Iltinis Jarnhand. That was his name. His look though... wasn't really his own, completely. It was the look that one annoying blue blur had had when he had had part of Dark Gaia's energy in him. Whee.... everyone likes a werehog don't they? They are SO original of course. Not. Iltinis Jarnhand understood that the idea of a werehog was redundant. He knew that werewolves are humans who turn into wolves or wolf-like creatures on nights of the full moon. And a werehog should have been a human turning into a hedgehog or hedgehog-like creature at night.

Not an anthropomorphic hedgehog turning weird. Unfortunately though, he was stuck in this form. And even though he knew this much... he was still confused. Ripped from Sonic's body, then catapulted out of Dark Gaia's not too long afterwards. It was so confusing to the poor creature who was now a werehog by night or day. And this had caused him to firmly believe that Sonic was evil.

Why? He had no idea. He just knew Sonic was evil, and that was the end of it. Speaking of Sonic... Iltinis had the distinct impression that Sonic was somewhere nearby. And so the creature opened his eyes (his own eyes, not Sonic's) for the first time. The world looked like it was tinted blue, with things that actually were blue showing up a little more vividly than other things. And rolling onto his side he saw...... oh no. Iltinis scrambled upright and darted backwards. Water.

He knew he could swim, but it was water... he shuddered. Here was another thing to blame Sonic for. This fright of water. He slowly reached out one clawed hand and dipped a claw in. A ripple spread outwards from where he had touched the water. He heard a scream and looked up to see a seal swimming away as fast as she could. Iltinis understood without having to be told that he was the reason the seal was frightened. "Wait..." His voice was a low one, powerful, with a bit of a growl to it.

But the seal was already gone. Iltinis retreated under the shadow of the trees, as if the sunlight was suddenly burning him. For a moment under the trees he heard a voice that was strangely familiar saying asking if he wanted some chocolate, but when he looked, no one was there. And for some reason this made him feel lonely. He paused in his running (strange running it was too, he was using his hands to run as well) and howled up at the morning sun.


That same day, Sonic had finally agreed to go get some ice cream with Amy at least. She wasn't insisting on calling it a date, but she was just as happy as she would have been if he had called it one. "So Sonic, what's your favorite flavor?" She asked him. He shrugged.

"Chocolate I guess." He said, a brief memory of Chip (who actually turned out to be Light Gaia) went through his head. The bracelet around his wrist, that had once been around Chip's neck, seemed to brighten in the sunlight.

"Mine's raspberry, and maybe bubble gum." Said Amy, smiling. Sonic gave her a halfhearted smile, his mind was now elsewhere. Amy's smile slowly slipped off her face as she realized that. She gently touched his arm. "Did you want me to get the ice cream so you can think for a bit?" Sonic nodded, looking at the water by the city they were at. Then he felt it, a familiar presence, somewhere near. But he couldn't place it.

Then he heard a howl in the distance. Amy had come back with their ice cream remarkably fast, so she was with Sonic when he heard it. "What was that?" She asked nervously.

"I don't know, why don't we check after we finish our ice cream?" The blue blur suggested this before he started licking the ice cream cone Amy had brought for him. She nodded.

"Sure." She started on her raspberry ice cream, staring out in the direction the howl had come from.


Somewhere safe, that's what Iltinis needed. Somewhere that wasn't easy to find. Of course, that meant that it would be hard to find it himself the first time. After what seemed like ages to him (mainly because something told him to get rid of his tracks as he went) he found a rather nice cave that was hard to climb up to. Not so hard for him though, he just dug his claws into any cracks he found, and the spikes on his shoes straight into the rocks, and he could go straight up, without having to take the winding path that would have led up to it otherwise.

Once he was safe inside the small cave he curled up near the back, his ears twitching occasionally, and fell asleep. But he was a light sleeper, he'd wake up if he heard someone on the path near the cave. He wouldn't be taken by surprise.


"Where were you Sonic?" Asked Tails, when Sonic and Amy got back.

"We were looking around the forest, we heard howling and decided to check it out."

"Did you find anything?" Asked Knuckles.

"No." Said Amy. "I think we should look again tomorrow."

