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Howling Wind

By: Fire Princess21

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Rain fell from the sky and I was barely aware of it. I only stared straight ahead of me. He was standing under the shade of an umbrella, his expression hidden by its shadow, holding another umbrella in his left grasp. I was getting soaked yet I did not move.

How curious it was that rain always fell whenever we met by pure chance.

I had originally been holding an umbrella, mind you, but a strong gust of wind blew it right out of my hands and was sailing away with the wind when he caught it.

It seemed that he came out of nowhere. But then, when he was all white, how can he not appear from out of nowhere like a lost ghost finding a home? He approached me, slowly. I could see his face now. His lips were turned up in a deceivingly friendly smile. He handed me my umbrella.

"Hey, Sakura! You should keep a tighter hold on your umbrella." He said cheerfully, in perfect Japanese, as he handed me my umbrella. I nodded and accepted it from him.

It was probably useless now that I was soaked but I couldn't let myself be perceived as a lost wet cat. His pity and amusement were the last things that I needed. I kept my face in a nonchalant expression. My poker face, if you will. I noticed he looked down at my bandaged ankle. I sprained it while playing in a soccer match yesterday that we won.

"You should really take care of yourself more." He said with a worried face. I made no answer. Meeting him out of nowhere was always a disaster. He smiled at me gently. Sometimes, I found it impossible to think that he was actually a cold, heartless killer, what with his perfect looks, those purple eyes and his unusually white hair. I was again, rendered speechless by our impromptu meeting. I cursed myself internally. How inconvenient it was, this muteness of mine!

He looked at me, apparently waiting for me to say something but I couldn't find my tongue. No matter how much I loved light rainfalls at night, I could never banish the fear and unexpectedly odd wariness it brought me that I might meet Byakuran while I walked the wet streets of the city. Finally, I found my tongue again.

"I should go. It's getting late. Thanks for getting my umbrella. I hope I didn't trouble you." I murmured. I avoided looking into those purple orbs filled with mysteries. Somehow, he always managed to look friendlier than he was sinister. He frowned.

"Sakura-chan, we've been meeting now for months. You haven't even asked me my name yet!" he said, pouting. I looked up at him for maybe the second time since we met.

"I know who you are." I answered immediately and then cringed at the hardness of my voice. "Sorry. I just had a bad day." I murmured an apology. He laughed and patted my wet head.

"I can see that." He said with his usual smile back in its place. I looked around and noticed that we were the only people standing in the rain, conversing as if it were any other fine day. I kind of expected that, too. When I didn't say anything else, he spoke.

"Ne, Sakura-chan! Can't we go to your house? I hate standing in the rain and you need to change too before you catch a cold." He said in a pleading voice. I blinked at him. Was I going to invite him? I though it best not to but something in me told me that if I didn't give my consent, he'd just follow me anyway. I agreed.

"Uh, sure." I murmured and started to walk. He quickly followed beside me.

I avoided looking into his eyes while we walked and just stared straight ahead. Once or twice, I almost narrowly avoided walking right onto a light post, only to be dragged away by Byakuran. I learned his name when we first met. It was almost a bit childish to tell but I will anyway.

It was raining that day, just like it was every time we met.

It was only drizzling and I loved the feel of it on my skin. That was probably what kept me practicing on the soccer field during a drizzle. I was alone then, just like always. My teammates had gone home first and I was left to clean the field of the soccer balls and practice a bit more. It was getting a bit dark and that was the first of the many times I saw him.

He was just standing there, staring at me, a smile on his lips. How odd, I thought as I kicked a ball around before I aiming it to the net, that a male in white would be standing at a soccer field watching a girl practice. In my experience, most of the male student body who saw me play always looked at me with freezing contempt, snobbish eyes, treated me with hostility or just plain said, "I can do better than that!". But he wasn't doing any of those.

He was smiling, in fact. I stopped for a minute and looked at him. He acknowledged me by waving his hand. On impulse, I waved back. Whatever the reason, I guess he took it as invitation to come over the soccer field and talk to me.

He only had time to say his name when my friend, Miku-chan, called from her cellular phone. I answered it quickly and without letting him finish and with a final wave, I ran away.

