eyes, feeling his skin so close to mine …the simple fact that I was his and he was mine. I wish I had the power to erase everything around us and just have it be Jacob and I alone in a world that was ours, in a world where happiness was the only option. In this world –our world- fear and regret wouldn't exist. Food and water or even blood wasn't detrimental to survival. Survival was only based on Jacob and I being together, if we weren't then we would weaken, we would slowly disappear…we would be no more.

A small smile rimmed across Jacob's face as he watched me marvel at his presence.

"We should definitely get you something to eat…right now" he chuckled

I didn't know why he said this; I looked confusingly at him before I spoke.

"Huh…?" I questioned I expected him to say something more along the lines of how much he missed me and that he loved me and so on and so forth. Then I felt my stomach lurch that same unhealthy gurgling sound persisted. Now I understood what he meant. I'd been so wound up in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed my stomach was having a mind of its own.

"Oh" I laughed; it was very human of me to ruin my being reunited with my love because I needed some food.

Acknowledging how hungry I was made it that much more intolerable. All the smells that were sifting through my room were finally registering. I smelled steak and chicken and I'm sure there were some types of vegetables steaming as well. I smelled pasta- lasagna perhaps- I even smelled mountain lion and elk blood.

My gurgling grew louder and more embarrassing.

I smiled as I tried to talk over it.

"Umm" I jokingly coughed over the gurgling "All that food is for me?" I smiled.

"Yes" he smiled back "It would be great if you shared though" he teased.

"Sure I will there is some elk blood down there" I teased back.

My stomach lurched again and this time I couldn't ignore it. As badly as I wanted to just sit here with Jacob until the end of time my human needs were pulling me by my stomach, I needed to eat and I needed to eat now.

Jacob read my face and laughed. "I'll go get you a plate" he got up releasing his arms from around me.

"No" I said grabbing him by his hand "I want to go downstairs, I can make my plate"

He contemplated this for a second before he spoke "Everyone would be happy to see you" he said as if he were talking to himself.

"Right Jake, and besides I want to see everyone at once, they all can't fit in my room" I persuaded.

He knew regardless of what he said that I would go downstairs.

He sighed "Ok" he conceded helping me up. I grimaced as the aches and pains were shooting sporadically through my body. I never thought it would be possible for me to be in this much physical pain. I was half vampire; I always assumed my threshold for pain wouldn't be that much different than that of a full vampire, especially because of how durable my actual skin is. I was terribly wrong.

As I stood up, I couldn't help but smile. I'd been cramped in a small space all those days, only being able to crawl and lay but now I could stretch my arms and relax my muscles freely and openly. Though my legs and my arms felt like spaghetti noodles.

"Jake" I said as I supported –pretty much-all of my body weight on him.


"Don't let me fall" I said swiftly.

He laughed a hardy laugh "You know I wouldn't dream of it" before he finished his sentence he had me in his arms fully carrying me.

I smiled "Well, I guess I should say it, since I haven't yet" I said jokingly

His smile dimmed down slightly his features becoming slightly more serious.

"I love you too"

I smiled as his words were stronger than he could ever imagine. I didn't need to say anything he already knew. I buried my face in his neck and kissed it softly.

"Eternally" I said lowly as he walked out of my bedroom door with me comfortably nestled in his arms pressed against his chest close to his heart.

Nahuel POV

"I won't help you" I seethed. Aro flashed a taunting smile.

"Is that so?" he quizzed. I just stared not daring to break my concentration.

"Hmm…well that's just terrible" he regretted as he turned his body completely towards Jane.

"Maybe, I wasn't persuasive enough; perhaps Jane would be more convincing?"

Jane's red eyes pierced right through me, she almost seemed anticipatory.

Aro nodded and the torture began.

The pain was excruciating as I fell to the ground, her eyes all but glowing as they tormented me.

After what felt like an eternity the pain stopped. I laid there on the floor withering trying to compose myself as best I could.

"Oh" Aro exclaimed "Do we have a change in heart? Or would you like dear Jane to… convince you a little further?" his smile not matching the intensity of the situation.

"I…" I struggled as I was still recovering from the pain "won't…help you…ever…"

"Interesting" Aro concluded as he took a few steps toward where I was lying on the ground. I didn't say anything as I slowly stood to my feet. Jane was staring at me with that same look of anticipation on her face, waiting to be order to torture me again.

Aro grabbed my hand, obviously reading every thought I'd ever had. Speaking didn't matter; he could have done this in the beginning but I guess this was much more entertaining.

"You really are infatuated with Renesmee Cullen, that's not quite the word…your in love with her…how sweet" he beamed as he turned towards Marcus.

