High School Demon Sweetheart

Author: This was my first Prince of Tennis fic from years ago. Making a few minor adjustments, but I know the writing is not great. Still, I hope anyone who decides to read it may enjoy it. Thank you. ^^


Hiyoshi Wakashi was wandering around an overly large and populated shopping area in Shibuya, having been dragged there by his friend and ex doubles partner Mukahi Gakuto. He didn't mind so much. He was used to his friend's annoying personality. Except, Gakuto had the irritating habit of inviting along his even more annoying, unofficial significant other, Oshitari Yuushi.

Though both Oshitari and Gakuto were members of their high school tennis club, after middle school, Hiyoshi had been forced to resign from tennis to focus solely on his family's martial art. Despite this, Hiyoshi still met up with his former teammates now and then and even managed to enjoy their company on occasion.

This was not turning out to be one of those times. Just when he was in the process of thinking up some excuse to leave, Gakuto's penetrating voice cut through the thick crowds making him wince. "Look, Yuushi! It's that weird medusa freak from Rikkai!"

"Gakuto, dear, I didn't know you had any knowledge of mythological creatures. Why are we comparing Kirihara-san to Medusa?"

Gakuto shrugged and continued on as though the person he was referring to wasn't right in front of them. "Look at his hair! And he's got the weird demon eye thingy, remember?"

"I see your point. I'm so proud." Oshitari presented Gakuto with an endearing look and a pat on the head which was rewarded with a raspberry.

The whole scenario made Hiyoshi cringe a little inside. He shook his head then took a moment to look over to where Kirihara-san was looking around rather confusedly.


On more than one occasion (make that ten) Hiyoshi had wondered if he could get away with pretending like he never knew the redhead.

Predictably, Kirihara-san's head jerked around and glared daggers at them.

"What the fuck did you call me, you shrimp?"

"It is you!" The suicidal boy snorted annoyingly. "HAHA. You even responded to Medusa Boy!" Then the insult clearly registered on his face. "HEY! Don't call me a shrimp!"

Kirihara's tone changed to a smirk and his posture became much more akin to what Hiyoshi was used to seeing from the ex-captain of Rikkai's tennis team. Though they had never played in an official match the year they were both captain's of their respective teams, there had been many times throughout the year Hiyoshi had found himself curiously gazing at the child turned demon turned captain.

"Heh heh, I just call it as I see it, munchkin."

Hiyoshi was now glad he hadn't made his getaway yet and tried not to laugh out loud when Kirihara-san called Gakuto by one of his nicknames for him. Nevertheless, he could see Gakuto's cheeks turning red and puffing out which meant he was about to pounce.

Thankfully, it was Oshitari who stopped him from doing anything foolish by wrapping his arms around the fuming boy and pulling him back against his chest.

"Is there a reason you're here? Has Rikkai finally fallen to St Rudolf's level to have their youngest member come scope us out?" Unlike the boy foaming at the mouth in his arms, Oshitari seemed fairly amused by the situation.

Gakuto snickered in Oshitari's arms. "You tell him, Yuushi!"

Kirihara's eye visibly twitched. "Yeah, whatever. Like we'd ever sink as low as you guys, let alone Rudolph." He crossed his arms over his chest and looked around wearily again. "I just got separated from my senpai. They're supposed to be at the station…"

"Then why are you here instead of at the station?"

"Heh, heh. They probably lost him on purpose. Let's go!" Apparently bored now, Gakuto turned and started pulling Oshitari away with him. "C'mon Hiyo-chan! We're leaving!"

Hiyoshi watched his senpai leave but didn't follow after them right away, wanting to hear the answer to Oshitari's question. "Well?"

Kirihara blinked at Hiyoshi in surprise as if seeing him for the first time and trying to figure out who he was or why he was still there, then he looked away with a light blush on his cheeks. "I can't find the station..." In an even quieter voice he added, "My senpai's said they'd be waiting there for me... and my phone died so I can't call..."

Hiyoshi rolled his eyes and held out his cell phone. "Here. Make it quick.

Kirihara stared at the phone, and then looked at Hiyoshi in surprise. "Why-"

Glaring, Hiyoshi cut him off and spoke to him as if addressing a child. "Do you know anyone else around here? If you would rather not, just say so." Irritated, he started to pull away his offered phone.

Snapping to action, Akaya quickly took it with a darker blush that clashed with his yellow jersey. "T-thanks..." and dialed Sanada's number quickly and mumbled a few things into the phone, wincing a bit at the harsh voice that came through loud and clear on the other end. "Yeah-sorry fukubuchou-I'll be there soon. Yes, I know I have laps… Okay, yeah-bye..." He hung up and handed Hiyoshi his phone back.