I didn't know why I did what I did but my intuition told me that if I didn't, I would face a horror more than what I faced in my everyday life. And this time, that gut-feeling I had every time that something really bad was going to happen when I met him was stronger. I sighed quietly under my breath.

He looked at me and spoke.

"What's wrong, Sakura-chan? Is something the matter?" he asked, his voice dripping with concern. I vaguely wondered if it was real or fake.

I considered telling him that nothing was the matter but then he'd pry the truth out of me just by looking at me in the eyes. Again, it surprised me how he could compel me to tell my life story even though we've hardly had a decent conversation.

"Nothing really. I just feel… uncomfortable. I'm rarely with anyone and it makes me uneasy, especially when I'm with a stranger." I replied. I chose my words carefully. I can't have him prying more into my life than he ought to. It was unethical and unhealthy.

He pouted and for a moment I thought he looked adorable. But only for a moment. I saw a glint deep in his eyes and I looked away, afraid that he might notice I could actually see underneath his façade.

"I'm a stranger?" he asked in a child's pouting voice.

"Er, sort of. I don't know who exactly you are but you see to know everything there it to know about me. How am I supposed to figure that out?" I meant that lightly. I didn't even know what or why I said that. I just did. I could have bitten my tongue for asking when I heard his reply.

"You don't need to."

I stopped in my steps when I heard the undercurrent in his voice. What was it? I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactlybut it was something… sinister and dangerous. Like what his aura is emanating.

'Who are you?" I asked in a whisper. He merely smiled. I looked around and saw that we were alone. No one was around. Probably because I lived on the other end of the city that people rarely visited, there was no one walking in the rain. Suddenly, he bent his head to mine. I froze. Was he… going to kiss me? I gripped my bag in my hand tightly. It was filled with heavy books and I could no doubt hit him to render him unconscious. But instead, he said.

"I am Byakuran. I travel through time and space. I've known you since the day of your birth. I've met you in the different universes that I have conquered. I recognize your talent. I want you to become a part of my family, my ally. Your power will be essential to achieve my goals and to keep you from the hands of my adversaries. I'm not asking you to join me; I want you to make a choice. Lead your boring life as it is, or join me in my world of excitement." He drew back. I blinked at him.

Was this man insane? What was he talking about? Talent? I don't have one. I may be good in writing stories, in playing the violin and in soccer but other than that, I just plain sucked. Who was he kidding? Sure, I excelled in my studies, won a few competitions related to academics but there were a lot others who could do better than I did. He wanted me to join him. And how on earth did he find out about my constant feelings of boredom? That I felt there was a lot more going on in the background than what I perceived? And he had already met me before?

I was getting confused. Was he for real? Before I could have had a chance to speak, he started to walk away.

"I'll be waiting for your answer! Don't take too long though. I only have enough time. See you later!" he called as he walked away. I stared after him and shook my head. I started for home. What a lunatic…

I walked in class the next day, feeling bored and tired. The strain of the soccer practice yesterday was still in effect and I was still limping. Again, I noticed the empty seats in class. Sasagawa Kyoko, Sawada Tsunayoshi, the baseball nut Yamamoto Takeshi and that unbelievably smart Gokudera Hayato were still absent. The kids that followed Tsunayoshi were missing too.

I wondered where they all went, I thought as I sat down. It couldn't be possible that they were ditching school just for the fun of it. I was friends with Kyoko though we weren't close and I sometimes helped Yamamoto with his assignments whenever we were paired together for projects and I knew that they weren't the kind of people to just ditch class. It wouldn't have been suspicious, had it only been Gokudera and Tsunayoshi since Gokudera worshipped and followed Tsunayoshi but with Kyoko and Yamamoto gone, everything seemed different. I smiled a bit. Well, it wasn't my problem. Now maybe I was finally going to be able to eat lunch at my coveted spot: the rooftop.

Call me crazy, but I just loved the fresh open air. I used to eat there alone all the time whenever the trio, Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto and Gokudera, weren't there but ever since they started to hang out together for some strange reason, they've coincidentally chosen to eat there every time. It kind of irritated me but I just let it go. That Sawada kid needed friends since he was always alone. It was good to find out that he had finally been able to find friends on his own.

