The Fish –n- The Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess she was looking for a prince she saw a fish with a crown. The fish was pink with a purple head. "KISS ME". Said the fish . "NO". Said the princess and she ran away. The next day she saw the fish again and asked "Who are you?" " I can't tell you until you kiss me". Said the fish. The princess said "I'll come back tomorrow to see you!" She got on her unicorn and she trotted away. The next day she went to the fountain. The fish was there. Then as quick as she could she kissed the fish. Then she said "I can't breath" and hopped into the water. She looked at the fish. It was still a fish. Then what happened to her? She went underneath the water and looked "Ahhh" she cried. "look what you have done to me!" Then they lived happily ever after.