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Moanna burst into a clearing, her lungs screaming in her confining corset. She clawed the garment off hurriedly, and thew it to the ground.

She was a mess. Her hair that was once pinned up was now in tangles, full of leaves and twigs. Her shift was dirty and torn in several places. Her feet ached, and she had only been running for ten minutes. The very forest seemed to be conspiring against her. Roots would pop up to trip her constantly, and.....

She was loving it.

Her blood was pumping through her veins like it never had before. Adrenalin and excitement sent her whole body into shivers. She could feel herself burning, and she knew she was more then wet between her thighs.

Just then she could hear Pan howl into the night. Every time he did this she felt compelled to answer it, and now she was too far gone to resit the urge.

Throwing back her head, she sent her own cry into the night. It mingled with his own, desperate and pleading. As soon as it ceased she knew he was coming to her, following her call.

Moanna quickly scrambled behind a tree, so she could watch the clearing hidden behind it's massive trunk. She half expected the tree to move, but it didn't. It stayed still, letting her clutch at it's bark.

It didn't take long for Pan to burst into the clearing in a thunder of hooves, and the Princess had to remind herself to breath.

Pan was stunning.

His towing frame looked larger and more intimidating in the moonlight. His chest heaved, and his muscles twitched. His eyes glowed an iridescent blue as he looked into the surrounding darkness, but it was not his eyes that truly drew her gaze. It was the flesh between his legs. It stood proud and erect. Fully engorged and ready for her.

Moanna felt herself clench in response to the sight, and had stifled a whimper, biting her tongue.

Pan's eye honed in on her discarded corset, and he purred happily at the sight. Ears twitching, he breathed in the thick night air, searching for his mate's trail and found it easily. With a growl he looked straight at her. Saw her small face peaking out from behind a tree.

They both froze. Neither moved as they stared into each other's eyes.

Very slowly Pan started to lower himself into a crouch, and Moanna tensed. Ready to spring away at the slightest movement.

"Run!," Pan barked, and Moanna took off.

She ran for all that she was worth. Limbs pumping as fast as she could make them. Pan hot on her tail. His hooves thundering behind, spurring her on. The trees were moving freely now, lining themselves up tightly, so the Princess could only run in a straight line. The forest was leading her somewhere, and she knew better then not to follow.

Pan was just behind her, she could feel his huffing breaths on her neck. Feel his hands swipe at her shoulders, just missing her every time.

And then she fell.

Tripping over her own feet and into a moonlit clearing. She screamed instinctively, tumbling onto thick layers of grass. Pan fell behind her, grabbing her by the waist and rolling her with him, he slammed her into the grass, and was above her before she could blink.

With one thrust the faun entered her. Breaking through her maidenhead, and rocking her whole body.

Moanna screamed, as if he was killing her. Tears poured from her eyes at the sudden pain.

Pan froze, her cry bringing him to his senses, and breaking through his mating haze.

"No!," he howled in anguish, gathering her to him.

"No, Love, no," he whispered into her hair, his own tears falling.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, sitting up with her in his lap as she wept. Rocking her back and forth.

"No pain," he murmured fiercely, "no pain here."

He showered her face with kisses. Nuzzling into her hair, desperately trying to sooth the hurt he had caused. He told her of her beauty, of his love for her. Begged her to forgive him. Stayed as still as possible in her, so she could adjust, and slowly she stopped weeping.

Relieved, the Faun simply rocked her. Whispering endearments in long dead languages to her, hoping he could fix this.

But he didn't have too.

Sniffling, Moanna gave an experimental thrust in his lap. Making Pan moan, and close his eyes in pleasure. The pain was gone, and just to be sure she did it again. Thrusting against him gently.

With care this time, Pan laid the Princess back on the grass. Hovering above her. Hesitant of crushing her with his weight, and began to thrust slowly in and out of her.

In easy, measured glides he filled her. Letting her take his length at her leisure. Ignoring the howling voice in the back of his head telling him to dominate her. This was her first time. It wasn't about him it was about her, and Pan would be damned before he hurt his Mate like that again.

Beneath him Moanna panted, as new sensations surrounded her. She could smell him as he moved above her slowly. Filling her with every inch of him, over and over, at a steady pace. His blond hair fell over his shoulders on to her. Curtaining her face and tickling her breasts, as he hunched forward. Surrounding her in a halo of gold.