We had been classmates since elementary but I doubted if he noticed, Sawada and I. He was always off in his own world and I used to watch him when no one was which was always. His personality intrigued me. I knew he was a kind person though he was a coward but I knew he contained some kind of hidden courage underneath all that cowardice.

Funny that even if we didn't know each other I've always regarded him with some sort of revered respect and never insulted his inabilities like the rest of our classmates.

I guess I just knew a person's special talent by being and observing them long enough. That sounds like bragging though…

The bell rang, signaling for lunch. A few of my classmates invited me to join them but I declined with a smile and 'thank you'. I noticed Kurokawa-san sitting glumly by herself so I made it a point to say something nice to her.

As I walked out of the classroom, I stopped beside her and said, "If you're worrying about Kyoko-san, I'm sure she's fine. She is with Sawada after all. She'll be fine. You'll see her again soon." With a reassuring smile. She stared at me, utterly surprised.

"Wh-what are you talking about? Do you know something?" she asked in surprise. I shook my head.

"No. It's just intuition. Don't you find it odd that Sawada, Yamamoto, Gokudera and she are missing all at the same time? Anyway, don't look so glum. I'm sure she misses you too, wherever she is. 'Bye then!" I said with a wave and a smile and left the classroom. I wasn't quite sure if my words had any effect on her but I caught a glimpse of her face break out in relief. I smiled to myself.

I always had that effect on people. They always said that my presence alone was comforting and assuring. Maybe that was why we always won the soccer matches but then, I'm not sure. I climbed the stairs leading to the rooftop, feeling better with each step. I then realized how long it exactly was since I had last visited the rooftop. My smile grew wider.

Bright sunlight greeted me as soon as I stepped on the rooftop and I absorbed all its warmth. There was no sign of yesterday's rain, just a bright clear blue sky overhead. I stretched my arms and I yawned. I was still sleepy as I didn't sleep much from last night because I had to study and Byakuran's message bothered me bit. I sighed. The more I thought about his message, the more confusing it meant. I knew what he meant but what puzzled me was his intent. Why me? Why was I the only one chosen? There were a lot other students who were more competent and capable than I was. Yamamoto had perfect reflexes. Sawada alone was powerful enough and Gokudera was also fearsome. But why me? Then a thought occurred to me.

The disappearance of Kyoko, Sawada, Gokudera, Yamamoto, the children… Byakuran's appearance and odd message… Could they be connected? He did say that he had conquered other universes, traveled through time and space and had even met me before.

Was he hinting at an alternate universe?

I creased my forehead in thought. Lunch forgotten, I began to theorize about the possible meaning of all these occurrences. That child who wore a suit and was always with Sawada… Somehow he had started the ball rolling. And now here I was, about to be involved. Was it worth it, though? The danger. I anticipated that. But what exactly was going on? I could dismiss the child easily as something else entirely but what Byakuran had said… That was the disturbing part. Time, space, universe… The three words swirled through my head, making me dizzy. I groaned.

"Aahhh!!! What did I get myself into now? What does it mean?" I said aloud to no one in particular. Then realization dawned on me the same time someone's eyelids fluttered open in annoyance.

Time travel! Byakuran could time travel! That was the secret. In my elation, I shouted aloud.

"Time travel! That's why they're all missing." I said in glee. I turned around to run downstairs but was met by a figure. I clutched my bento box tightly. He looked very irritated and very murderous. I gulped mentally.

I had totally forgotten that the rooftop was also Hibari Kyouya's, the head of the Disciplinary Committee, favorite sleeping place and haunt. How inconvenient. Apparently, I had woken him from a nap and now he was out to bite me to death. I stood my ground. He may be the scariest person in Namimori but I would not back down.

"You disturbed my sleep, herbivore." He said in a monotone voice.

"Gomenasai. I didn't know. I'm really sorry for disturbing you." I replied respectfully. He took out his tonfa and took a ready stance.

