Chapter One

Seth POV

He sat in the cushioned chair, seeming like a king upon a throne, not a semi-well known dom in a club watching a scene. Edward had been gone from the area for about four years, but having him back "on a business trip," as he'd told Rosalie at the door, had set all of the wannabe subs into a tizzy. I was only seventeen when he was actively working but had heard about him from my older sister who had dated one of his subs.

Now at just shy of twenty-one, I worked on the stage, cleaning the club's equipment between scenes. As I wiped the virucide over the vinyl cushion cover and then again with water after the chemicals had evaporated off, my eyes were on him. His auburn hair seemed dark bronze in the dim light, and his green eyes twinkled with mirth as one of my coworkers tried to gain his attention.

"I'm sorry; I don't take female subs any longer." His voice was smooth as honey but still held the whiskey-roughened tone that I remembered while I stroked my cock each night before bed. We grew up in the same area, and I'd seen him at some local events in my youth. He was the first man I ever wanted.

"Thank you, Seth. You're doing a great job here. As soon as you're of age to serve, we'll have you up working the floor." My boss's voice startled me from my memories of Edward in a speedo at his swim meets.

Emmett looked where I was watching and then let out a short laugh. "Eh, Rosie's gonna have my balls for this, but fuck it. Go to my office, put on some of the aftershave in the green bottle, and change into the black pants and red vest in my closet. Tell Jasper I said you're taking Cullen's table since Jessica is off pouting about not being chosen. You have five minutes to take his order. Now, don't say I never did anything to help you get laid, Seth."

My boss took the bottle and rag from me and teasingly slapped me on the ass with the cloth as I sprinted past him for the back hall. The security guard watching the bathrooms and the offices nodded as I passed. I swiped my ID card to allow me into the room marked "Owner," which was both Emmett's office and private lounge. My clothing, the tiny black shorts and tank top, were removed and then kicked to the corner of his private bathroom. I jumped into his shower, quickly washed and rinsed off in less than a minute, and was out drying off as his clock showed me I'd spent two of my five minutes.

I was still smooth from my shower and shave before work, so I skipped the razor sitting neatly atop a folded black washcloth. There were over a dozen bottles of cologne and aftershave on the counter, but only one was in a nondescript green container. The top was gold plated and when I pulled the lid off, the soft scent of woods, musk, and a sweet tone I couldn't identify, filled my head. I sprayed it into the room and walked through it as I went to the closet. I found the pants and vest easily, and put both on as I walked out of the room. I buttoned the closures as I ran down the hall and back up to the floor.

The clock on the wall read eleven fifty two. I had one minute to compose myself. Fuck that. There was no way I could compose myself with my dream guy only twenty feet away. Several women and men were crowded around his table, yet his eyes were locked on the scene playing out on the floor. Emmett had Jacob down on his knees. They were always lovely together, even more so when not performing for anyone but themselves and Rose. They were a threesome in real life and often took it to the floor when no one had it reserved.

An opening appeared as Lauren finally went off to see to her tables, and I took my chance. I dropped to my knees beside Edward, my fingers laced behind my neck, and I kept my eyes on his lap. "May I take your order, Sir?" I asked quietly.

I felt his eyes on me for a good while before I registered any movement. "Top shelf tequila, the whole bottle; lime wedges that you cut specifically for me; salt, and then you, spread across my table."

Edward's long fingers grasped either side of my chin and applied pressure as he lifted my head so that his eyes and mine met. "Stand for me."

I drew my feet up and stood, keeping my chin in his hand until the last possible moment. His fingers were slightly cool from the Long Island he'd been toying with since he first arrived. Compared to the warmth of the club, it was extremely pleasant; of course, his fingers could have been hot and sweaty and still felt like Heaven to me.

"You'll be a good boy, won't you..." Edward's voice trailed off as his eyes went from my face, slowly over my chest, and to the ID badge I'd fastened on the waistband of the pants. "Seth," he finally purred.

I nodded, and he gave me a tight smile. "Off you go, Seth."

Without a second glance, I turned and dodged patrons to make my way to the bar where Jasper was making a tray topped with a rainbow of shot glasses. He gave me a strange look as I side-stepped the waitress impatiently waiting and went for the cabinet. I pointed to the floor, where Emmett and Jake were just finishing, and Jasper rolled his eyes.

"If my sister finds out, I saw nothing."

I thanked him and started collecting Master Cullen's request.

After assembling my own gold platter, it finally hit me. Edward Cullen was going to do a body shot off of me. If I hadn't intended to drop to my knees beside him once more, the knowledge of what was about to happen would have done it. From beneath my lowered lashes, I watched his carefully manicured nails run over one of the lime wedges and then lifted to his lips.

"Very nice; I approve. Up on the table."

I obeyed quickly, turned to sit on the edge of the table, and then reclined over it, my neck tilting back until my head was pointed at the table beside Edward's. He reached for my head and lifted it. "Scoot down. One of the gawkers can hold your legs. I want your lips where I can reach."