"Isn't young love so …" he paused "…precious, yes that's the word…but she loves the dog more, I am surprised you haven't tried to change that by now"

"I already told you where I stand…you will have to kill me…before I ever help you…so what do you want other than wasting my time and yours?" I bark lowly.

"My apologies" he laughed "How rude of me…hmm" he paused again.

"Your father was a very smart man" Aro amended. He said this as if he were speaking to himself.

"Anyhow…your power that you have kept secret, is such an amazing one…what a waste if you never use it" he showed his teeth once more before he spoke again.

"Nahuel…your gift is an… immaculate gift, I would say"

"I won't help…" I began to repeat but he interrupted

"Shhh…but you will help"

Chapter 20 Part II

I'd finally caved in and listened to what had happened with Joham and Serina. I found out that my father had killed Joham and that the half immortals were no match for my family and the wolves.

I learned that Serina was scared terrified of the wolves-Seth, Paul, Quil, Embry and Leah, she apparently stood frozen incapable of moving at the sight of the gigantic dogs towering over her. When she found out –through my father- that Joham was dead it was like she gave up, she couldn't focus, I guess it was too hard for her to believe. She 'died' at the hands of the wolf pack.

I couldn't help but compare Serina to myself. After finding out the love of your life is gone, why else would you want to exist? What was the point of life if you couldn't share it with that person?

I was surprised that my family found me because of my cell phone-of all things-, I had no clue it was in the cave Serina had been using it to get a hold of Joham. What a stupid mistake on her part and a luck one on mine.

I wanted to put it all behind me and move forward. There were things-scary things- that I wanted to focus on, things that almost made being trapped in a cave with Serina for days look appealing.

"Ok, you promised you'd listen without interruption and that you would try your hardest not to read my mind" I warned my father.

He just sat there, obviously wishing he were elsewhere and probably upset that my mother was forcing him to sit and listen without commentary.

"Yes, I agreed to listen" he interrupted "but it doesn't change the fact that you're not…"

My mother nudged him "Edward, the listening part without interruption started when Renesmee opened her mouth"

He glared at her and sighed.

"Thank you mom" I said formally "As I was saying, I trust you dad but just as a precaution I'm going to have mom shield my thoughts …and Jacobs"

He didn't respond his face was statuesque, he wasn't moving which made this much more nerve wrecking than it already was.

"Mom" I coughed, and then she nodded. The shield was up.

"Ok" I looked to my left and saw Jacob sitting there; he would be my motivation to get through this.

"Dad…mom, you both know that before everything happened Jacob and I were engaged"

My father's eyes hardened as he sat next to my mother on the couch. I had to ignore it

"Well, that hasn't changed" I had to divert my eyes from my fathers face to my mothers face; his glare would make me cower; I needed to be strong and confident if I was going to do this.

"And I would like…" I corrected myself "We…would like to get married… now"

My mother's face was in shock; my father seemed like smoke would blow out of his ears.

"Just hear me out please" I pleaded. Neither one of them said a word.

I inhaled before speaking again. "I'll technically be 18 in September and I'll never be a day older than 18 physically…And my knowledge base is probably going to be that of a thirty year old for all we know"

I paused to read there faces, they were unreadable.

"And we know I'm very mature…what I'm trying to say is, I don't see why I cant marry Jacob now…its bound to happen and nothing much is going to change about me after my birthday…I'll be frozen at 18 forever, so we have no choice than to go off of my maturity level and not my age."

"Renesmee" my mother spoke softly "We understand what you are saying but why rush things; this is still all so new for you?"

"Mom, I'm not throwing this in your face but the same reason you and Dad rushed things…I need this to be official"

I could see my father stiffen.

"I love Jacob and we are going to be together…imprinting or not we are destined for each other, I truly believe that" I took in another deep breath before I continued "And that's why I have this proposition"

My mother looked at me confusingly my father just sat there glowering at me.

"We want to get married this summer…and if we don't have your blessing than we will get married on my 18 birthday…either way it's going to happen with or without you" I felt horrible as the words left my mouth. But they were being unreasonable.

I knew I hurt my mother's feelings and through all the anger I knew my father's feelings were hurt but I was serious and I would go through with this ultimatum. Even if this was tearing me up on the inside.

"Renesmee" she said with sadness in her voice.

"I'm sorry mom…dad, but either way with in the next two months Jacob and I will be married" I turned to walk away at that same time Jacob stood up next to me.

"Nessie" my father called out. His voice was lighter than I expected it to be.

I turned around to see that he was holding my mothers hand.

"When…?"he asked simply

"When do we want to get married?" I repeated the question nervously; he'd caught me off guard.

"Yes" he said.

I blinked looking at Jacob who looked surprised then looking at my mother, who was –slightly-smiling at my father,

"Oh, umm three weeks at La Push" I said nervously.

