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Trouble Rising

Augusta Longbottom sat in her darkened study, a glass of sherry in one hand, and listened.

The window was open, and she could hear Neville and Harry outside. Voices and the occasional burst of laughter reached her ears, how long had it been since the sounds of happy children filled the manor?

Her guardianship of Harry was being contested. Alice's breakdown had raised an awful lot of questions, the attempted murder of a child generally did. Even when that child was a relation of known Death Eaters, even when he didn't press charges, even when he just looked at his would-be murderess and started muttering darkly about psycho aunts who went around driving people nuts.

Someone always made a fuss, and in this case someone was various members of the Wizengomot, both Light and Dark allied families. The Lightsiders thought she wasn't a suitable guardian for the Boy-Who-Lived, that she couldn't protect or care for him properly with her grandson and daughter-in-law to look after as well. The Darksiders were simply up in arms about an attack on one of their own.

Hells, even Albas Dumbledore, who she had though would support her in this, was on the band wagon. 'You are already under great stress, Augusta.' 'There are others who can care for young Harry, he has relations.' Be reasonable.'

But Harry looked at Dumbledore mistrustfully, and the fat man that had accosted them at Kings Cross Station, who Harry had called Uncle and flinched from, was not a suitable guardian for anyone. She would rather have put both her boys in the care of Lady Zabini then hand either of them over to the so-called uncle.

They seemed to get on rather well with the Black Widows son after all, and whatever she might think of the woman's morals, Arabella was a fierce fighter and would allow no harm to come to those in her care.

Augusta would not surrender Harry, would not 'Be reasonable'. To hell with Dumbledore,what did he know about it anyway? He'd gotten his only child killed decades ago. She would finght them all to keep her boys where she could protect them.

Harry made Neville so happy, after all, the same way that Ronald Weasley did. It was the same radiant smile, and he was what stopped Neville brodding on his parents.

They were both in psychiatric wards now.

"Go to hell, Albas Dumbledore, I will not give up my family."


Molly Weasley was walking around the Burrow, the feeling of a thunderstorm around her.

Percy was slightly impressed. Her aura of irrational fury filled the entire house. It had actually driven the ghoul from the attic, and even the gnomes looked edgy.

All this from the realisation that several of her sons got on rather well with a Malfoy, a friend of the Malfoy family and a few other Slytherins. Percy hadn't even told her about his relationship with Oliver and Percy yet, and he was not looking forward to it. Charlie had announced his bi-sexuality shortly before leaving home, and their mothers reaction to the news was probably a significant reason as to why he now lived in Romania.

Molly hated Indigo because he was a Malfoy and a Slytherin and had long hair, Jackie because he was a friend of the Malfoys and had long hair, and Flare and Yuki because they were Slytherins. Why she refused to acknowledge Tracy was as yet unknown.

Why was it that Father, the Weasley by birth and so the one who had an actual blood feud –if an undeclared one- with the Malfoys was prepared to set it aside for the happiness of his children while Molly, who had just married into the family, couldn't even hear the name without falling into a fury. She just would not listen to anything any of the Slytherins had said, and now refused to let the Twins read Jackies letters to them.

She refused to even consider that Scabbers might be anything out of the ordinary, despite his having lived far longer then any rat should have, just because Tracy had created the theory and Indigo had backed her up.

When did she become so prejudice?

"Dude, you look like someone put a beehive in you bedroom."

"Hello Ron." Percy did his best to smile at his youngest brother. It fell flat. Ron raised his eyebrows and sat down next to him.

"Seriously Percy, what's up?"

"Well, I'm in a relationship and…" Percy sighed. "Mother will defiantly not approve."

"Why not?"

"Cause it's a threesome both genders are involved."


The laughter burst out, and had a slightly hysterical, slightly relieved edge. Ron smirked.

"What were you expecting? Brother of mine, I don't care if you're in love with a 30 year old and a crazy vampire, just as long as they make you happy."

"Thank you. Though I think I will avoid insane the insane immortals."

"Sencible. I'm going to see Neville and Harry, can't take Ginny's crazy-ness and the Twins moping anymore. You wanna come? You can sit around and look gloomy and Harry will be soothing at you."

Percy smile, and got to his feet with a roll/flip movement he's seen Harry use and adopted.

"Sounds lovely."


Severus Snape was stretched out in the sunlight. He shifted slightly, and smiled when the baby sleeping on his chest made a little grumpy noise at the movement.