Felix was passing by and hearing Edward's request, he shoved two of Edward's entourage out of his way and then moved into position. As the back of my head hit the table's edge, my eyes met Felix's and he smirked before pressing his hips into my crotch. My cock was hard and easily visible through the silky black slacks. "Someone is a little excited to be on Cullen's table. Wonder why that is?"

"Silence! I have not given anyone permission to speak. This is my stage and I am in charge. I can easily find someone else to hold his legs. Distract my sub from serving me, and I'll have Mistress Rose cuff you on stage and invite all the guests to whip you."

As he spoke, Edward undid the three buttons holding the vest shut and let it fall open, exposing the chiseled abs I've spent years working on. "So many nice lines for me lick salt from. I wonder which one you would enjoy the most. This one perhaps?" Edward ran one fingernail down my stomach, causing my muscles to jerk involuntarily as he reached the top of my pants. He laughed and reached for the salt on the tray beside me. "I'm rather fond of this corded muscle right here, in your neck. Tilt back for me, Seth."

He took one of the lime wedges in his left hand and with his right he touched my lower lip. I opened for him and licked his finger before he slid the lime between my teeth. "Naughty boy; you'll pay for that later." I shivered as he pressed the lime down firmly. "Bite down, just a little."

His finger wiped along the lime before it disappeared into his mouth. Edward smiled at me and then leaned in. "Let's see how good you taste." I felt the warmth of his breath and then the wetness of his tongue as it ran up my neck. I couldn't help the moan rumbling up from my chest. "Just wait, Seth; I can make you feel even better, if you're a good boy."

Fuck! This was turning out better than any of my fantasies. I held still as Edward sprinkled the salt on my neck. I heard the splash of the tequila in the shot glass, but could not see anything but the glow of the lights on Edward's hair. His tongue soon returned to my neck, and moments later, I tasted lime. It was quickly forgotten as I felt his lips on mine. They were warm and soft; I was torn between wanting to continue kissing him and wanting the lime removed from my mouth.

As if he read my mind, his teeth plucked the wedge from my mouth and he pulled back, dropping the lime to the side of my body. Edward smiled, almost predatorily. "I bet you'd like to earn my lips on you again, wouldn't you, Seth?"

I nodded, and he smirked. "You've wanted me a long time, Clearwater. Tonight's your night. Follow me."

I was in shock that he remembered me and blindly let him lead me down the dimly lit hallway, my eyes on the pert ass clad in those PVC pants. Edward led me past the bathrooms with their long lines, and down to a room marked "Management."

"In here, Seth. I want you in here."

Rosalie was going to kill me. Her office was off-limits for "nocturnal activities" to everyone, even Jasper and Alice. I'd have to find a new job; but Edward, he was definitely worth it. I scanned us in, praying the room was unoccupied. It was.

I locked the door behind us, sliding the deadbolt which would buy us enough time for Rosalie to get Emmett who had the only key. She didn't like to mess with keys, just her ID card. He would give Edward and me enough time to finish, I hoped.

Edward was scanning the room, familiarizing himself with what he had available. I dropped to my knees and waited with my hands clasped behind my head. His warm laugh made me shiver with want.

"You've been trained; by whom, I wonder? Speak."

"Mistress Carmen and Master Eleazar of House Denali, Sir." I kept my eyes down.

"Look at me. You've waited several years to be where you are now. I want to see those beautiful brown eyes on me." I looked up at Edward, drinking every inch of his form in. "So like my Bella's they are. I may be the Master in our relationship, but my wife, she holds the key to my heart. When she asked for me to not take on any other female subs but her, I agreed. She would look lovely, kneeling beside you, I think. Undress me."

I crawled to him, my eyes locked on his, and quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pants. He shrugged off the clothing and handed them to me to fold and place on the table. Edward's cock stood out, hard and long, ready for me. It was not overly thick, but was sleek and elegant like the rest of his body. My own dick ached more strongly at the sight. I longed to suck him almost as much as I wanted him to take me.

"Strip for me, Seth. I want to see the rest of your sculpted body."

Using moves that I'd picked up from watching the dancers in the club, I did a short, yet hopefully effective, strip tease. I pulled off the shirt, and then while dancing for Edward, for Edward!, I turned, letting him see my ass, as I finished lowering my pants. He didn't let me step out of them, though. His cock nudged my lower back as he walked into me, pushing me toward the ostentatious purple lounge. It was velvet, girly, and Rosalie's favorite piece. Fuck me.

A sharp slap met my ass. "I didn't give you permission to speak, but yes, I will be fucking you. On the couch, now." Edward rubbed where he'd spanked me, his hand soothing the skin.

I knelt over the pale green pillows, my cock rubbing against the embroidered fabric of one almost painfully. I'd been hard from the moment I first saw Edward in the club. The need to cum was making me desperate.

"You're ready for me, aren't you? Do you want me to be your Master, even if it's just for tonight? Answer me, Seth. Do you want to be my sub?"

"Yes...Master," I added softly.

His soft lips pressed against my spine where it curved between my shoulder blades. "I know you're drug and disease free if Rosalie has you working the floor, and I am as well. However, for our protection, I always use condoms except with my own subs after my physician has run the necessary lab work."