He studied my face for a moment before speaking. He looked at my mother and she nodded slightly.

"Ok" was all he said.

"Ok, what?" I questioned.

"Ok, good luck with Alice, she's not going to like that you only gave her three weeks to plan an entire wedding"

My mouth fell to the floor, I couldn't believe it. It was ok, I could marry my Jacob and my family would be there and happy for me.

I hadn't said a word I was too blown away.

"Are you…I mean…why…seriously…? I…?"

Jacob interrupted my stuttering "Ness, stop asking so many questions before they change there minds" he joked.

My father and mother both laughed.

"Nessie, I never dreamt I'd be able to walk my daughter down the aisle mainly because I never dreamt I'd have a daughter" my father stood up placing his cold hand to my cheek "and though I may not agree fully to this, I wouldn't miss this for the world…you being happy is the most important thing" he kissed my forehead "You're not my little girl anymore" he smiled. "…and I'll work on my transgressions" he added as he faced Jacob extending his hand. They shook hands and exchanged a couple friendly words.

I didn't notice the tears streaming down my cheek until my mother stood beside my father and wiped them away. "Congratulations baby"

"Mom" I exhaled and hugged her tightly. I couldn't believe this was all coming true. That I was going to be able to have Jacob and my family and just pure happiness all together coinciding with each other.

"I think we should call Alice" my mom joked.

Before I could respond the front door flew open and there stood Aunt Alice with what looked to be a scowl on her face.

"I can't believe it and you call your self family?" she accused.

"What are you talking about Aunt Alice?" I asked confused.

"How long were you going to wait to tell me about this wedding that I now only have 504 hours and 36 minutes to plan?"

I laughed at the fact that she truly looked upset.

"Alice, this just happened a few minutes ago" my mother countered.

She cocked her head to the side as if she were remembering something.

"Oh, well I saw Nessie asking permission three days ago…and I saw you guys saying it was ok hours ago, I've been patiently waiting for my phone to ring all day"

We all laughed before she spoke again.

"Well, we don't have much time…we're now down to 504 hours and 34 minutes we need to put a move on it" she demanded as she grabbed my arm. I smiled at Jacob as Aunt Alice drug me away "I love you" I mouthed.

"Eternally" he mouthed back.

*Everything seems to be falling into place for Renesmee; she has her family, friends, her life and most importantly her Jacob. But will things remain as happy as they are now? What is going on with the Volturi? And what is Nahuel's gift…what do the Volturi need his help with? And what is the story behind Serina? These are all questions that will be answered in Book Two of Renesmee's life titled …Renesmee: Eternally Yours Bk.2

I really hope that all my readers continue on reading about Renesmee's life!! I hope you all read and enjoy!!* And please leave feedback!!! Thank you again!!!

*Tiny Sneak Peek* Renesmee: Eternally Yours Bk.2

Chapter 1: Happy Beginnings

"It's…ah… interesting" I said as I stood in front of the mirror, playing with the many -and I mean many -layers of puffiness.

"You hate it" Aunt Alice wined. "You are so much like your mother…this dress is a classic Nessie"

"Sorry Aunt Alice but I never really pictured getting married in a big puffy princess dress and besides the wedding is on a beach. I seriously want something appropriate for an outside wedding, something… simple" I explained.

"Alice that dress is pretty huge" my mom agreed.

"Oh, shush what do you know?" Aunt Alice barked.

My mother and I both tried to conceal laughter.

"Ness, here" Aunt Alice handed-well more like threw- me a dress zipped up in a clothing bag "This one is simple…boring…you know… that kind of stuff you and your mom like" she actually had a pout on her face.

I unzipped the bag and knew this dress was the one. It was white and almost floor length. With skinny spaghetti straps stitched with lace flowers, the straps crossing in the back. This dress was the dress, this dress was my dress.

"Renesmee, you ok?" My mom asked.

I hadn't realized that I stood there speechless just staring.

"Oh, nothing I'll try it on"

As I slipped out of the 'classic' i.e. the puffy uncomfortable hell dress, I gently pulled the simple white dress out of the clothing bag and off the hanger.

It fit me like a glove. It was perfect; the bodice lay softly against my curves, my décolleté slightly exposed.

"Nessie…? Is everything ok in there?" I heard Aunt Alice call out.

"Everything is better than ok" I beamed as I pulled the curtain back. My mother's face was the first I saw, her mouth dropped to the floor. Aunt Alice couldn't hide her smile; she was seeing what I saw.

"So…? What do you think?" I quizzed as the silence lasted longer than I thought it would.

"It's…beautiful, it's perfect…it's you Renesmee" my mother smiled. I turned to Aunt Alice who hadn't said a word.

"Aunt Alice…?" I asked in anticipation.

She sighed "This is the dress…"