Post second game (very shortly after the happy ending) bit of fluff. Marta and Emil pairing.

Dedicated to those who wanted more Marta and Emil fics. I hope this is OK. :)

Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia belongs to Namco.

It was hard to believe how quiet the room was now considering how noisy it had been only a short time before. Aside from quiet breathing and the occasional snore or sleepy mumble the inn room was so peaceful.

Marta found herself smiling again as she looked over to the bed that contained the most occupants. The only room left in the inn hadn't had enough beds for everyone so the simple solution, it was decided, was to share. That had, at first, seemed like a reasonable idea when Genis, Lloyd, Colette and Sheena had managed to fit themselves onto one of the room's larger beds but then Zelos had decided that that would be nice and warm considering the room was a bit chilly. He'd jumped on top of the slightly squashed group, causing them to yelp, protest and, in Sheena's case, try and shove him off the bed.

It had become even worse when, clearly deciding that this looked like a fun dogpile to join, Noishe had leapt up onto the bed as well and pinned everyone down under his weight. Somehow, however, they'd all managed to get comfortable and were now fast asleep.

Marta was glad that she'd had the opportunity to share a bed too, although she had to admit that it wasn't only because it was a good way to stay warm. Emil, being the gentleman that he was, had offered to sleep on the floor but Marta had managed to convince him that that would be too cold and he had shyly joined her in her bed.

She blushed slightly as he sighed gently in his sleep and snuggled a bit closer to her. She couldn't help but giggle at the thought of how he might react in the morning, he'd probably jump up blushing and stuttering or something. She was happy, though, to share her warmth with him, it made the bed so much more cozy. She found herself hoping that Emil would have the opportunity to become even more comfortable around her so that he wouldn't blush like a tomato every time they cuddled up together like this.

But, for now, she was happy to enjoy the contentment she felt. Shifting slightly she cuddled closer to Emil and, gently and slowly so as not to disturb him, brushed a stray bit of hair away from his forehead.

"Sleep well," she whispered as she allowed herself to give into the tiredness that she felt and joined the others in dreams of peace and happiness.