Resident Evil Four


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Ashley Right Choice]

Part Thirteen-Epilogue

[Two Years Later]

Leon sat by his desk, he kept looking at the clock on the wall, he wanted nothing more than to get out of here. Hunnigan looked at him and tried not to giggle, Leon looked up at her and she walked towards him.

"Leon, get out of here, I know what you want to do." Hunnigan let him go early, Leon smiled at her and got up from his seat. Leon grabbed his coat and headed out the door, he turned back to face her.

"See you on Monday, Hunnigan." Leon walked out the front door and walked towards his car.

Leon pulled up to his place, he walked through the front door and Ashley was there waiting for him. Ashley turned off the TV right away and ran into his arms, Leon held onto her and kissed the top of her head. Leon walked into his kitchen and pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge.

"So, how was your day, Leon?" Ashley asked him, Leon sat down on the couch and got closer to her.

"Like serving time in jail, you want to get out of there as soon as possible...How did your day go?" Leon took a sip from his water bottle, Ashley reached over and took her notebook off the table, she went down the list of things she had on her schedule.

"Well, I had a good day at work, the people that I'm working with are terrific, plus I like what I do. Being a social worker is a great thing, you get to help people who really need it." Ashley felt very proud of herself, Leon pulled her close and kissed her, Ashley dropped her notebook and wrapped her arms around him. Leon left her lips and kissed her neck, leaving small marks on her neck.

"Sweetheart, I've got a surprise for you...C'mon, let's get in my car, we're going for a drive." Leon took her by the hand, Ashley hopped towards his car and opened the passenger door.

"Leon, where are we going?" Ashley looked up at him, Leon simply smiled and didn't say anything, Ashley felt a little anxious. Where was he taking her and why, these two questions left her pondering the whole car trip. They finally pulled into a building that had seen better days, Ashley gave Leon a look of pure confusion, but she followed him anyway.

"I scheduled a target practice session here, it's an out of the way structure that we use for rookie cops looking to get their badges. Let's go inside, no one else is here today. So we'll have it all to ourselves." Leon took out a small case of guns from the trunk of his car.

Leon helped Ashley inside, he flipped the light switch next to the door and took out a shotgun. Ashley stared at the wall to the right of her, there were cardboard cut-outs of criminals lined up at different distances, Leon walked up to her and gauged the right distance for Ashley to start off at.

"Ashley, when you wanted me to teach you how to fire a gun properly, I didn't think you were serious, but then I remembered how you handled yourself during the White House incident..." Leon remembered the shot that killed Calvin, it was bang on, Ashley hit the target straight on, but she was still very inexperienced.

"Well, I wanted to learn how to defend myself, if ever there was a situation like that again." Ashley turned her attention to the targets, Leon placed a hand on her shoulder and the way he looked at her showed that he meant business, this was Officer Leon talking.

"Ashley, the shots that you got in that day, weren't fueled by experience, they were shots fueled by adrenaline and fear. You just got extremely lucky." Leon told her without holding back, Ashley nodded and smiled, Leon wasn't being cold, he was just being honest. Having lived with him for the past year helped her understand the way Leon's mind worked, Ashley still couldn't believe that at the end of her father's term in office that Leon asked her to move in, she didn't hesitate at all.

"By the way, how in the hell did you get into the White House that day anyway? Hunnigan said that security was almost air tight." Leon asked, Ashley couldn't help but laugh about it as she thought back to that moment.

"Well, I was initially stopped at the gate, but I didn't back down, I just gave the guy a look and walked in anyway, he was about to stop me when Willow and Eric explained who they were. So I guess they were fine with letting me go in, although, my father must have given them hell for it afterwards." Ashley explained, Leon loaded up the shotgun with blanks and handed it to Ashley.

"Now, let's get started. I want you to take out the felon on the right, think you can make a shot to his head?" Leon challenged her, Ashley got into position and aimed the gun at the felon. Leon walked up behind her and helped her to position her arms to the right height for the shot, Ashley felt her heart rate increase as she tightened her grip on the handle.

"Loosen your grip, hold it gently...Calm down...Remember to breath slowly..." Leon's voice hit her ear, Ashley leaned back on his chest and pulled on the trigger, Leon's arms stroked hers as he kissed the back of her neck. Ashley felt chills go up her spine, Leon looked at the target as his hands slid from her arms and down her body.

Ashley turned around, the shotgun fell on the floor with a clatter, but the two of them didn't seem to notice. Leon leaned down and slowly took her mouth in his, Ashley's arms instinctually went around his neck. Leon turned off all his inhibitions as his hands fell on Ashley's hips, her hands ran up and down his back. Leon groaned as he pulled away from her, the two of them stood there, breathing heavily and the heat between them was growing. Leon lifted Ashley and brought her to a table, Ashley in turn pulled him in for another passionate kiss.

"Leon..." Ashley sighed, Leon placed his hands on the table and breathed in deeply.

"Sweetheart?" Leon gazed into her eyes tenderly, he tried restrain himself from going on any further until Ashley gave him the go ahead.

"I want you..." Ashley kissed his left bicep, Leon pressed his body up close to hers and his hands slowly went up into her shirt, his mouth fell back on hers as he felt his arousal build. His heart rate increased sharply when he felt Ashley's hands unbuttoning his shirt, he took his shirt from her hands and threw it across the room.

Ashley leaned back on the table and Leon pulled up her skirt, Ashley felt her heart pound in her throat as Leon's skilled hands massaged her thighs. He always took great care in making sure that she was comfortable, he was good at that and she loved every single minute touch that he gave her.

Leon slowly removed the last obstacle that stood in his way, he unzipped his jeans and pushed his manhood slowly inside.

The room echoed with the sounds of feverish love making, the two of them, lost in the pursuit of satisfying their hunger.

"I love you...Leon....So much." Ashley moaned in his ear, Leon kissed Ashley roughly as his libido stripped away any and all reason from his mind. Leon gave one final thrust as he felt the first waves of climax radiate through his body, Ashley's hands dug into his shoulders as she she let out a euphoric sob of passion. Leon felt the energy that had built up, leave his body in small shudders, he stroked Ashley's face and kissed her tenderly. Leon doubled over and tried not to collapse on Ashley, his arms draped over her shoulders.

"Love you, sweetheart..." Leon was out of breath, Ashley trembled underneath him, in a daze of satisfaction and completion. She felt so safe in his arms, she felt his arms tighten around her. Their hearts were beating at the same time, Leon finally had caught his breath and looked at the cardboard felon that had fallen victim to Ashley.

"Right on target, Ash, right on target." Leon smiled deeply, Ashley looked at the cut-out, she had clearly missed.

"I didn't hit the target, Leon, I was off by a few inches." Ashley corrected him, but Leon shook his head and pointed to his heart.

"Really now..? I think I could improve my aim, don't you?" Ashley grinned, Leon pulled her closer to him and kissed her neck, feeling the heat grow between them again.

"No, you got the right man, you hit the target dead on." Leon smirked in confidence, Ashley giggled softly and placed her finger on his chest. The two of them embarked on another round of target practice.

The End