Authors Note: This was just something I wrote up just for fun and to take a break away from my Makarov story. Honestly, Ramirez does alot of crap for Foley in Modern Warfare 2 almost as much as Soap did for Price in the first game.




Its like an American version of the 22nd SAS. No joke.

Private James Ramirez of the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment looked up to see the countless number of Russian paratroopers falling from the sky like snowflakes. He couldn't believe that the United States was at war with Russia, and couldn't even begin to imagine America being invaded. The whole thought of it was pure fiction, but it was happening right before his eyes.

"Sarge, did HQ just tell us to go F ourselves?" Corporal Jake Dunn, a squad mate of Ramirez asked.

"Pretty Much Corporal." Sergeant Foley, Ramirez and Dunn's acting commanding officer replied.

The Squad was tailing an enemy BTR though the streets of a typical urban American street, trying to remain unseen while trying to make it to the crash site were a high value target needed immediate extraction.

The BTR noticed the small squad of rangers and stopped, deploying troops and turning its turret to deal with the threat.

"Were spotted!" Foley shouted. "Ramirez, use you smoke grenades!"

Ramirez quickly reached for a smoke grenade and chucked it at the BTR, sending up a smokescreen, blinding the BTR's line of sight. Unfortunately, the Russian squad had noticed Ramirez from the grenade and quickly opening fire on him, sending him into cover.

"Ramirez, come to the alley!" Foley ordered to Ramirez.

Ramirez looked to see Dunn and Foley in a small Alley to the left, having snuck past the Russian soldiers while they focused on him.

"You've got to be kidding me…" Ramirez thought to himself.

"Ramirez, get your ass over here, now!" Foley shouted.

Ramirez mustered enough courage to sprint through the smokescreen and dodge the barrage of bullets. He finally reached the safety of the alley where Dunn and Foley were.

"Glad you decided to join us." Foley said. Ramirez rolled his eyes. "Alright we need to get to the crash site lets, go!"

Ramirez, Foley and Dunn emerged from the alley and sprinted across the street towards the down helicopter. As they came closer to the downed helicopter, the Russians and the BTR that they had lost found them and opened fire.

Ramirez quickly looked for cover, but the only thing he could find with a small bush and a light post.

"You REALLY got to be kidding me..." Ramirez thought again but reluctantly hid behind the bush.

The BTR and the Russians fired on the bush, sending Ramirez quickly to the ground to find as much cover as possible. Here he was, lying on the ground in a parking lot behind a bush while a squad of enemy soldiers and an armored vehicle were trying to shoot him to pieces. And where the HELL was Foley and Dunn?

"Ramirez, were at the crash site! Get over here!" Foley barked.

Ramirez once again picked himself up and sprinted over to Foley, running left and right in a wild zigzag path, trying to throw his enemy's aim off. He finally reached Foley and Dunn who had taken cover behind a junked car in front of a restaurant with another ranger named Wells.

"Soldier, where's Raptor?" Foley asked Wells.

"We moved him to the meat locker, it's practically bullet proof!" Wells replied, taking shots at several Russian soldiers in cover in a bank across from the restaurant. "He's still unconscious, you got a medic?"

"Corporal Dunn check it out." Foley ordered. At least Ramirez didn't have to everything.

"What else?" Foley asked Wells.

"There's an airdrop on the roof with an M5 sentry gun."

"Oh god." Ramirez already knew what Foley was going to say next.

"Ramirez, get to the roof and check out the supply drop." Foley ordered. Of course Ramirez would have to do something. Dunn gets to check on an unconscious man in the safety of a meat locker while he gets to climb up an old ladder while getting shot at. Awesome.

Ramirez went inside Nates Restaurant to use the ladder in the kitchen. What he found was a line of soldiers waiting to use the ladder.

"YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME." Ramirez smacked his head. Of course there was a line; there always was some random thing.

"Ramirez, this is Foley, get to the roof. There's a maintance ladder on the side of the building." Foley said over the radio.

"Ya, the one that I don't want to use…" Ramirez sighed and proceeded back outside to the ladder.

As he swung his SCAR-H over his shoulder he noticed the ladder was rusty and looked very insecure. What a surprise to him.

Ramirez, against his better judgment, pulled himself up and started to climb the ladder, squeaking as he climbed up. As he reached the top, the top screws came out and the ladder started to lean away from the building. He quickly regained his grip and steadied himself. As soon as he did, a loud explosion from an AGM missile hit the restaurant.

