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This whole situation started relatively normally. But then, don't they all start that way? It was just another holiday, it doesn't matter which one in particular, all that does matter is our entire family was gathered at my grandfather's house. It was after we had eaten dinner, when the object that would alter my life was introduced to me. It had started innocently enough, my aunt, recalling the short-lived book club we had started, had suggested that I look into a certain book. The name of this book was Harry Potter. She knew that I had always been fascinated by tales of mythological beasts and wizards, and after talking to a few people who had read the book, she decided it was perfect for me. I had personally been looking for a book to indulge my spare time in, so I accepted the offer and agreed to read the book. I am writing this story to inform all of you of the strange happenings that took place after reading this book. A wise man once stated that books could quite possibly be "doorways into parallel universes". I am here to confirm this statement. If you are not willing to believe the unbelievable then there is no point in you reading any further. I cannot blame you for wanting to remain in your sheltered world, I wish that I could have. However, my mind will never let me forget what I have seen, so I must inform the world. All of those that I can persuade to believe the truth, must be notified immediately. I will now share my story with everyone, and I beg you to consider this…Do you really believe that we are the only species of human in all the planets, in all the galaxies, in all the universes? Sometimes all you need to believe is a little bit of magic.

"Hi, …um, is John there?" She fought to keep her voice steady. She knew how insane his father was about girls calling his son. There was no logical reason for this. John was a straight-A student, captain of the basketball team, member of the prom court two years running, and as far as she knew he'd never had a girlfriend, but she guessed some parents will never let their kids become adults.

There was silence for a moment, and then a gruff voice answered, "Is this Jessica?"

"Yes, sir." she replied, crossing my fingers. She really needed to talk to John this time, and if she couldn't persuade his father to give him the phone…..

More silence followed my statement. Then, "Just a second." She heard a muffled voice scream "JOHN!!!" and a moment later, someone else picked up the phone.

"Hey, Jess". John answered. She guessed he grown accustomed to her being the only one who called him.

"Hey, John. Listen I need to talk to you about the English project we're doing. Have you started researching Benedict Arnold yet?" There was a note of impatience in her voice that she knew she should have held back. John thrived on irritable people. He said they made him feel more in- control.

"Oh yeah, I started research just this morning. I had one of those for breakfast." He laughed at his own joke while she shook her head into the phone.

"That's Eggs Benedict, you idiot. Look, it's not funny. We almost failed last time because we kept procrastinating when we knew the due date was getting closer."

Slowly and reluctantly he came down for his laughing state. "Alright, I'm sorry. I'll get cracking right away. Get it? Cracking? Eggs?" He laughed even harder that before.

She decided it was time to pull out the big guns. "You know," She said slowly, imagining the look on his face, "It seems to me like you don't really care about this grade. Like you don't care about any of your grades for that matter."

He stopped laughing almost immediately. "You know that's not true," he said. She did know that it wasn't true. She also happened to know that grades were one of the few things that really mattered to John. He was determined to go to an Ivy League College, even though he didn't have much money. He was depending entirely upon his grades to get him a full scholarship. Although, once she convinced him that it was always a good idea to have an alternate plan, he took up basketball. Once discovering that he was really good at it, he starting thinking about the possibility of a sports scholarship. This is the reason that he has never missed a day of school, or a minute of basketball practice.

"You're right. I know that's not true. But our teacher doesn't. Mr. Elithab doesn't know anything about your plan. He judges you one the work you hand in, and that's supposed to make you want to hand in only your best work. So, I think we should stop messing around right now, and get down to business before we get any further behind schedule. Ok?"

He heaved a deep sigh and relented, "Fine."

She smiled at her ingenious persuasive powers. Everyone always told her that she should be on the debate team, but she always told them she didn't want to have to wake up every Saturday at 6 o'clock in the morning for the competitions.

"All right. I guess I'd better be going. Don't forget to start working on that report," she said with a stern note in her voice.

"Aye, aye, captain," he said. He was back to his old, idiotic self again. Which she guessed wasn't so bad, after all.

She smiled into the phone and said, "Ar, matey. I'll see you later." She could hear him laughing as she hung up. Still smiling to herself, she turned away from the phone and saw a book on her bed. She stood for a moment, wondering what book she had left there. When she still couldn't guess, she walked over to her bed a picked it up. Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, it said. Of course, she thought, I'm so stupid. She knew what it was. She smacked herself lightly on the forehead and turned to the bookcase to put it away. Somehow this act seemed familiar. She froze as she realized that she had put the book away no less than five minutes ago, and she hadn't touched it since. She frowned and tried to figure out how it had gotten back on to her bed. Shrugging, she guessed that maybe her sister had come into her room and played around with her books.

She slid the book back on to the shelf, not realizing that she had been in her room the entire time since she had first put it away. She yawned and stretched. Checking the clock, she noticed that it was 11:30 at night. No wonder John's father had been reluctant to give him the phone, she thought, he probably thought I was some "late night service" calling for his son. Chuckling to herself, she began to look in her drawers for her pajama bottoms and a reasonable T-shirt. Unfortunately, the only article of nighttime clothing that she could find was her old nightshirt. She sighed and pulled it on. As she was pulling her hair back into her traditional ponytail, the phone rang.

"Hello?" she said, accidentally pulling her hair on the collar of her nightshirt.

"Hi Jess, it's just me again," came John's voice.

"John!" She said, not troubling to hide her exasperation at this point, "It's almost midnight, can't you wait until tomorrow to torment me some more?"

"Actually, I was wondering if you would like to go with me to the Sweethearts dance?" he said, and she could actually hear him turning red.

"Oh," was all she said. She was more than a little taken aback by the question. "Well, sure, I guess. Yes, I'd like to go with you," she finished shakily.

"Great!" he said, and she could hear the tremendous relief in his voice, "Ok, well, I'll see you at school tomorrow then. Bye, Jess."

"Bye, John," she said. She was privately very happy that she had been asked, especially by John, whom she was starting to really like. She smiled to herself and climbed in to bed. Lying there, she started to become very excited about the dance. She would have to go and pick out her dress, and then her shoes. It was going to be so much fun. Unfortunately, all the excitement had left her unable to sleep. She decided to try reading a book, because that usually helped her sleep. Scanning her bookshelf for a good choice, her eyes fell upon the Harry Potter book. Why not?, she thought to herself. Maybe she'd impress her aunt by telling her that she read the whole thing in one night. She took it back to her bed, and sprawled out comfortably, she began to read. She found that she couldn't put it down. It was so interesting. Finally at three o'clock in the morning, she finished it. She pulled it away from her face and sat up. Gazing at the cover, she noticed a small black spot on the bottom left hand corner of the front. She reached up to brush it off. The moment she touched the book, she felt a jerk somewhere behind her navel, and next thing she knew, she was falling into a black abyss.

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