"Me plus You equals the unknown" Robin laughed putting his arm around Vlad.

Vlad smiled. The unknown seemed the perfect place to be but right now things were becoming a bit too complicated to just let the unknown over take him, he needed reality.

Even if it meant one day letting go of this world he held so dear.

"Robin" Vlad looked at him smiling away.

"Yeah?" Robin replied.

"If you could do anything today, what would it be?" Vlad asked looking up at the sky which beamed down upon them.

"You already know" Robin sighed leaving Vlad's side and walking over to a nearby bench.

Vlad put his hands in his pockets and took one final glance at the friend who maybe could have been something more. Now was the time so he walked off towards the castle not daring to look back.

Tomorrow was crawling nearer and Vlad wished more than ever he could grant Robin's wish.

Robin kicked the bench and let out a frustrated cry. He had to do something. He looked back at Vlad who was becoming smaller and smaller. Goodbyes were never a strong point for both of them.

"My wish is your wish" Robin whispered as a single tear fell from his cheek.