My Three Sons
By Thomas Mc

Author's Notes: Supermodel Emily Hanson must deal with the inevitable complicatons of being secretly married to a descendant of Catherine and Vincent.
~ (After a reader pointed out that I had made some errors in my calculations, I went back and made some revisions and corrections in chapters 2 - 4)

Chapter 1: Married Life

Immediately after Emily returned from her honeymoon she told her agent and manager, Martin R. Belmont, that he was to always schedule a one week break for her in New York from the nineteenth through Christmas day and that she must always be scheduled to be in New York over Halloween. She told him that it was alright if the Halloween break included work but that the Christmas break was always to be considered a vacation. This would insure that she could be there for Winterfest with Devin and that they could spend Halloween night on the town together.

That wonderfully magical Winterfest after her wedding had been even more magical than the first one where they became engaged. The fact that her marriage to Devin was only two months old probably contributed to the special ambiance, somewhat. When Devin had said, on the last day of their honeymoon, that the Fairytale was just beginning, he hadn't been kidding. Every hour she spent with him was like being in the middle of the fairytale's happy ending.

Then Winterfest was over and Emily was back on the road again. She spent a week in Brazil doing a series of shoots for a line of tropical cruise wear.

~ x x x x x ~

January 2037

Immediately after New Years it was off to Australia for three weeks. Emily was in the hotel lounge when her ever present overseas guardian, Danny, came in. She waved him over. "How is your grandmother doing?" She asked, as he sat down.

Danny smiled. "She has been doing much better since that time you talked to her. She still believes in that Central Park Creature of hers but now she tends to keep it to herself and she has been interacting a lot more with the other people there. She has even become close friends with that other woman that you visited in the nursing home named Nancy." He gave a little snort of a laugh. "I went to see her over Christmas and you would never guess what very interesting visitor was also there to see my grandmother."

"Oh, who was that?" Emily asked, her curiosity peaked by the look in his eyes.

"My grandmother was being visited by non-other that Catherine Chandler herself." He shook his head. "I remember hearing about Catherine Chandler when I was growing up in the Bronx. She and Joseph Maxwell were both Legends, the team that cleaned up the corruption in city hall and broke the U.N spy ring. I didn't even know she was still around." He paused staring into space for a moment then returned his attention to Emily. "How have things been with you since last Halloween?"

"Things have been going quite well for me." Emily couldn't help smiling as she remembered that day.

Danny glanced at his watch as Emily's phone beeped. "Oh, well, it's that time. Ready to face the wolves?"

Emily sighed. "I guess so. Let's do it."

They got up and headed out of the hotel, pushing their way through the paparazzi, and into the bright Australian sun. Danny hustled her into the waiting limo. It was time to get back to work.

~ x x x x x ~

May 2037

Emily loved the springtime in Paris and was thoroughly enjoying her evening off. She was having dinner at the Jules Verne Restaurant up in the Eiffel Tower with Danny, her favorite overseas guardian. They had been taking in the spectacular view while discussing the latest gossip about the other models when Danny cocked his head and looked at her. "You know, you have been even more upbeat than normal since last Halloween." He speared a vegetable on his plate. "Was that model, Devin by any chance the guy you've been seeing in New York?" He grinned with a knowing glint in his eyes.

Emily's smile softened as she nodded. "Yea, that's him, but don't tell anyone. He's still a secret."

Danny nodded. "I was inside the castle during that entire show last October, so I didn't actually get to see it, but I heard it was spectacular and I've seen the pictures in the magazines. Very impressive. All of the magazine articles that I've read are saying that Pierre's idea of tying his new fashion line in with the 'Hidden Kingdom' movies was a stroke of genius on his part." He chuckled. "Based on the look on your face, in those pictures from the final wedding segment, one would think it was the real thing."

Emily glanced down at her plate and blushed. Then she looked up. "It was." She replied softly.

~ o ~

Once she was back at her hotel room, Emily changed into her nightgown and collapsed into the bed. It had been six weeks since she had last seen Devin and she had been feeling a kind of itch, an insubstantial desire at the edge of her consciousness.

She began thinking about Devin only to realize that he was thinking of her. Soon her thoughts were totally centered on him as they both projected their love at each other like they had done so often.

This time however something new happened. The desire in both of them quickly intensified and their emotions were taking on an increasingly strong erotic flavor as the link began to deepen. Almost without realizing it, she began to caress herself and soon felt his emotional reaction to it, as well as feeling what he was doing in response. Suddenly the link was wide open as their emotions spiraled out of control. Within moments they seemed to become one, as they again found themselves within that same hall of sensual and emotional mirrors as when they made love. Their hearts were now beating in unison as they were once again riding a crest of emotional thunder.

