The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Bella & Edward


"Mom, when did you and dad meet? And how was your first kiss?" Bella smiled at her daughter; asking the questions Bella had been waiting for. She knew her daughter was in love; she had seen the signs weeks ago. And she knew Carlie struggled with her love. These questions were not unexpected at all; Edward and her had even talked about what to tell and what not.

"We met in high school. Back then Auntie Alice was a good friend of mine, and your dad was her younger brother. I met him a few times; but I didn't really like him. He was a bit childish, and mean to his sister. I knew he liked me as he was always teasing me."

"Does teasing mean that the guy likes you?" Carlie asked. Bella smiled.

"Not always; but most of the times it does. Anyhow; Alice and I got into a bit of a fight. We only spoke each other at school during that time. Then we graduated; both went to different colleges. We were busy. And then she invited me for her birthday. And your dad was there too; together with Uncle Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie." Carlie nodded, a smile on her face.

"We played Trivial Pursuit in teams of two, and Edward claimed me as his team buddy…"


"I'll play with Jasper," Alice smiled and gave her boyfriend a kiss on his cheek.

"I wanna play with Bella! She's smart, well win!" Edward said, grinning at her.

"Um, sure?" Bella said, uncertain. The others were fine with it, so the teams were made. They started playing, and of course Alice and Jasper were winning. They got all the easy questions while the two other teams had questions that were impossible to answer.

When they won, they all decided it was time for a movie. It took a while to make a decision, but finally they settled on Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It was funny and they needed a laugh after the tough questions.

Short after they started the movie; two aunts came in. They had to put the sound lower, but the aunts and mother of Alice were talking loudly. They decided to move the movie up to Edward's room, who had a home cinema system. Bella sat next to Edward's couch; her head on the armrest. Edward sat next to her, the others filling the room. They put the lights out and just focused on the TV.

Bella grabbed one of the pillows Edward had next to him and put them under her head.

"That can't be comfortable, here's another one," Edward said, grabbing another pillow and putting it on top of the other one. Bella rested her head on it again, and smiled.

"Thanks." Edward just smiled and patted her head.

They both turned back to the movie. Sometime during it, he put his warm hand on top of hers. She wasn't sure how to respond. She could feel his hand shaking a bit; as if he was nervous. So she told him.

Edward just nodded. After a while of not Bella not responding, he removed his hand. Bella felt disappointed; for some reason she really liked Edward's hand there.

Not very long after that Edward rubbed Bella's shoulder and back. She had no idea how to tell him she liked it with the others not noticing it. She could still feel him shaking a bit.

Finally the movie lit up the room, so Bella looked up and found him looking at her. She smiled; letting him now she liked it. He smiled back; his eyes lighting up. It looked so cute; Bella couldn't help but grin.

She turned back to the movie with the smile still on her face, and Edward kept his hand on her back, slowly rubbing it and totally relaxing her. He moved his hand up, under her hair and rubbed her neck. Bella tried to keep her eyes open, it felt so good that she had a hard time concentrating on the movie. Then his hand moved again, this time his hand stroking her cheek. She closed her eyes and forgot about the movie, just felt the arm around her that made her feel like she could forget the world around her. She smiled at him again, and he smiled back.

Unfortunately; she had to go home early. She had to keep watching the time, her parents didn't want her to go home late when it was snowing. It was too dangerous.

Bella got pleasantly surprised when she found out Edward had to have left already to a friends' birthday, but he arranged it so he could come with her for at least a bit. She bit her lip and tried not to smile at that. It was so sweet.

She said goodbye to Alice, but she was actually not focused on her at all. She was waiting for Edward, but tried not to let it show to Alice. She didn't know what she would think of Bella and Edward liking each other. Maybe Alice didn't think they fit together, and she didn't want to cause a fight between them, or lose a friend.

They left the house together, and he went with her halfway. They both stopped when they had to say goodbye, and he requested a hug. She gave it to him without problems, and he held her really tight against him. Feeling bold, she gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks for going with me this far," Bella smiled. He smiled back, and leaned in. Bella raised her head, and caught his lips with her own. She pulled back quickly, and felt her cheeks warm up with a blush.

"You're cute," Edward grinned. Then he asked for her phone number, which she gave him. With another small kiss, they said goodbye. Bella stood there for another moment, totally in awe.

(end flashback)

Bella sighed, and grinned at her daughter that was sitting next to her and grinning widely.

"Was Dad really that sweet?"

"Yes, Carlie. Dad was that sweet. I didn't get his number, instead I told him to call or text me. He called me the next day, and we set up a date. And now we're here." Bella sighed again, happily.

"Thanks for telling me that mom. I'm happy it was so sweet." With that, her daughter jumped up and left the room, leaving Bella shaking her head with a smile on her face.