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Home--- it's a word that generally has a deep meaning for many people. It was the reason that Scarlett Carsley found herself on a plane heading steadily for Washington. After ten long years she was finally going home to the one and only place she had ever considered home--- the one place she'd ever been truly happy. The thought brought a pause to the steady skilled strokes of her pencil on the paper of the sketch book she held in her hand. With emerald eyes she glanced out at clouds passing by allowing herself to be lost in the memories.

It was strange to think that it had been a mere ten years since her family had moved to New York. Ten years ago was when all the pain and misery had begun. When her father received a promotion he'd been unable to pass on the opportunity and so her father, her mother and herself moved to New York with the hopes of beginning a new life. Unfortunately, barely year after the move her father died after being hit by a drunk driver on his way home from work. Her mother couldn't handle the loss. Scarlett was well aware that the only thing that kept her going over the years that followed was Scarlett. Although she never showed it Scarlett knew that her mother was constantly overcome with sorrow. Most nights she could hear her mother crying in her room when she thought no one was around to hear.

In order to be with her mother and to help out around the house Scarlett spent a lot of time at home leaving with only a few close friends as a result. She never minded. When she was thirteen the depression finally began to take its effect of her mother and she fell ill. During those years as her mother began to waste away she would spend as much time as possible with her often drawing and painting for her. In those dark days her mother would tell her that her that Scarlett herself and the paintings and sketches she made for her were the only rays of sunshine in an otherwise dreary world. Eventually her mother finally gave into the illness.

The dark memories swirled in her mind sending a pang of pain through her heart. A month ago she might have cried but her tears had long since dried up. The devastation had worn away as she came to realize that it was for the best. Now, her mother was free from all the pain and misery that she had lived with for nearly nine years. Scarlett knew that neither of her parents would've wanted her to wallow in the same misery. They would've much rather have her move on and be free from the darkness that had clouded their lives for so long--- to finally find true happiness.

Now she was finally going home where she'd live with her mother's sister and her son. She was finally going back to La Push--- the only place she could ever think of as home. The thought of returning the place where her family had been happy she couldn't help but smile. She found herself wondering how La Push might have changed in the ten years since leaving or how much all the friends and family she'd left had changed. With her lips still curved in a smile Scarlett turned her attention from the passing clouds outside the window back to her sketch book. When she looked down at the paper she felt a sudden pang of annoyance at the familiar boyish features and deep eyes that stared back at her. Annoyed she flipped the sketch book shut and carelessly through it back into her battered denim messenger bag.

Hopefully some things--- some people--- had changed more than others.