As she lay there awash in the gently lapping emotional waves of the aftermath and his love, she thought about what had happened. Then she giggled, realizing that she had just learned a couple of little secrets about how he liked to be touched. She suddenly turned bright pink as she realized that he had just learned a thing or two about her as well. Then she felt his amusement and embarrassment as he came to the same understanding that she had and she laughed out loud. Then she spread out her arms as wide as she could and yelled out at the top of her voice, "I LOVE YOU, DEVIN CHANDLER-WELLS!" At the same time his love washed over her like a tidal wave completely engulfing her.

She finally drifted off to sleep safely cradled in his Love.

~ x x x x x ~

That next night, she was on an advertisement shoot for one of the world's biggest cosmetics companies. The photographer had her posing beside the River Seine with the lighted Eiffel Tower in the background. It was during the middle of that shoot when she felt Devin's erotic probe.

She sent back a quick shot of love combined with a gentle touch of negation. (translation: Not now dear, momma's got to work) He had felt this response from her before and would understand the message. Then she damped down just a bit on her end of the link, but didn't close it completely, as she felt his love and understanding in response. 'Maybe later,' she thought to herself, remembering last night.

Suddenly she was back in the here and now and the flashes were going off like a machine gun. The photographer was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he lowered his camera.

Totally perplexed by what was going on, she shrugged. "What?" She asked him.

He laughed. "I haven't been this intrigued by the look on a woman's face since the first time I saw the Mona Lisa." He shook his head. "I'd give my right arm to know what you were thinking just now."

She laughed. "Ah, that would be telling."

Within twenty-four hours one of the pictures from that set had begun appearing on the cosmetic company's advertisements all around the world. Within a week everywhere she went she saw her own, very enigmatic, smile staring back at her from every type of available surface. Literally overnight it became the most successful advertising campaign in the history of that company and the posters became the most commonly stolen off the New York subway wall in history.

~ x x x x x ~

One week later she was in New Zealand on a shoot for one of the top lingerie companies. She had just been talking to Devin on the phone two hours earlier, just before he was going to bed.

She could feel his emotions and knew his thoughts were on her so she lobbed a, half tease/half erotic, emotional bomb at him. He returned fire in kind. She tried to clamp down on her own response but the smoldering sexual look it produced on her face was caught on film, along with the smoking hot lingerie outfit she was currently wearing.

The photographer went nuts trying to get her to reproduce that same look throughout the rest of that shoot. She eventually became pretty adept at doing so, with Devin's help.

Again the resultant advertisement campaign was a major sensation. A week later a poster company struck a deal with the cosmetics company, the lingerie company and Emily's agent. The best shots from both of those batches were released as a set of six very sexy posters. Sales of all of those posters shot through the roof breaking records that had stood for decades.

~ x x x x x ~

Emily was back in New York and back in Devin's arms. She lay there basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. The long distance empathic sex was great but it couldn't hold a candle to the feel of Devin's strong furry arms around her. Then she remembered something that had puzzled her when she had first arrived in the tunnels last night.

Devin noticed and asked her, "What's on your mind?"

She shrugged. "I was just wondering. When I got in yesterday, I noticed that several of your family members were giving me the strangest looks."

He laughed. "You know how it is with secrets in this family. Everyone has learned about our little discovery last May. I heard Dad call it 'Empath Sex'."

"Oh." She felt the heat rise in her face as she buried her face in his chest, torn between mortification and laughter.

He grinned as he tightened his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "Several of them have already tried it."

~ x x x x x ~

August 2037

Emily had taken a job in California and found herself working with several of the same models that had worked Pierre's Halloween fashion show with her. She was having lunch with Jessica, Heidi, Randy and Caitlin

Heidi was commenting about Joseph. "I haven't seen him since that party we went to last Halloween. I don't even know what he really looks like." She shrugged. "I never saw him without all that cat makeup."

The others, who happened to know the truth, laughed. Randy spoke up. "He's too young for you anyway. The only reason he was allowed to go with us to that party was because Michael was there to chaperone."

Jessica spoke up. "What about you, Emily? I got the distinct impression you were very interested in Devin." Emily grinned back at her, blushing, and Jessica peered closer at her, "Just how real was that Wedding Scene anyway?"

Emily held up her hand, wiggling her ring finger "As real as it gets."

Several pairs of eyes, wide as saucers, stared back at her. The only exception was Caitlin, who already knew the wedding was real.

