She always wondered what he was listening to. Sometimes Yukari would sit back from a distance and watch the blue haired boy sit back lazily and listen to his mp3 player. Other times she wondered how he keep it going. Yes Yukari had never once seen Minato without his headphones and she wondered why, now she knew.

"Arisato, could you come here for a minute?" Mitsuru asked.

The blue haired boy put his pushed a button on the device around his neck and followed his sempai. She seem to be telling him something serious and he simply shook his head every now and then. After which she left and he walked past her.

"Minato, what was that?" Yukari asked clearly curious.

"Don't know, couldn't hear and didn't care to." He said as he walked away face not showing a sign of emotion.

Yukari knew, he listened to it tune other people out.