Author's Note Please Read First!

I read so many of these so I decided what the hell—I'll take a shot at it. The two OCs personalities are partially based on my younger sister and me; they pretty much share our life style. This is because it helps me write something more realistic which is my goal.

Now about this story; well like I said I will make it as realistic as possible with supernatural occurrence and there is little to no real romance…mainly centers on friendship and much action. And there is a comprehensive plot even though it is called Randomness (I just like the name). As the saying goes 'don't judge a book by its cover', please don't judge this fic until you go through the latest chapter.

Ok, the canon characters will be IC most of the time, if not always. I'll do my best, I promise, but they may be OOC sometimes but not like crazily so that it makes you want go…yuck. That's about it. I would appreciate it if you would not flame me, but constructive criticism is a different story. That is wanted very much.

Disclaimer: If I own Naruto I would not be writing this I would be now would I?

Foreword: An Array of Introductions

Hey there all you people! What's up?

My name is Sarina Lior. I'm golden tanned skinned and I have black hair that cuts off between my shoulder blades and dark brown eyes. I'm not very tall…which I hate. I'm about five feet five inches. And I hate it, I hate it, Jashin damnit, I hate it. But luckily enough, I'm not big, pretty skinny actually, which gives my friends an unjust cause to call me "anorexic" even though I eat like no tomorrow. But my imouto is both shorter and slightly bigger than me.

Her name is Kalini. I call her Kayli or imouto (Japanese for younger sister) and she calls me Rina or aneki (Japanese for elder sister). She's a much paler version of me but has shoulder length light brown locks and amber brown eyes. She plays basket ball. Everyone always comments on how much we look alike even though we're three years apart. Man, when I was in my last year of high school and she a first year, her friends and mine alike called us twins. But there is one good thing: most people say I look younger. I think it's because Kayli is a tad more mature looking than me, nothing more.

Well, let me introduce you to my boring (in my opinion) life.

My family is quite small.

I, like everyone else I hope, have mom and dad. Additionally, besides Kayli, I have an even younger sister named Niya. And she's a handful of a three year old, the little demon seed. If you want to count them, I have two pets: a playful pit bull named Diego and a beautiful beta fish named Achai. Kayli and I call them our brothers since we have no human one. Mom hates it, always saying how she didn't have, and I quote, "No damned dog and fish". Well we think otherwise. They're our brothers and that's what we believe. While we're on the subject of brothers, let us have a moment of silence for our passed Pablo…he was our first beta fish. He died New Years Eve. I was insufferable sad, I even cried a bit and I'm usually big on not crying.

So in total there are seven members, including me, in our two story military house. I'm eighteen and I still live with my parents because its way cheaper that way. I do go to college though and I am planning on majoring in science. I'm also pretty smart (in a silly, stupid kind of way if that makes sense) too, graduating with honors in high school. Currently I have a part-time job at Macy's. It's a nice place to work at…and we get paid weekly, cha-ching!

A bit more about me and Kayli: we share a lot of things in common, a big reason why we get along like best friends, not just because we are. We enjoy writing fan fiction, surfing the Internet, TV, food (our taste are similar but I dislike pizza true fact, call me crazy…I just don't like it), video games, running around playing hide-and-go-seek, and anime/manga! Like many, many others, we are big time fans of Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. We have merchandise and manga and lots of other trinkets. Most of mine though are Itachi related.

He is my absolute favorite character of all time. I know this is going to sound fan-girlish, but if I could, I would totally marry him. Screw real guys; I mean no true offense to them, but I just would. I'm sure I'm not the only girl (and maybe guy?) who shares this sentiment. My imouto allocates the same opinion except she's is a Sasuke fan.

Isn't weird how older sister likes older brother and vice versa? Me though, I couldn't care less about him. I'm mad at him for not following his aniki's wishes. I mean come on, I know and realize what Konoha did to Itachi and I utterly hate that, but Itachi death would basically be in vain and I hate that even more. But Kayli blindly agrees with him in nearly everything. Typical. That's unconditional adoration for you.

Well, I'm sure you all are tired of hearing me ramble on, so without further ado, let us begin the uncanny, fanatical tale of Sarina (myself) and Kalini — two sister Otaku, who had very unexpected visitors come to our world from our favorite anime…the risky, calamitous perils we encountered and conquered together with those visitors…the random crazy adventures we had…and the enduring, unforeseen friendships we established.

Did I mention this entire fiasco all stemmed from nine numinous letters?!