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My smile still held through some of the worst memories I had.

It was about 20 days after the fire, and it finally started to sink in that Edward was dead. He must have died in the fire, the fire that I had caused. I fell to me knees and wailed in the self pity I felt. The grief I felt, and the anger I felt.

I pulled at my hair, and it was that moment that I became the heartless harpy that so many people knew me as.
And it was all because a young, happy in love couple walked by me, swinging their arms, laughing. The girl saw me and ran over instantly.

"Love, are you alright?" she asked. I shook my head, and because sobbing again. The couple had a brief discussion, resolving that she'd go and get some sort of help, while he'd stay and keep me safe.

He wrapped his arms around me and I saw the wedding ring on his finger. That should have brought on more tears, but it didn't. Instead it brought on a hidden anger. I felt a flame on my newly healed hand, causing part of my flesh to burn away. I blew it out and turned to the man. Funny, I never even asked his name.

I pounced on him and gave the seductive 'thanks'. After that, he was on top of me, trying to push him in me. Of course I'd allow it, but first his wife would need to see him do it.

I heard her approaching again, as he was kissing my neck, and bosom.

I wrapped my vice like legs around his waist, and he instantly stripped bare of any clothing.

The woman was about ten feet away in shock, and I just had to torment her more. She needed to feel, what I felt. The burning pain, that I was caused, that constantly haunted me.

"What do you want from me?" I sweetly asked.

"Your body"

"What about your wife?"

"Oh, I've had hers."

"Tell me exactly what you want to do with me"

"I want to thrust my throbbing hard, right into your wet welcome and just pump and pump until you write in pleasure."

"But…your wife is watching" I whispered. He didn't listen of course; he just did exactly what he said he would. And I had to comply. It was nothing like what I was used to from Edward, but for a human, it satisfactory. The best part? The woman just stood and watched the whole time.

That marked the start of my new life. New life as a marriage wrecking whore.

From now on I only picked young, married males, some with red hair, others called Edward, but I always made sure that their partners witnessed their betrayal. More than once I was slapped or punched, but I just looked smug and walked catlike back to the pull. I never thought of Edward during my business, because no one could ever live up to his standard.

Soon, I met Jasper on my travels. He was happy to see me alive, and informed me that everyone had survived and that I should go back and live with them. They had missed me, and Alice spoke nothing of my future. He said that they all understood my loss. The plan started to form in my head before I knew what was happening.

I grabbed Jasper and pulled him on top of my, radiating lust at an immense level. I knew he tried to struggle, and that they wanted to understand how I felt, but they couldn't. So I decided to burn him as well.

He finally gave him, and ripped my clothes off in a second. I did the same and violently threw myself onto him. I was as rough as I had become accustomed to, but I forgot, that might hurt in a vampire. Still I went for it, and it was the best I'd had in a while. Of course, I pulled away before he could release himself in my, I wasn't mummy material.

Alice soon showed up, with Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme, Elizar and Carmen.

I burst out into tears; saying to take me away from the Cullens, but really it was so my next conquest could be made. I went up to Alaska, and broke up Carmen and Elizar, and Kate and Garret.

I went back to where the Cullens were and saw a furious Rosalie and Emmett. No one else. They saw what was happening, and for the good of how Rosalie and I were in the past, I turned and left. Never looking back, more than once.

I used my fire to get me to Volterra and the ashes that remained there. My body was covered in burns now, but not my face. It happened every time I found a new victim. I think it was the subconscious Sydney telling me to stop. I didn't listen, but laughed.

My thinking was, if I couldn't burn the Cullens in love, I'd do it in reality. I went and brought back the Volturi, by re-burning their ashes in fire and venom I had secreted from Elizar. I left before they knew what had happened, and fled to an island in the Seychelles, to stay for ever more.

It's fair to say at this time, my guilt caught up with me, and after a worldwide search for Edward, I decided to repent. I caused an almighty fire, that should have burnt me to dust, but I got were burns.

That horrible memory once would cause me to turn in my grave, but right now, it didn't. Why? Well because I could feel my body in the arms of something electric. I felt a spark I hadn't in a while. That meant Jasper was being purposely cruel, by making me feel what I lost.

I sat bolt upright, acidic tears in my eyes.

"You're alive?!" said the voice.

"How dare you!" I wept. "How dare you try to make me feel love again? You evil bastard." I shrieked.