"Why tomorrow?" Asked Sonic, grinning mischievously. "Why not tonight?" Tails laughed while Knuckles rolled his eyes.

"Sure Sonic, I'll get some night vision goggles for us."

"Who says I'm coming?" Asked Knuckles.

"If you don't come, you're a chicken." Said Sonic, smirking. Knuckles gritted his teeth.

"I am not a chicken."

"Then come." Knuckles sighed.

"Fine, but if anything happens it's totally your fault."


Night time. It was much safer now. He ventured out of his cave and into the forest. Then, past that, into the town. He blinked and looked around. He could hear the sounds of sleeping people. Yes, night time was much safer, and for the people too. They wouldn't have to see him this way.

Tails had put heat scanners into the night vision goggles, and had happened to be looking Iltinis's way when he entered the town. Tails's eyes widened and he glanced over to where Sonic and Amy where talking, then back at where Iltinis was. How in the world was this possible? Had someone else become a werehog as well...? Meanwhile, Iltinis had noticed Sonic and Amy. His eyes widened slightly and a low rumble started in his chest, ascending and finally settling in the back of his throat.

Sonic and Amy looked around. Then, Iltinis sprang, snarling, at Sonic. Sonic yelped as the creature somehow managed to dislocate his shoulder. Iltinis's claws left some deep gouges on Sonic's side. Iltinis had also bitten the hedgehog's shoulder. Then he turned to Amy, his fangs still dripping. Amy didn't have time to scream before Iltinis swept her into his arms and bounded away, one of his arms stretching so his hand could grab a tree branch. In seconds, all was silent.

Tails and Knuckles rushed over to Sonic. "Are you okay?" Knuckles asked as he fixed Sonic's arm. The hedgehog yelped as the echidna's gloves brushed his wounded side.

"Y... yeah..... where's Amy...?" Then the hedgehog passed out.


Amy had screamed once, then fallen silent. Her fear was now of the more quiet type, she had seen what Iltinis had done to Sonic, what if he was going to eat her? When they arrived back at Iltinis's cave, he gently put her down. She ran to the mouth of the cave and looked to see if there was a way for her to escape. Her kidnapper's hand took hold of one of her wrists. "Careful, you might fall."

She was surprised, not just by the words, but by the sound and tone of his voice. His voice didn't sound as harsh as she had expected. To her ears it was rather nice. And the tone of his voice was one of concern. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"You kidnapped me!" Was the first thing that Amy could say, and it was said in an embarrassingly shrill voice. She sounded panicky, Amy hated sounding panicky. Iltinis blinked.

"I rescued you." He said simply.

"Rescued me? From what?!" Amy was about to continue ranting and add that he had injured poor Sonic, but Iltinis replied before she could.

"I rescued you from Sonic." She stared at him, her jaw hanging open. Iltinis busied himself with putting some leaves together in a sort of nest-like structure for her to sleep in while she processed what he had said.

"You rescued me from Sonic....? I didn't need to be rescued from him! Whatever gave you the thought that you needed to?"

"He's evil." Said Iltinis, growling slightly.

"No he isn't! I'm going to marry him someday and...."

"... and it'll be a dark day if you do." He growled, then something occurred to him. "Why aren't you scared of me?"

"Scared of you?" Iltinis suddenly became shy. He nodded. "Why on Earth would I be scared of you?"

"Well... I saw someone this morning and they were scared of me. I thought everyone would be." Amy couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

"I don't know why you don't scare me at the moment. You did scare me though when you had blood on your fangs." Iltinis went red.

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to frighten you. I just wanted to make sure he couldn't follow us. I went a little too far I think..." Before Amy could start saying he had gone way too far, Iltinis tugged her towards the nest. "Go to sleep now, you aren't nocturnal so you need your rest." Amy was on the nest before she could protest, and once she was on it she was so comfortable....

"What's your name anyway? I'm Amy Rose...." She said, yawning and blinking to stay awake.

"Iltinis Jarnhand."

"What's that supposed to mean....?"

"Fang Ironhand." Said Iltinis, watching with interest as she nodded and fell asleep.

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