Resident Evil Four LeonxAshley

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Part One-Aftermath

It was two thirty in the morning in Washington D.C., the household at sixteen hundred was locked down for the night, things on the outside looked peaceful...Inside on the other hand was not.

A young woman, no older than twenty, tossed and turned in her queen sized bed. Her face contorted tightly in anxiety as she dreamt of unfathomable horror, she muttered.
"Please help me Leon..."

She tried to run, to hide, but they kept on hunting her with an insatiable bloodlust. Her world and everything in it, was warped and twisted into something that was pure evil. For Ashley Graham, couldn't leave the horror behind.

She tried to forget, tried so hard, but the nightmares returned with a vengeance almost every night. Ashley's eyes snapped open as she let out a tight and small yell she quickly reached over to grab her phone, Ashley dailed his number...

On the other side of town, a man in his late twenties stirred in his sleep as his phne rang for the umpteenth time, he growled and finally picked the phone up.
"Leon here, what do you want?!" Leon asked with no attempt to sound polite or cheerful.

"Leon...I'm scared..."
It took no more than a few seconds for Leon to figure out that it was Ashley on the other line, he sat up on his bed and listened to her constricted sobs.

"Ash...Calm down, it was just a dream." Leon said in a soft, comforting manner. No, it wasn't a dream, it was an archive of misery that nothing could erase.

"Leon, I need to see you. I want to talk to you face to face, I need you with me!" Ashley responded through her sobs.
"Alright, I'll visit first thing in the morning." Leon replied, he combed his hair with his hands.

"Could...Could you possibly come to see me tonight? I know it's late, but you're the only one who knows what I'm going through." Ashley pleaded, Leon rubbed his forehead and cleared his throat.

Leon looked at his alarm clock, it was late and the White House was locked down for the night, but he the amount of sheer panic in Ashley's sobs. Leon reached for his car keys and his clothes.

Alright...I'm on my way over, but how am I going to get in?" Leon asked her.
"I'll tell...The security guards to let you in." Ashley reassured him, Leon sighed and said goodbye over the phone. He was going to need two things, a box of tissues and some coffee, and lots of it.

Leon drove along the desolate streets, it was a little unnerving to see everything so still and quiet. Leon couldn't get Ashley's painful sobs out of his head, he went through the same experience after the the nightmare in Raccoon City.

The horrific events that transpired in Spain would've driven anyone into a catatonic state of mind, the fact that Ashley could even function was a miracle. Leon pulled up to the White House and was given was permission to enter. Leon was led into the foyer of the White House, an old maid was there waiting for him.

"Ashley is in conferance room A, Mr. Kennedy. Right down that hall and do the left of you." The old maid directed him, Leon nodded and walked down the large hall. As he reached the door of conference room A, he could hear Ashley's crying. "Ashley, I'm here." Leon said as he opened the door, Ashley ran into his arms and held him as tight as she could. Leon stroked her hair and slowly Ashley's sobs dissapated until she relaxed in his arms.

"Leon...When will these nightmares go away..?" Ashley trembled, Leon helped her sit down and sat next to her. He got a good look at her, the dark circles under her eyes were large and her eyes themselves were puffy and red. But she still looked as cute as ever...

"Look at me, I'm a mess! I haven't slept in two days and when I do, I'm back in that awful, vile place." Ashley wiped her eyes, Leon smiled and took out the box of tissues he bought at the convenience store.

"Figured you would need thes, c'mon clean yourself up." Leon offered the box to her, Ashley blew her nose and wiped her eyes again. "Thank you..." Ashley replied in a small voice. "No problem, it is my job to protect you isn't it?" Leon leaned back in his chair.
"So, what else do you need?" Leon spoke after several minutes passed by, Ashley looked up and composed herself.

"All I want, is for you to be beside me, because you've been through the same things as me. I want to know that I'm not alone in this struggle to find a normal life and to know that I'm not alone, period." Ashley choked on a new wave of tears, put pressed on talking.

"I tried going back to my old life, my circle in friends and studies, but I couldn't. My friends couldn't look at me when I returned in the same light again. I stopped going to my favourite places, the mall, the movies and my favourite restaurants. My grades have bottomed out, so I'm risking my scholarship. I'm in trouble Leon, I need help." Ashley bit her lower lip to stop her sobs.

Leon heaved a heavy sigh as he took in what Ashley told him, he thought of the right words to say. Ashley was in a very fragile state, she was so scared of losing it completely.

"Ash...I know how you feel, I had a very rough transition period after the crisis in Raccoon City. I went back to work after the psychologists deemed me 'stable' enough to return. Well, I certainly was looked at differently. The other officers called me a loose cannon." Leon stopped, he resisted the urge to chuckle at his last statement.

"Anyway, they thought that any minuted, something or someone could set me off...They were right in some respect, almost every case I was sent on, reminded of Raccoon City and the memories came flooding back. I would have nightmares, of dying in that crisis, waking up in cold sweats...The rest you know." Leon yawned, suddenly Ashley felt exhausted.

It was like a trigger once Leon yawned, it gave her an overwhelming sense of security, she smiled softly.
"You have any nightmares of Spain, Leon?" Ashley asked him, Leon got up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I have, I dream that I don't get there in time to rescue you...That, scares me the most, sweetheart." Leon held Ashley in a tight embrace, Ashley closed her eyes and almost instantly fell asleep. Leon picked her up and left the room.

"Which way to Ashley's room?" Leon asked the maid, he was directed again upstairs and to the right. Leon opened Ashley's bedroom door and placed Ashley on her bed, he pulled the covers over her and sat on the chair across from it.

Leon watched as Ashley slept peacefully, she didn't deserve all of that baggage, physical or mental. He hoped that Saddler was burning in hell beyond recognition for what he did to Ashley. She was so innocent, so pure and honest that it scared him. With her face slightly flushed, Ashley looked even more cute than usual...

"Forget it Leon, Ashley Graham is off limits." Leon's sense of logic hit him over the head, but it was getting more and more difficult to listen to logic for Ashley was blossoming into a woman.

Leon felt his eyelids droop, he slowly fell asleep in the chair.

[To Be Continued]