"I'll bite you to death for that." He said and ran towards me. I sighed in aggravation. I knew he'd say that. With my sprain, I wouldn't be able to fight him at my usual strength. I got ready for his attack.

I had a bit of a scuffle with Hibari a while back so he had a sort of grudge against me and we were acquainted, if you could call me being one of the people in his hit list that.

We were playing soccer and a teammate of mine accidentally kicked him with a soccer ball. It wasn't that hard though but then, anything pissed him off even after we'd apologized. I saw my teammate, Sasuke, the one who had accidentally a soccer ball at him, now shaking in fear. An unexplainable anger surged through me and just as he was about to attack him, I stepped in. I held his wrist and said in the most amiable voice I could manage, "Senpai, he's already said he's sorry. What more do you want? It was just an accident. Please leave him alone." He turned to me to attack but I evaded it just in time. He ran forward to land a series of attacks but I was able to evade them all. My classmates were cheering me on but a look from Hibari sent them away. Only the soccer team remained. They all looked uneasy and afraid. Then, for an unexplainable reason, he drew back. He left without a word to my immense relief and puzzlement.

Now though, it looked as if he was here to settle the score.

I was able to evade his attack but my reaction time was too slow so I got nipped on my wrist. Holding my wrist, I limped accidentally when I tried to take a step and he seemed to notice. He looked at my bandaged foot and then at me. Then, he returned his tonfa and walked towards the door. On impulse, I called to him.

"Hey! Aren't you going to kill me?" I asked. He looked back and said simply.

"I don't want to fight an injured herbivore." And walked away. I stared after him. But just as he reached the door, it opened, revealing a blond male. He looked foreign.

"Hey, there, Kyouya! Can we talk?" he asked. The foreigner looked cute. Then his attention turned to me. "Ah, you have a girlfriend!" he said in a teasing way. I paled. I waited for his murderous reaction.

"That herbivore is not my 'girlfriend'." He said in a cold voice. I flinched. Somehow, that managed to hurt. "A herbivore like her could never be and I'm not interested." He added.

"Same here." I said for emphasis. The blond raised his eyebrows.

"Really? I heard that she was the only female to be able to completely dodge your attacks." He said. In an instant, Hibari drew out his tonfa again and pressed it to his throat. I bent my legs to assist the blond if needed even though I was incapable myself. He surprised me when he used a hand to push Hibari's tonfa away and went past him to me. He was smiling, oblivious to Hiabari's thundering rage or was just used to it. He approached me with a smile.

"Hey there! I'm Dino." He said, extending his hand for a shake. I took it awkwardly, more used to a formal bow.

"I'm Hitako Sakura but you can call me Sakura-chan. It's nice to meet you!" I said with bow. He smiled.

"You're polite. My student Hibari could learn a thing or two from you." He said. My eyes widened. They were actually related? And he was Hibari's teacher? Then I looked over his shoulder and noticed Hibari leaning against the wall beside another man, presumably Dino-san's companion. I was surprised that he actually stayed. Dino's voice brought my attention back to him.

"You're injured." He said pointing to my sprained, bandaged foot.

"Oh, it's nothing really! I kind of twisted it in a soccer match. I was just clumsy." I said, trying to make light of it.

"Soccer? Then you must be Nami-chu's new raising soccer star, Hitako Sakura! You must the one that's being reported in the news today. I heard you could probably match Yamamoto Takeshi." He said in an awed voice.

"N-no! Of course not. I still have a lot more to catch up on. Sumimasen! I have to go now." I said and quickly fled downstairs, wincing in pain because of my sprain.

Dino laughed. "What a curious child!" he commented. Hibari walked towards him.

"What do you want to talk about? Make it quick. I want to go back to sleep." He said irritably. Dino then turned serious.

"I haven't heard from Reborn-san for a while now and Tsuna's missing along with Haru, Sasagawa's younger sister, Yamamoto and Gokudera. I-pin and Lambo are also missing. I was wondering if you'd know where they went." He said.

"How should I know? I don't have a responsibility to keep an eye out for those herbivores." Hibari replied. He raised his tonfa and Dino sighed and took out his whip.

"Yare, yare, Kyouya-kun. You really never change." He said as they charged forward.

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