When I was a human, I thought life was unbelievably hard and unfair on me. I mean, why was it that some kids got all the new stuff and latest fashions, and I got stuck wearing last years style that my mum bought from the bargain rack? And then there were the kids who were naturally smart, and found school easy, when I had trouble staying awake through a period?

Looking back, I now know how good I really had it. I had a house, plenty of food and a loving family. Yet, even now, I still find myself feeling sorry for myself. I mean, I'm in HEAVEN and I'm still so selfish.

Truth be told, when I got hit by a joy-rider and ended up in heaven with an angelic scholarship, I thought there had been a big cosmic mix-up. Really, me? An angel? The ditz air-head who had complained about not getting to watch her favourite TV shows while people in other countries were starving? Who would've seen me and though angel material?

But someone obviously saw the hidden potential inside me. And I'm talking about v. hidden potential, because I didn't even know it was there!

Now, I have an even better life in heaven with my friends, including my best friend (and soul mate) and my boyfriend, both who I never would have met if I hadn't died at such a young age. You see, Lola (Lollie to her friends) comes from a place 100 years my future, and Reuben actually grew up in the sparkly atmosphere of heaven. In fact, before Reubs met me and Lollie, he had never even been to earth!

Then there's Brice.

Before I talk about him, though, I have to explain the war. There is this HUGE was that is going on every second of every minute of every day. Want to know what we're fighting over? You.

The Opposition/Powers of Darkness (the bad guys, basically) want you to go through life feeling like nothing really matters and that life is meaningless. But the Agency (aka the good guys) wants to wake people up and show them there is more to life than just being there. Everyone is put on earth for a reason, and us angels are there to remind you.

Brice is a little more than complicated. I first met him one my first troubleshooting mission to earth. Back then, Brice was working for the bad guys, but I managed to beat him by pure fluke. I ran into Brice again when me, Reubs and Lollie travelled to Tudor England, and Brice gave Reubs such a savage beating that we had to beam him back to heaven.

The creepy thing was, Brice wasn't always a bad guy. He started out as an angel himself, but issues with Brice's evil family turned him to the dark side. With a little cosmic assistance, Brice was able to overcome this and is now working for the good guys.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't forgive Brice straight away. Funnily enough, Reuben seemed to think it was all water under the bridge. Being a pure angel, things like holding a grudge are completely foreign to Reubs. But still, you wouldn't trust someone who tried to destroy you straight away, would you?

I have to admit that I was very alarmed when I discovered that Lola and Brice were an item, and it didn't help things when, on our mission to Jamaica, both Lollie and Brice suffered from cosmic amnesia, and Lola had completely forgotten me. But I'm an angel, and I coped. We managed to survive the ordeal and actually won a HALO award!

Brice has been through a lot to work his way up to be a respectable angel now, and I have to admit he's definitely grown on me, especially since he helped out with my friends during a complicated mission. Technically, Brice and I were working on two different missions, but as it turned out, they were actually cosmically connected to create one big mission, and one of the most difficult and personal missions of my angelic life.

So far, I've been on a grand total of 12 harrowing missions, the most recent of which involving saving the world! My most recent mission has actually made me stop and take more time to think about my beautiful blue-green planet and its future. I mean, now it was up to us angels to wake up all humans and get them to repair their little planet. But I couldn't help thinking; what if we can't?

What will happen if we don't succeed? Will the earth die? What will happen after that? What will we do next?

Little did I know as I though about these questions, someone else had already thought about them. Somebody who would very soon need my help.