He had not expected to find happiness. Not after Narcissa was forced to marry Lucius, not after he'd been foolish enough to become a Death Eater and sign that damn contract.

15 years of teaching Potions at Hogwarts. Damn stupid thing to agree to.

He hadn't expected Luciuses death, and he certainly hadn't expected his godson, not 2 years old at the time, to look at him with those eyes that seemed to old and ask why he and hadn't proposed to Narcissa yet.

Miranda and Daniel, the children he hadn't expected to have and saw far less of then he would have liked, were a blessing; he could never treasure Narcissa enough and Indigo, or all his strangeness, seemed as much his child as Daniel or Miranda.

Life was good.

"Aw, you look all cute and cuddly like that."

"Good morning, Miranda."

She laughed and plopped down next to him. Miranda had always been like that, quick to laugh around family, more reserved with those outside of it. She had probably picked the habit up from Indigo, who was always cool towards those he did not know well, and had been Miranda's most adored companion since she had been a baby.

Miranda move one of his arms, and curled up against his side, her head on his shoulder.

"Daddy dearest, I am board."

"Why not go and pester Indigo?"

"He's gone out with Mama. As such, you must tell me a story."

"A story?" he smiled and began. "Once there was a god, who was beautiful and full of pride…"

Lying in the sunshine in the garden of a grand and beautiful house, his youngest son asleep on his chest as he told his daughter the stories his mother had once told him…

Life was so very good.


Alice Longbotton was strapped to the bed, shouting and screaming desperately.

"Let me go! She's out, can't you see it? She's after my son! I have to stop her, have to protect him! Let me go! Letmegoletmegoletmego!"

The orderly sighed. Lady Longbottom had lost her grip on reality on seeing Lord Malfoy in the company of her son, thinking that the young lord was actually his aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange. There were similarities between Lord Malfoy and the insane Lestrange in her youth, certainly. Pictures had been compared and they had the same finely shaped faces, the elegant eyebrows and generous mouths, both had purple in there eyes. There were also obviously not the same person.

"Let me go! I have to help him!"

The orderly sighed again, and shut her ears to the shouting.


Sirius listened, his eyes shut. Bellatrix had visitors, it seemed. Who would be visiting his insane cousin after all this time? Narcissa had cut ties after Bella's trial, and the visitor sounded angry…

"Hello Mr Black."

Sirius shaped his eyes open. He hadn't heard anyone approach and his ears were very sharp so-

"Bloody hell! Bella had a kid?"

"No." said the kid, whose gender was highly uncertain, smiling ever so slightly and looking at Sirius interestedly. "Though see does had nieces and nephews. The family resemblance is rather pronounced though."

"Well then kid," Sirius almost winced at the sound of his own voice. He sounded like someone had taken sandpaper to his throat. "you are gorgeous, and you'd better enjoy it because people will freak out once they get over your blond-ness."

"You seen very sane for someone who has spent a decade in Azkaban."

"I got skills Tonks."

"I'm not a Tonks, cousin of mine. Do you spend much time as a dog?"

"What?" Sirius's brain had just short circuited.

"Not a dog then. My bad. Only there's this rat that isn't really a rat. Fat little thing, mousy brow, missing a finger-"

"Pettigrew." Sirius was at the bars in a second. "Where is he?"

A hand was on his forehead, memories flashed before his eyes, and then he jerked away.

"Innocent." Murmured the child, lowering the hand and smiling. "Never given trial, relatively sane, protective as hell and loyal beyond words. Oh, you'll do nicely."

"Bloody Malfoy psychics! What do you mean?"

The child, who was probably a boy, didn't even blink as Sirius snarled at him.

"You'll find out." He stepped away from the bars. "I'll be seeing you Lord Black. Excuse me."

"Damn it!" Sirius grabbed the boy's robes. "Where is Pettigrew? What are you up to?"

"Well he was in my basement." said the boy, taking Sirius's wrist in one hand and forcing its removal from his robes with a thumb nail. "But my sister has a nifler and, well, you can guess the rest. He stole something on the way out, and I'm not best pleased about it. Goodbye."

The boy walked away, joined Narcissa and never once looked back. There was no reaction to Bellatrix's laughter or Sirius's snarl.

"Goddamn bloody Malfoys and their bloody psychic's!"

Scabber's was broken out by a nifler. Be careful, he was a Death Eater before.


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