"What? But i…even if I did, after what you did, you deserve it" he said sadly. "You've been lost without it for so long"

"NO! Didn't you see! That is my final punishment, to live with out…Edward" the word was so hard. I heard a rustle and could make out the figures of about another 11 vampires. The Volturi, finally coming for their revenge too! "To live without love, and family. That is the ultimate sacrifice I made in order to repent"

"You can't sacrifice what you don't have" Said one of the voices. It was a harsh anger.

"I know!!" I yelled. "I've been here for 55 years! I know! I knew what would happen the second I slept with Jasper, I knew! I knew what would happen the second I laid eyes of the first victim, I knew!" I broke down into sobs.

"Don't you see? If I could go back and undo the things I did in the heat of loss, I would. I'd go back and not hurt Jasper and Alice, I would go back and smile at the happy couples, not ruin them." I started to cry, more than I had done in years.

"Then why did you do it?" Spoke the man who had been with me for days now.

"Because I loved him. And I missed him, and I hoped that somehow, he'd find out about what had been going on, and come to tell me that I didn't need to anymore. I needed to see him one more time. I could never accept he was dead. Even if our connection was. I hoped to find some part of Edward in all the men I met. But I couldn't."

"The connection was never dead" spoke the man.

"What?" I asked, quietly.

"The connection wasn't dead, you were. You had died the night of the fire, and this new Sydney replaced you. My voice was always there, you just couldn't hear It." he said. His voice? So that would mean…

"Yes, it's me. It's Edward."

"No, but you can't me. You told me you were Jasper." I accused.

"No, I'm Jasper" spoke a completely different voice.

"Jasper?! I am so sorry you couldn't believe just how sorry I have been for the past fifty years, the punishment I put my self through" I pleaded.

"I think I can see the results" he sighed sadly. "We all can" he finished.

"Whose we?"

"We as in us. Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carmen, Elizar, Kate, Garratt, Irina and me" spoke the person who I knew as Jasper. "But I'm not Jasper"

"Then who are you?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"I'm Your Edward." He was right in front of me; I could taste his breath, tickling me.

"You can't be" I whispered.

"But I am."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted to, every day. But would have told me the truth if I told you it was me?"

"Probably not. If you were Edward than why did you tell me you were Jasper?"

"I didn't, you said I was Jasper, I just didn't correct you."

My heart was breaking and mending itself every second, continuously.

"What are the rest of you doing here?" I breathed.

"We also needed the truth." Spoke a man, who sounded wise…Carlisle.

"Yes that was Carlisle"

"I am, and I needed to see the proof for myself. Alice told me she could see what you were doing to yourself, but couldn't find a placing for you. It took us 49 years to track you down." He was sad.

I picked up my feet and ran away from them, they of course followed.

"You can't escape us now" Emmett laughed.


"Alice, how can?" Edward spoke. My precious Edward, my beautiful Edward.

"I'm here" he whispered, stroking my hair.

"I know that! But it's my point, you can't be. I can't handle this extra pain" I said and started to violently shake.

"We all have something to say" he whispered. "We forgive you" they all chorused.

Then they must be teasing me on purpose.

"Darling, we're not. Please forgive yourself now. We all do" I felt all of there hands on my burnt skin, so they must be telling the truth.

I felt myself being picked up from the ground and wind whipping around my face, as we travelled at vampire speed to…splash.

I was in water. For the first time in what felt like forever, I was in water. My body was tightening, and I was healing. The violent me was lost, as I, the real me, resurfaced.

I broke my head through the water surface, and used my newly repaired eyes to see my family.

I felt no shame, no guilt, no grief, only love. And gratitude.

Edward lifted me out of the water and smiled his crooked smile at me. I smiled one back and hugged him as hard as I could.

I turned to see my family smiling at me, as though nothing had ever happened.

"Do you really forgive me?" I asked uncertainly.

They all looked among each other and turned to give me the most heartwarming smile and hug I could have never imagined.

"Welcome back to the family Sydney" they all cried and Edward swept me off my feet by giving me what I had long missed, the most perfect kiss.

We all went back home and lived happily ever after. The Volturi we dead (again), I was forgiven, and everything was back in place for the rest of our lives.

So, this is the end of end. I hope you live the trilogy. I know it was a bit short, but I have plenty of new ideas, and may later return for a 4th chapter of Sydney's life…or not : D.

At least she got a happy ever after.

Just wanted to thank all of the darling reviewers and those of you who have stuck with the story.