Over the collective cries and giggling, Emily added her own enquiry. "What about you, Jessica? How are things between you and Michael?"

Jessica shrugged. "I've gotten by to see him a couple of times. Neither one of us is currently interested in getting into anything serious. I'm focusing on my career right now." She shrugged. "I don't know how you've managed it with your schedule." She faced Randy. "What about you and William?"

Randy giggled and shook her head. "I've stopped in New York to see William and spent time with him on several occasions. He's such a hunk and I really like him. It's not yet as serious as you and Devin, but you never know. . ."

~ x x x x x ~

A week later Emily was again in Paris, and having lunch with Pierre. He had just passed her a beautifully wrapped package. "It's a little early but it's a first anniversary gift for my favorite model and her secret husband."

"Why, thank-you, Pierre." She smiled brightly at him as she accepted it.

He grinned back and wagged his finger at her. "You're not to open it until Halloween."

"I'll try to resist temptation." She replied with a laugh.

"Well now that I've plied you with wine and presents, on to business . . . I scheduled the show for my new spring line, for the first of October in Paris. I was hoping you would be in it."

"I am free the first week of October. I had thought of swinging by New York for a couple of days but I would love to do your show."

"You sure."

She smiled brightly back at him. "Pierre you know that you're my favorite designer. Of course I'm sure. Devin would be very surprised if I didn't. Besides I'll be seeing him for Halloween."

~ x x x x x ~

Immediately after Winterfest Emily was off to Switzerland. She spent New Years Eve before a roaring fire in a picturesque Swiss Ski Chalet and basking in Devin's love.

The next day she was out on the slopes being photographed for a line of skiwear. The day after, she spent skiing the Alps. As planned, Devin was spending the night in her apartment and she stayed on her cell phone with him the whole time she was out on the slopes. She opened her bond with him as wide as possible so that he could experience the thrill of flying down the snow covered slopes. They had been planning this little adventure ever since she had accepted this gig.

The plan was a rousing success and that night after she returned to her hotel room they engaged in what Devin now called empath sex.

~ x x x x x ~

March 2038

Emily was back in New York for the next two weeks. She had two quick jobs to do and the rest of her time was going to be spent Below with Devin.

They were laying in bed in the warm afterglow of lovemaking when there was a sudden flurry of activity on the pipes. Devin suddenly became very alert. She could feel a sudden spurt of concern and worry over their bond. "Devin, what is it? What's wrong?" Emily still did not know the pipe codes.

"It's William. He's been hurt up in the Park."

"Oh, No!" She felt his worry deepen. She raised herself on one elbow. "What happened? Is he OK?"

"I don't know. Charles and Joseph are on their way to the surface and Teresa is getting things ready in the infirmary chamber." Devin continued to listen to the pipes. "I have to go. I'll be back shortly." He jumped out of bed, threw on a minimal amount of clothes, and headed out of the chamber.

Emily lay there and fretted waiting for Devin's return. She could feel the flow of Devin's emotions, worry being paramount, as she waited. Suddenly he became very upset. After a while she felt a swell of relief followed by a momentary spurt of surprise then what could only be described as shocked erotic interest, which was quickly replaced by concern and bemused curiosity then finally to amusement. After a few minutes she could feel him heading back to their chamber and anxiously awaited his return. "What happened?" She asked as soon as he entered their chamber.

"William was above in the park and got hit by a car."

She sat up suddenly very concerned. "Oh no! How bad is he hurt? Is he going to be OK?"

"Doctor Teresa says that he has a few broken bones and lots of bruises but she thinks that he will be OK."

She sighed with relief. "I'm glad he'll be OK." Then she quirked an eyebrow at him. "So what was that moment of erotic interest I felt in you? Was he hit by a naked woman?"

Devin Laughed. "You're not far off. I caught a glimpse of the woman that hit him. What she was wearing, left nothing to the imagination."

"You saw her?" Emily had been aware of his approximate location and was pretty sure that he had not been to the surface.

"The woman was injured in the accident and they brought her Below. I saw her as Joseph carried her into the infirmary. It was actually funny watching him trying not to look down at her." He shook his head. "Any male would have trouble resisting the urge to look at her."

Emily raised the covers which immediately drew Devin's mind away from the strange woman from above and focused it on the very enticing woman in his bed. Devin happily climbed into their bed and they settled into each other's arms.

A little while later as they finally drifted off to sleep, Emily's mind returned to William, Joseph and the woman from above. She also thought about the very personal reason why she would be paying a little visit to Teresa tomorrow morning. She suspected that tomorrow would be a very interesting day.

Continued in Part 2

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