"Get off the roof now!" Foley ordered everyone.

Ramirez was in a panicked state. He was hanging dangerously high off the ground while explosions were going off around him and on top of that, he was being shot at.

"RAMIREZ GET THE F- OFF THE ROOF!" Foley screamed into his radio.

"I didn't even get to the roof Foley…"

Ramirez tried to get down the ladder as fast and as safe as possible, but lost his footing and fell to the ground on his back. This definitely wasn't one of his good days.

"I have a visual on a UAV operator remote powering those missiles." Dunn said to Foley. "He's in that diner to the west, over."

"Right, RAMIREZ! Get over there and kill that SOB!" Foley ordered. Ramirez rolled his eyes as he picked himself up off the ground.

"I'm sending Dunn and part of the squad to help you out, go!"

"Wow, and here I thought I was alone…" Ramirez said to himself as he dusted himself off and proceeded to the diner.

Ramirez, Dunn, and two other rangers sprinted across the two way street to the diner. As they neared it, the Russians holed up inside opened fire on the advancing Americans. Ramirez quickly took cover behind a car and started returning fire.

A solider behind him tapped him on the shoulder. "Ramirez, reload my gun!" he shouted.

Ramirez looked in disbelief as the ranger handed him his weapon and sat down on the ground, pulling out his cell phone.

"What the hell are you doing?!?" Ramirez asked the ranger.

The ranger just ignored him and continued to look at his phone. Ramirez glared and took cover, putting down his own gun and quickly loaded the man's.

Ramirez leaned the gun next to the man and continued his assault on the diner.

"Ramirez, let's go!" Dunn shouted.

Ramirez quickly caught up to Dunn and both stacked up under a window. Both reached for their grenades and threw them into the diner. A loud explosion from the diner soon followed and the two men quickly cleared the diner, killing everyone inside.

"Ramirez, take the predator missile control." Dunn ordered.

For once, Ramirez happily complied. It would be pretty fun to use a laptop that fired missiles, not that he had done it before, but he just had a good feeling he would.

Ramirez flipped open the laptop and pressed the fire button. He targeted the BTR that had tried to kill him and over all made his life a living hell for him. Revenge would be his.

An explosion outside the diner confirmed the BTR's destruction. Finally, he was rid of that stupid piece of machinery, and now he could deal his own deadly damage with his new weapon…

"Ramirez, we got hostiles, use you predator control rig to protect Raptor." Foley shouted over his radio.

"I'd be more than happy to…" Ramirez started firing missiles into masses of enemy soldiers advancing towards the restaurant were Foley and Raptor were held up in.

The sound of jets deafened the area as two screamed over the restaurant were Foley was.

"Enemy fast movers, TAKE COVER!" Foley warned.

The jets dropped their payload into the restaurant, sending an explosion that rocked even Dunn and Ramirez.

"2-1 Actual, are you still there? Over." Dunn asked over his radio.

A sound of coughing from Foley told the two they were alright. "Roger that! Everyone listen up, new plan!"

"And I'm guessing I have something to do with it…"

"Ramirez, take you team and secure the Burger Town! We're gonna move Raptor over there, this location has been compromised!" Foley ordered.

Ramirez hated when he was right sometimes.

"Everyone else listen up. We're moving Raptor ASAP. Stack up by the south entrance of Nates. We need to get the hell out of here before those fast movers make another pass!"

Ramirez, Dunn and three other Rangers started advancing on the Burger Town, racing against the clock to secure it.

"Ramirez, we got hostiles inside that Burger Town!" A ranger shouted.

"Don't worry, I can kinda see that."

Ramirez threw a smoke grenade and switched to his shotgun underneath his SCAR. As soon as the smoke filled the Burger Town, he sprinted forward and cleared out the Burger Town. As the smoke cleared, he looked around for Dunn and the rest of the team.

"Were the hell are they?"

Ramirez heard a noise coming from the Kitchen and rolled his eyes in disbelief. The three rangers had entered through the back door and were going through the food inside the Burger Town. Dunn meanwhile was looking through a newspaper on one of the tables and had actually taken a seat at one of them. Was anyone but Ramirez and Foley taking this battle seriously?

"Building secured sir." Dunn said to Foley over the radio as he casually continued to read the paper.