Those cool fingers tickled against my side as he slid them beneath me and stroked my cock. "I'd love to watch you pleasure my wife with this. Do you think you could take any order from me, even to fuck a woman?" His breath was hot against my neck, his lips brushing on my skin with each word.

"Yes, Master," I whispered. I never had before, not even Mistress Carmen, but for Edward I'd try anything once before making it a hard limit.

I was rewarded when he thrust his palm up and down my cock faster. "I love the sound of that." He stopped suddenly, his body lifting off mine. The absence of his weight was almost painful, despite how short-lived it was. My eyes closed as I heard him open a foil wrapper and then the sound of a practiced hand unrolling a condom. "Fuck, Rosalie needs a bottle warmer for the lube. This is cold."

He wasn't kidding. Edward's fingers were icy as he prepared me for his cock. Stretching, teasing, taunting me. They weren't enough. Then his fingers left, and I felt him press against me. I fought to maintain composure and not thrust back onto Edward's cock. Finally, he moved.

My body ached at the intrusion but it soon gave way to pure pleasure. Each inch he gifted me with was worth the years of wanting him. I bit back a moan when Edward was fully seated within me.

"It's been a while since you were last fucked, Seth. You're tight."

Edward's hands moved to my hips, pushed me forward into the pillows, and then pulled me back onto him. I was fucking the mountain of pillows as he fucked me. The velvet beneath my knees was sharp and then soft as I moved. My master let out a low moan as he thrust into me, and then stilled. One hand kneaded, much like a cat's, up my back until he fisted my ponytail.

"Look in the mirror, Seth; watch me fuck you."

I opened my eyes and looked up into Rosalie's full-length mirror. Edward gave me a tender smile as his gaze met mine. My copper-hued skin against his pale made a striking image, one that was deeply sensual without taking into consideration our erotic coupling.

His fingers remained locked in my hair as he began to thrust again. We found a rhythm that had my hips straining forward for more stimulation on the pillows and then back to take him deeper. The need to cum had become painful, yet I had not been given permission. I had to wait for my master, even if he said I couldn't cum tonight.

The hand holding me by the ponytail moved down to my cheek. "Ask me."

"May I cum, Master?"

He smiled. "Do you need to cum, Seth?"

I nodded.

"Do you want to feel me cum inside you, Seth?"

I nodded again.

"Cum for your Master."

Edward's thrusts came harder and faster as we both worked toward our climaxes. His fingernails dug into my hip, pressing into the wolf's head tattoo there. My own hands clenched the edge of the chaise lounge so hard I worried I was going to destroy the fabric. I bit back a yell of his name as I came, my teeth leaving furrows in my lower lip, as I spilled my cum onto Rosalie's pillows and couch. Edward followed soon after, his hands resting on my shoulders as he made three shallow thrusts. The only sound in the room was my harsh breathing and the grunt Edward made before panting against my back.

Neither of us moved for several minutes. His cock softened inside of me, slowly slipping from me until only the head remained lodged within. Strains of classical music met our ears and Edward withdrew from me and stumbled to where his clothing was folded. I watched in the mirror as he took out a cell phone and flipped it open, smiling at the display.

"Hello, Love. No, you aren't interrupting anything; we'd just finished." He looked into the mirror and smiled, his lips drawing up crookedly. "Seth. Yes, Bella, he was a very good boy for his master. I fear, however, that he will be out of a job once Rosalie sees what he has done to the velvet lounger Uncle Aro gave her." Edward walked over to me. "Go fetch a washcloth to clean me with. Wipe yourself clean while you're in my cousin's lavatory."

I moved quickly to the pink and gold toned private restroom. Everything was scented with rose water, overwhelmingly so. I kissed my paycheck good-bye as I wet a washcloth and ran it over my cock, stomach, and then to my ass. I tossed the cloth into the hamper and then put two more under the warm water, wringing them out well.

Edward was still on the phone with his wife when I returned to his side. I was jealous that he was going home to her, yet thankful for the memory I now had, one that didn't involve me masturbating in the shower as I imagined him taking me. His cock was soft, and he'd apparently disposed of the condom when I was in the back room. Edward continued to talk to Bella about his itinerary and the plan to fly home tomorrow. He would be back in Arizona before she had a chance to really miss him.

He ruffled my hair and gave me a roguish grin when I began to gently wipe the quickly drying remnant of his cum. "Yes, Bella, he's washing... Oh, God!" I had given up with the washrag and took his cock into my mouth, sucking him clean. After one last swipe of my tongue, I dropped back down onto my heels and loosely crossed my wrists behind my back.

With a harsh chuckle that held the unspoken promise of a spanking before we parted, Edward explained to Bella what I'd done. He was quiet as he listened to her response and then let the back of one finger run across my cheek. "I'm not sure, Love. I can ask him." His fingernail caught beneath my chin and tipped me up so that our eyes met. "Bella thinks we could use a new toy to keep me occupied while she's on bed rest with our first child. If my wife likes you, we could make your contract longer. Would you like to come home with me?"

There were only two words I could say. "Yes, Master."