The Kitsune and The Acrobat
NarutoxTy Lee


Story Start

It was another hot and sunny day on the vacation paradise known as Ember Islands. It was a simple mini-vacation. Fire Lord Ozai wanted to meet with his advisers alone so the four fire nations teens were sent to Ember Islands.

So there went the four teenagers. Zuko and Azula, the off spring of the sadistic and sociopathic Fire Lord. Both Fire Benders, both royalty, yet were noticeably different as the former more or less took after their mother then latter who was molded into a successor by their father. Mai, controlled, unfeeling, more or less a girl who was Ty Lee's opposite.

Ty Lee, the ever free spirited young girl found herself enjoying this small change of pace. The chance to relax and have some fun. Out of the four companions war suited her the least. She wasn't a ruthless manipulator or a cold blooded manipulator. Though she was no fool as to what happened to those who speak up against the war. The sooner the Fire Nation took over the sooner all the deaths and pain would end or at least as she chose to see it.

It's been a few years since she had been to the beach. Being apart of a traveling surface didn't give one too many chances to come to the beach. So laying on her beach towel Ty Lee decided to get a bit of a tan. Being an Acrobat she was naturally flexible. Doing the various tricks left her with a well tone body and nice proportions for her age. A bit on the bubbly side Ty Lee naturally didn't notice the leer of males her age and some cases much older or the jealous glares from girlfriends of said guys or girls with under developed figures. The brown haired girl had the life of the party sort of glow.

All and all Ty Lee way of living life was to make as many friends as possible, make people smile, and have fun. Something that stemmed from a lack of attention from her childhood, Right now she was trying to have fun, but unfortunately some people's methods of fun weren't always good young girl was increasingly becoming aware of the attention she brought on. She was currently wearing a white two piece bathing suit and white skirt. Something that was used as a conversation starter as a young male, maybe 19 or 20 with short black hair and bit on the muscle sized kept taking glances at, or the assets behind them. For some reason he took to pestering her despite her attempts to get him to leave her alone.

''No really I'm fine,'' She said trying to let the guy off easy. Why couldn't he be like that nice boy from before that helped her with her things or the ones who played volleyball with her and the others.

''Hey cutie why fight what's destined. I could send you straight to heaven if you come with me.'' He reached out to her but Ty Lee rolled backwards and sprouted to her feet.

''I...I have to go.'' She started to move when he grabbed her wrist.

''Now where do you think your going? You didn't even give me a kiss.''

Before she could retaliate a firm voice replied, ''The girl said she wasn't interested. Now maybe you should let her go before you get hurt!'' The tone was not only quite firm but powerful as well. Both Ty Lee and the man turned to see someone her age, maybe a little older. He was a few inches taller then her, but an inch or two short of the other guy. His skin was lightly tanned and radiated under the warm of the sun. His eyes were a light blue, a cerulean blue and he was well built. His hair was short, spiky, but well kept as it's yellow was a shade or two darker then being sun kissed. On each cheek he had three whiskers which in itself was a called for speculation.

''Oh yeah punk and wha...'' He didn't even finish as he dropped to the ground unconscious. The Energetic and bubbly girl let out a gasp at the display of speed. She hardly caught his movement, but she did know that despite being precise the movement was restraint. All she saw was a flash of gold and black, the latter because her mysterious savior wore black swim trunks.

''Are you okay?'' He asked turning to her as Ty Lee nodded, blushing a bit. '' name is Ty Lee what's yours?'' She asked twirling a bit of her hair with her fingers. Those who knew Ty Lee wouldn't be surprised at the sight. The free spirited girl after all was a bit of a flirt.

''Naruto...Naruto Uzumaki. He won't be bothering you anymore.''

''So you must be here on vacation?''

''That I am. Hey it was nice meeting you Ty Lee but I have something important to take care of. Maybe I'll catch you later.'' He said as he waved goodbye and continued upwards from the beach area towards one of the vacation houses.

Ty Lee waved goodbye and pouted that the cute blond she just met was already on his way. After spending the rest of the day trying to find clues on a Naruto Uzumaki, who most have never heard of Ty Lee gave up. Maybe the party would get her mind off things. During the course of her 'investigation' the four fire nation teens were invited to a party by some kid whose dad was an admiral, or so be boasted.