"Alright were gonna move Raptor from Nates to the Burger Town as a group!" Foley shouted. Ramirez opened the predator control rig and readied it to fire.

"On Three!" Foley shouted. Ramirez had his hand on the fire button, waiting for any enemies to appear on the heat scope.

"One!" Ramirez noticed a small heat signature appear on his scope, coming out of a restaurant across from Foley's position.

"Two!" Ramirez now saw multiple heat signatures on his scope coming out of the restaurant heading towards Foley. He armed the AGM, waiting for the perfect time to take out as many targets as possible.

"Three!" As soon as Foley said that, Ramirez's predator control went static and the Predator was destroyed.

"Wow…." Ramirez's head hit the Laptop in defeat. He kept banging his head into it until the pain forced him to stop.

His day was going great.

"Keep these guys off me!" Foley shouted into his Radio.

Amazingly Foley made it to the Burger Town unscathed with Raptor over his back.

"I got Raptor in the Burger town meat locker." He said as he carefully laid the man down. "The door is shut, you keep Ivan out. Friendly convoy is oscar mike."

"Hunter 2-1, you got an enemy helicopter loaded for bear approaching your area. Over."

"Ramirez, take out that Helicopter!" Foley ordered.

"The AGM is offline, I can't" Ramirez replied.

"I saw some rubberbands and rocks in that diner to the west!" Foley said. "You can use them to take out the attack helicopter!"

"What did you just say? Am I the only sane one here?"

"Are you being serious sarge?" Ramirez asked.

A missile hit a car outside the parking lot, sending debris flying. The attack heli flew over the burger town, turning to make another pass.

"Ramirez, theres no time to argue, go!" Foley shouted.

Ramirez shot Foley a glare and proceeded outside towards the diner. He sprinted tell he made it to the diner, and stumbled over the window inside. He looked to see a rubber band ball and a bag of rocks, and luckily a stinger missile.

Ramirez took the stinger and locked on to the helicopter, and fired the weapon. The missile hit the target, sending it spiraling out of control to the ground. Ramirez sighed and sat down. He really needed a break.

"RAMIREZ, the convoy's here, everyone on me! We're getting the hell out of here!" Foley shouted.

Ramirez picked himself up and started into a run back towards the squad and the convoy.

"Ramirez! The convoy is just to the south of burger town, get your ass over here move!" Foley said over his radio.

"I know Foley…." As Ramirez kept running toward the restaurant.

"Ramirez! We got to get back to the convoy, let's GO!" Dunn shouted.

"I KNOW, Dunn…" Ramirez was starting to get annoyed by the constant reminder.

"Ramirez, were waiting for you by the Burger Town, G-

"I KNOW." Ramirez said coldly, shutting Foley up instantly. He finally made to the convoy and slammed the door on the humvee, everyone afraid making eye contact with him. He took off his helmet , rubbed his forehead and sighed.

"Do I have to do everything around here?"

The sun set on the city of Rio de Janerio as Captain Soap Mactavish of Task Force 141 smoked his cigar. He had had a hard day of the fighting between the militia when trying to capture the arms dealer Rojas. They had succeeded in capturing him but had lost contact with the yanks, who were the ones who were supposed to be their means of extraction, and now they were stranded behind enemy lines.

But that wasn't the thing that troubled Mactavish. It was a feeling of someone, somewhere far away was enduring something similar to what he had endured years ago. He had no idea where it had come from; it just was a sixth sense to him.

Ghost was leaning against a wall looking at his captain with concern. "Are you alrite sir?"

Soap looked up and smiled. "I'm fine Ghost, just thinking."


Mactavish sighed. "Just something reminded me about someone a long time ago, and I have no idea why."

Gary "Roach" Sanderson noticed the two talking and joined in on the conversation. "Déjà vu perhaps sir?" he suggested.

Mactavish only shrugged. "I honestly don't know Roach…"

A sound of a muffled moan came from downstairs. Rojas must had woken up, and now was starting to make enough noise to become a danger to the men.

Mactavish rubbed his forehead "Roach, go downstairs and shut Rojas up before he wakes up the whole goddamn favela."

Roach sighed and picked himself up. "Why do I always have do everything…" he complained.

Mactavish only smiled. "If you only knew Roach…"

Well, hope you enjoyed it. Its kinda ironic because i'm actually thinking about writing a fanfic about Ramirez as a future project thats similar to my current one about Makarov, but I still don't really know yet...

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