He was watching her face intently, making sure there was no pain.

Moanna reached for him, as he stared down at her. Grabbing his horns, and pulling him to her. She kissed him hard, and Pan groaned, his hips snapping on reflex.

She cried out and Pan froze again, not wanting to hurt her.

"No, do it again," she hissed, grabbing his ears and tugging on them.

Pan complied, slamming in to her again. Recognizing her cry of joy this time.

He did it again, purring when her hands came up to grip his shoulders. Another hard thrust sent her nails into his flesh, and then Pan let loose.

Slamming into her hard and fast, like his instincts told him too.

Rocking her into the thick grass with every thrust. Delighting in her cries of pleasure. Snarling like a beast, as he finally claimed her properly. Fusing their flesh together, in hurried movements that even he couldn't stop.

Moanna moved with him, meeting his every thrust with a counter one. Planting her feet and raising her hips off the ground, so she could move with as much force as he did.

Letting her hands fall from him, she griped the grass below them. Tearing it up from the roots, clawing at it. Sending it's fresh smell in to the air to mingle with the scent of sex.

"More," she panted, "I want more."

Pan pulled from her, and Moanna cried in anguish at the loss. Only to find herself quickly flipped. The faun pushing her face to the ground, and her hips into air.

Moanna screamed her pleasure as he entered her again from behind. The angle deeper, the position more open.

He picked an even faster pace. Thrusting into her violently, as she muffed her cries in the thick grass.

She clawed huge patches of the grass away as he took her. Her hands trying to find purchase in the brown soil, as he rocked her body forward gripping at her hips tightly. When her hands were buried wrist deep in the ground, holding her still, Moanna thrust back into him just as viciously.

Pan howled in pleasure.

Surging forward into his Mate like the animal he was. Smelling her ripe scent in the air. Listening to her desperate cries as he pleased her. He had to mark every inch of her as his. Let everyone know she belonged to him and no other.

Heeding the call that he couldn't control, Pan leaned forward and buried his teeth into the back of her neck. Snarling, as he tasted her blood on his tongue. Completing the ceremony, and binding them together.

The woman froze instinctively under his bite. A long drawn out wail leaving her as she could do nothing but shudder uncontrollably.

Her body climaxed around him, gripping his flesh tightly. Wanting to move against him so badly, but being held still.

Pan tore his mouth from her throat. Feeling her body milk his. Gripping and tugging him deeper into her womb, as she trembled around him.

He came in a monstrous roar.

Flinging his head back he bellowed victoriously at the stars, as he filled her full of his essence. Leaving his seed deep inside of her quivering body.

Together they fell forward onto the ground. Panting and exhausted, still joined.

Pan not wanting to crush her, carefully rolled them onto their sides. Still softly thrusting into her, as aftershocks shook them both. Moaning every time her body would clench him with it's own slight pulses.

No words were needed as they held each other. They both knew they loved each other. Both knew this was only the first of many future couplings. But the Princess couldn't let her husband not know how much he had pleased her.

"That was perfect," she breathed, reaching back to rub his flank.

"No it wasn't," Pan chuckled, holding her tightly to him, "It wasn't perfect, but it was real, and that's all that matters."

Moanna hummed her agreement, and closed her eyes. The faun had worn her out. Behind her Pan also closed his eyes. He would need rest if he wanted to take her again before dawn.

Together they fell asleep, surrounded by a perfect circle of trees.

Meanwhile, back at the palace the celebration was finally coming to a close. The guests starting to disperse. Heading back to their respective homes. If one bothered to look closely they could find a Fae leading a Centaur into a secluded part of the royal gardens. Neither knowing that their seed would take root that night. Causing a controversy that would last for several centuries. But the Fae's mother could say nothing against her daughter, as her own womb would also bare fruit. The royal being taken behind the abandoned orchestra, and introduced to the ways of Trolls. And if one looked particularly hard ,they could spot a ghostly Minotaur sneaking into the servant's quarters. To steal a sleeping maid from her bed, and carry her back to his labyrinth. Not knowing that he too was about to undergo his own transformation, not unlike the faun Pan.

Yes, there was much love to be had in the Underground that night, as outdated rules on courtship were being broken. Smashed upon the noble Fae's superiority.

The Underground was going to be a far more exciting place from now on. A place were Princesses do marry fauns.

And this was only the beginning.

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