Slightly off in the distance, Hiyoshi heard Gakuto's voice cut threw the crowd again, "Hiyo-chan! We're going to leave you~!"

Hiyoshi accepted his phone back and gave Kirihara a parting nod before turning to leave.

Kirihara stood and watched Hiyoshi leave for a moment then held up a hand. "Hey! Wait a sec! Uh… Are you uh… heading back to the station?"

With two sempai less than patiently waiting for him, Hiyoshi stopped and turned only long enough to thumb towards the right. "No. If you need to get to the station, it's that way and to the left after a block." Finished with his directions, he turned and walked away.

Kirihara watched him leave for a moment with a puzzled look then ran off in the indicated direction.

As Hiyoshi walked back to his sempai, Gakuto suddenly ran past him and picked something up off the ground. "Look! Medusa boy dropped his train pass! Hm... I wonder how much is on it?"

"I'm sure you're not thinking of stealing the poor boy's train pass, are you Gakuto?" Oshitari asked, walking over at a much more leisurely pace, giving him a warning look.

Gakuto pouted and looked at Hiyoshi. "What were you two talking about for so long anyway?"

Hiyoshi shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

Taking the pass from Gakuto, Oshitari handed it to Hiyoshi with a tensai's knowing look, smiling innocently. "I'm sure you'll take care of this."

Hiyoshi's eyes crossed slightly in annoyance but he accepted the train pass. "Why should I have too...?" He sighed. "Fine." It was probably too late now to go after him, so he decided to figure out how to give it back to him later.

After his long day of following Gakuto and Oshitari around, Hiyoshi collapsed on his bed, determined that he wouldn't be doing that again anytime soon, but knowing he probably would anyway. He took out Kirihara-san's train pass and sighed in annoyance. Picking up his phone, he searched through his previous made calls and dialed the number of whoever it was Kirihara had called earlier.

He heard a grumble in the background pick up. "Hello?"

"My apologies for the intrusion. Are you familiar with a Kirihara-san?" Hiyoshi thought the voice on the other side sounded familiar but shrugged it off.

"Of course I am. Who is this?"

Hiyoshi's eyes narrowed at the mildly rude response. It was obvious the person on the other line was not very cultured. "Beg your pardon, my name is Hiyoshi Wakashi. I picked up his train pass earlier today. Would you mind giving me a number where I can reach him?"

"Hn, so you have his pass. We went back looking for that earlier." There was a large sigh then he was finally given Kirihara-san's number. "Hiyoshi Wakashi...You're Atobe's junior. Hn... He'll be awake half the night playing video games. Call him so he stops panicking about it."

Hiyoshi didn't like the way he was being given orders but ignored it and continued in a monotone yet polite tone. "Thank you for the information. Sorry for the inconvenience. Good evening."

"Hn" And the line went dead.

Hiyoshi hung up and looked at his phone, contemplating whether or not to actually call. "Damn it... Of all people. Might as well get it over with." He dialed the number and waited.

The person he was calling was at that moment trying to distract himself with video games so he could stop thinking about where the hell his pass could be. He had just put money on it and his mother would kill him if she found out he'd lost it. His phone was in his pocket when it rang and Kirihara nearly jumped out of his skin before scrambling for it and answering it with a rushed, "Hello?"

Hiyoshi didn't feel the need to be as polite as before but remembered to introduce himself first this time. "This is Hiyoshi Wakashi. I have your train pass. Where should I return it to you?"

"Hiyoshi... Wakashi?" The boy thought about it for a moment then his eyes went wide. "You have my pass? Uh… Well, I live in Kanagawa. Um, I guess I can meet you somewhere to pick it up or something?"

He didn't even get a thank you? Hiyoshi raised an eyebrow and contemplated throwing it in the trash. "I'm in Tokyo. Do you know the tennis courts over by Yoyogi park?"

"Yeah, can you meet me there in like an hour? I think that's how long it will take to get there..."

Hiyoshi looked over at the clock and saw it was already after eight. He hadn't expected Kirihara to want to meet tonight. Damn it, this was turning out to be a bigger pain than expected. "Alright. I'll be there in an hour." He hung up the phone and got up with a grunt that was far too old sounding for someone his age. He took a quick shower since he wasn't willing to wait till he got home again for it and then left for the park.

Despite having taken a shower, Hiyoshi still arrived almost ten minutes early. He stood leaning against a railing with still damp hair and casual comfortable clean clothes on, watching a doubles match.