Ty Lee simply loved parties for their atmosphere and friendly people. She liked meeting new people and the dancing. Just like any other party Ty Lee danced, she socialized, she had fun. Unfortunately for her the care-free and flirty nature caused her to be back into a corner as several guys wanted to dance with her and wanted to dance with her. They were all arguing about who she preferred and being the type of person she was she let out the first thing that came to mind as not to hurt any of their feelings.

"Look, it doesn't matter who I met first 'cause I like you all." She smiled sweetly, her arms spread out. She was unable to get away with this, though, as one of the ones gathered pressed. "Well which one of us do you 'like' the most?" A couple others piped in, "Yeah."

"Tell us!'' One of the hormonal boys demanding.

Panicking as she brought her hands up to herself and looking around at them, Ty Lee spoke again, "I don't know! I don't...'' This was something completely new. First was the situation at the beach and now this. Ty Lee wouldn't be able to talk herself out of this. Why was this happening all of a sudden?

''Ty Lee there you are!'' Shouted a familiar voice as he pushed a couple of the guys aside.

Her eyes light up as once again Naruto came to her rescue
''...And you are?'' Growled one of the guys.

The blond whiskered face teen rose an eyebrow. ''Her Boyfriend,'' He said as he moved next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. He subtly whispered into her ear, 'Play along.'

Ty Lee fought the urge to shudder and nodded. ''I've been waiting for you! Where were you?'' She asked, the statements rolling off her tongue with surprisingly much ease.

''I couldn't find my sandals. Though I see you're causing trouble again. I swear you could be a little show off sometimes,'' he replied as he kissed her cheek. Ty lee felt her body heat up like never before. An unfamiliar sensation coursed through her body and it all increased as he wrapped his arm around her waist. ''Let's go shall we...''

One of the guys stepped forward and another stopped him. ''Dude don't do it. That's the Blond Maelstrom man.''

''Yeah and?''

''Didn't you hear the rumors? He's some kind of child prodigy. Some Martial Arts Pro. No chicks worth fighting him over.''

Naruto led her to the balcony outside where they could get some privacy.

'' saved me again.''

''I saw you were getting overwhelmed back there. ''

''So you were watching me?'' She asked with a mischievous grin batting her eyes.

Naruto let out a small laugh. ''Of course...hard not to watch the most beautiful girl at the party,'' He said causing her to blush lightly. ''I didn't think I meet you here actually...'' He said as Ty Lee adorned a look of confusion.


''I saw a couple of your performances. With the circus. I was a big fan of your act. The way you were, so graceful like the wind. I actually have an affinity with Wind , but with this war and all I haven't been able to sufficiently express myself lately. Wouldn't want to be accidentally be mistaken for the Avatar using some wind based practices from an ancient culture. Though one thing always struck me curious. What made a young girl like you join the circus?''

''What about you...I don't know anything about you at all?''

''Well my name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are Ramen, girls with long hair, and being free like the wind. My dislikes are snobs, arrogant people, and those who thrive off the suffering from others. My hobbies, hhm I don't have any and as for my Dream you'll probably just laugh,'' He finished with a grin as Ty Lee giggled.

''No I won't...promise?''

'' own my own chain of Ramen restaurants.''

Ty Lee snorted as she held back her laughter. After she calmed down she gave her own introduction. ''My name is Ty Lee. My likes are animals, performing tricks, and air acrobatics. My dislikes are mean people, and those who abuse animals. My hobbies are practicing my Chi Blocking and acrobatics and my dream...well it doesn't matter now.''

''Huh? Why not...come on I told you mine.''

''Well...'' She sighed. ''Before I went to the circus I grew up in a home with six sisters. We all looked exactly alike,'' She started to tear up. ''I didn't even have my own name. I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least, I'm different now.''

Naruto grasped her hand. ''I see...that explains earlier. You were starved for attention as a kid and you do what you do for attention. I understand Ty Lee. I understand.''

''In what way do you mean?''

''I was an orphan and let's just say because of something my father did the people of my home hated me. They treated me like a plague, a monster yet I was so starved for attention I misbehaved and pull pranks. I guess its the reason why I persistently but into everything. Both of us try to make for it in our own way I guess. You see this black and red outfit. Imagine it all bright orange and a little kid running around screaming 'Believe It!''

