The Kitsune and The Acrobat
NarutoxTy Lee

Story Start

It had been a year and at last the century long war was over. Ozai had been dethroned and his Son, the New Fire Lord Zuko had taken up to the throne. Relations between the four nations had slowly been improving, but their was still much hostility and distrust of the Fire Nation from the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom. It would take more then a year to undo a century of war, slavery, kidnapping, murder, genocide, thievery, and untold list of crime the Fire Benders committed against the other two nations.

The greatest crime which could never be undone. The complete Genocide of the Air Nomads. In a couple of centuries or so unless the Avatar and whoever he chose went at it like rabbits and that mentality passed on to their children and their children's children the Air Nomads would cease from existent and the Avatar cycle would be broken.

Unfortunately the current Avatar was an Air Nomads and since Monks were known for forsaken such earthly attachments like relationships the idea of a Harem was out of the question. Even then that posed another problem. Normal people probably wouldn't give birth to spiritually strong benders in a level necessary for an Avatar and not to mention that relations between two different benders often stifled the bender power of a child.

A child with a parent from an Earth and Water bending background would have difficulty trying to bend an element because of the two conflicting philosophies. And if that child turned out a bender in one element, the inevitability seeing as only the Avatar could bend more then one element; the disappointment and range of other emotions between that child and parent bond could cause conflict with that child's training.

So many thoughts came to Naruto's mind as he thought about how he could help this world. When he came to this world to start over life again anew when he felt that the current time period no longer needed a relic like him he never expected to come across a war torn world. When he arrived and learned of the situation he decided to observe and only step in if the world's guardian, the Avatar proved unable to. Sometimes he did miss the elemental nations, but they no longer needed his guidance. The Shinobi system had long since passed with technology becoming all the more rampant. Cities were being built and the beauty of nature was slowly disappearing. Naruto found himself unable to live in such a world where the beauty of nature was disappearing.

And that led him to the Four Nations. That led him to Ty Lee. She was different from any of the other girls he knew back then. She was beautiful, but it was more then that. She was a very cheerful and bright person, one who was free from the misery and sorrow brought on by the shinobi system of his world. She was a kind hearted individual who he could see himself enjoying life with. His ears twitched as he heard the sound of crunching sand reverberating through the night time sky of Ember Island's Beach.

At this time of night he was the only person on the beach.
He turned to his surprise came face to face with a Kysohi Warrior. She was definitely a Kyoshi Warrior, but something about her was familiar.

Out of nowhere the person leaped, hooking her arms around Naruto's neck. Naruto spun and ready to fend her off when her fingers pressed a couple points of his body. Shutting off several Tenketsu points and rendering him paralyzed. Naruto's first thought was the Hyuuga Gentle Fist style, but this was different. His body and not jut his chakra points was paralyzed from the soft strikes. He didn't want to risk tearing his Tenketsu points by forcing Chakra through.

"Who are you?" The blond demanded, but only receive a giggle from the girl. Almost immediately he recognized her. ''Ty Le...''

''That's right...'' She giggled again, kissing his cheek. ''Did you miss me?''

''Miss you? I thought of you damn near every day.''

''Hhm same here...'' She said giving him a soft peck on the lips. ''I've missed you, thought about you every day...''

''This is the hell could we have fallen so hard from a single meeting?''

''Maybe it was fate...I like to think so. You're aura is so warm, happy, and inviting. ''

''You're something else you know that? So why did you paralyze.''

''I've been thinking about you in more ways then one cutie.'' Ty Lee massaged Naruto's chest.''Hhm so strong and manly...'' She cooed as Naruto smirked.

''Ooh kinky...are you sure you can handle all this manliness?'' He tease as Ty Lee returned a rather predatory smirk.

''Let's just say I learned some interesting tactics from my Kyoshi sisters this past year. When I'm done you'll never want to leave the bedroom...'' She finished huskily as Naruto shivered. A slight stirring occurred in his pants.

Ty Lee poked her fingers into Naruto's knee joints, his legs and feet leaving them completely paralyzed. She then poked a few places in his torso only leaving mobility in his head and arms. Taking out a dagger Ty Lee sliced open his shirt despite the blond's protest about it being a nice shirt and quite expensive. She did the same with his pants and boxers.

Ty Lee leaned in and kissed him hard and started running her dangerous fingers through his golden blond hair. Naruto grabbed her hips and returned the kiss. The sensation had fired him up and he kissed her fervently as he removed her clothing, revealing she wore nothing underneath serving to further arousing him.

Naruto played with Ty Lee's large and plentiful bosom.

'''re going to enjoy this!'' She said taking his erection in one hand. Taking a single finger from her other she poked the tip, shaft, and base.

''Hey?'' Naruto cried out in panic at the sudden sensation. He was stiff as a bored but his chakra in that area ceased.

''Don't worry baby. You'll love this...'' (Had to be edited out. Unrated version on archiveofourown)

Crawling back over to Naruto she laid on top of him, grinding her satisfied opening against his aching crotch as he wrapped his arms around her.

Both laying their in sexual bliss as the light of the Moon shine down upon them. They had a hell of life together that would would begin starting tomorrow.