Kirihara ran up to Hiyoshi right on time holding his tennis bag because, well, he was going to be near courts so he might as well. Not to mention, he needed an excuse to leave the house so late. "Hey!" He stopped in front of him, panting a little. "Did you wait long?"

Hiyoshi watched him run up and took out the pass, holding it out to him. "Here's your pass." He looked back over at the game again almost wistfully then pushed himself away from the railing to go home.

Kirihara took the pass with a relieved sigh. "Thank you." He noticed the look and grinned. "You wanna play a quick game?"

"A game as a thank you? Sounds good, but unfortunately I don't play anymore."

"Why not?" The other boy asked with a frown.

"Long story. One that I'm sure you couldn't care less about." He turned to walk away. "See you around."

"Hey! Wait a sec!" Kirihara ran up to his side while shoving the pass in his pocket. "Why do you think I don't care? I wouldn't have asked if I didn't care."

Hiyoshi stopped and raised an eyebrow at Kirihara-san's curiosity. He probably didn't even remember his name, let alone care why he didn't play tennis anymore, but he figured he'd humor him. Crossing his arms over chest, Hiyoshi explained simply, "I'm the inheritor of a martial arts dojo. My father determined tennis was too much of a distraction from my art and made me give it up."

"He made you give up tennis? You're dad's kind of a dick." Kirihara said flatly.

Hiyoshi just snorted. "Yes, he is."

"Well, he's not here now. One game won't kill ya." The tennis player pulled his bag around and took out two rackets, offering one to Hiyoshi. "Whaddaya say?"

Hiyoshi looked from Kirihara to the racket, very tempted. "I haven't played in almost a year." He didn't mean it as an excuse, more of a warning.

Kirihara grinned. "That's fine. I won't use bloodshot or demon mode or nuthin-I promise."

Coming to a decision, Hiyoshi reached out and took the offered racket. The weight of it in his hand felt wonderful, and his lips curled up into a small smile. He looked up at Kirihara with challenging eyes. "Thanks, but if you hold back on me, I'll kick your ass."

"Heh heh. Wouldn't dream of it." Looking excited, Kirihara opened the gate and led them out onto the court.

Hiyoshi felt a thrill go up his spine he hadn't felt in a long time as they played. Even though he was definitely out of practice, he ended up doing better than he'd expected.

Kirihara had a giant grin from ear to ear the whole set and was covered in sweat, panting by the time they were done. He walked up to the net and held his hand out to Hiyoshi. "See, didn't that feel good?"

Hiyoshi definitely needed another shower now, but it had been worth it. He nodded and shook his hand then held out the racket for him to take back. In a quiet but sincere voice, he thanked Kirihara for the game.

Covered in sweaty curls, Kirihara took the racket with a little laugh. "Sure thing. I'm always up for tennis. I'm gonna go pro, ya know?"

Hiyoshi smirked. "I'll make sure to keep an eye out for you in the headlines then, though you might want to work on your control a bit first."

Kirihara snorted then laughed. "Yeah, the senpai-tachi tell me that all the time." He rubbed the back of his head with a big grin.

There wasn't anything else to say, so Hiyoshi decided to take his leave. "I guess I should be getting back then. Thanks again for the game. Try not to get lost on the way home."

Kirihara stuck his tongue out at him. "Hey! What are you doing next week about this time?"


"You gotta meet me for tennis here next week." Kirihara pointed at him. "I command it!" Despite having been a buchou, he did indeed fail at being high and mighty.

A slight smirk crossed Hiyoshi's features "And who are you to command me?"

"The mighty Kirihara Akaya, of course! I've been looking for a new practice buddy that isn't one of the senpai-tachi. I've decided it will be you!"

"You've decided, huh?" Hiyoshi shook his head, trying not to laugh even though the idea was very appealing for some reason. "What's in it for me?"

"You get to play tennis again and have company and I'll buy you dinner or dessert or whatever afterward."

"You don't need to bribe me with food." Being able to play tennis again with someone who didn't mind he was a little out of practice was reason enough to say yes. "Alright. Next week then."

Kirihara grinned as if he'd just won a major battle. "K!"

Hiyoshi left the court that evening in a better mood than he'd been in all week.

Later that night, after finishing his second shower, he saw his phone blinking. He assumed it had to be either Gakuto or Choutarou since they were the only two people who ever texted him.

'thanks for bringing me my pass! \( ^.^ )/'

His eyes grew wide, having completely forgotten that the other boy now had his number from when he'd called him. He grinned a little to himself and supposed it couldn't be helped.