Ty Lee couldn't help but giggle at the image.

''Hey why don't you come with me back to my place for a bit.''

''I...I don't know...what about my friends?''

''Tell them where you'll be going. I'm sure they won't mind.''


The two of them then traveled to the little beach house that Naruto owned. The two of them were chatting and asking one another questions. ''Ok I got another question.''

''Is this another my hair?'' Apparently in this world and time period blonds didn't exist. No matter where he went people seemed to stare. At least it momentarily took the attention away from his asking.

''No actually I was wondering if I know. Touch your whiskers.''

''Sure go ahead...'' He said as the girl appeared right next to him.

"Really?" she giggled a centimeter from his nose.

''Go ahead...'' He said as Ty Lee lightly stroke them with child like curiosity. Naruto started to purr which caused her to giggle.

''Wow...these are sensitive huh?'' She asked pressing her bust against Naruto's chest.

''Y-Yeah...'' he began but was cut off as she mashed her lips into his while pressing her tongue into his mouth in a strong and impassioned kiss. The kiss broke as both were panting lightly.

''S-Sorry...I couldn't help myself.''

''It's okay...'' He said a smile pursed his lips. ''Let me go make some tea.'' He said suddenly as he got up and went to the kitchen. Ty Lee waited for him, looking around the room in the mean time. It was the kind of room you expected from a summer home. Decent size, comfortable, not too many trinkets, pictures, or objects that would identify a person beyond their vacation days.

Naruto set down the trey, making a slight clack drawing Ty Lee's attention. She was quite surprised she drifted off. She was sure she didn't spend that much time studying the room.

The steam emitted from their cups gave a slight warmness to the chilly night air that replaced today's warm vibrant glow that blanketed the island when the sun was out. Ty Lee found herself edging closer to Naruto, her heart beat picking up. The attraction between them was as clear as day. His warmth, was drawing her to him like a bug to a light source.

Naruto's hand found it's way to her waist causing her to shiver slightly. ''Your cold. I can feel it.'' He said as Ty Lee continued to shiver. Naruto moved closer and held her tight as she began to relax. The contact of their bodies seemed to relax her.

''Did you mean what you said? At the party?'' For the first time Ty Lee felt uncertain of herself. She felt so small in this guy's arm.

'' are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on.'' He said as his finger trailed up and down her side.

''Then please...kiss me.'' The words left her mouth as she looked up into his eyes. Trying to see if she could just who he was through his eyes. His lips pressed against hers as she melted into the kiss. A please smile dance upon her face as she kissed back. Her arms wrapping around his mid-rift. There tongues met as Naruto softly nibbled on her upper lip.

Ty Lee's heart raced like it had never before and she could have fainted from the ecstatic state she entered.

Naruto could smell her arousal and he was beginning to get dizzy. ''Its okay Ty Lee...'' Naruto leaned over and kissed her pulling her into his lap. The two of them started to kiss passionately and the room began to get heated.

''I've never...done this before,'' She moaned as Naruto's hand traveled down her back giving her ass a squeeze.

''So why now?'' He asked as he nibbled on his chin.

''I don't know...I feel so peaceful here with you. I don't want that feeling to go away. I just want to be with you even if its for tonight. I just can't explain it.'' She said as she started grinding into the arousal in his pants.

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The intense love making ended with Ty Lee resting peacefully on his chest.


''I know...'' Naruto agreed as they simply held each other and drifted off to sleep.

The morning after came and the two of them woke up and enjoyed breakfast at a cafe.''I want you to have this,'' Naruto said placing a green crystal in Ty Lee's hand. It was an unusual looking jewel, beyond anything Ty Lee had seen before.

'''s so beautiful.'' Ty Lee said in awe as her heart began to fluttering.

'Keep this close to your heart. Meet me back here one year from now ok.''

''But the war...''

''Something tells me it'll be over by then. I'll be waiting for you my Acrobat.'' He said kissing her one last passionate kiss before they parted ways. Ty Lee held the crystal to her heart and made a silent vow to come back a year from now. Until then she had a place she needed to be.