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Ice Cold Illusions

Chapter 1

The two lane highway narrowed slightly as it approached the mountain range and headed into sharper curves. Dean slowed into the first of the curvy foothills as the soft strains of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir began to filter through the speakers. Deep snow lined the edges of the road, mid winter snows having been piled on the shoulder by plow trucks.

Sam's head rested between the seat back and the passenger window, an odd angle for anyone else, but Dean knew he was completely at peace. His breath softly fogged the glass and his head shifted, hair brushing the moisture away in feathery scuffs. Wind slid through the barren trees and rain speckled the windshield, causing little spots of moisture to gather on the inside of the glass. Dean turned up the heater a notch from low to make the little dots give up their attempt at blocking his view of the road. Kashmir bled into Bad Company and Dean went higher into the hills, the car heading deeper into the mountains. The sky darkened and rain began to fall harder, sticking to the car as it quickly froze. The solidifying water clung to the antenna, coating the metal wire and thickening it. The windshield began to blur, Dean quickly turning the heater to high defrost, and turning the windshield wipers up. The rubber blade of the wipers jumped and skipped over the accumulating ice with a harsh grating sound, and the Impala fishtailed around a curve, the road glossy beneath the headlights that were unfocused by the coating of ice. Sam's head tapped off the window and it startled him out of his slumber.

"Dean?" He croaked.

"Ice." Dean said, leaning slightly forward to try to clear his view of the road. The youngest Winchester looked out through the blurred glass, seeing the twin beams of light reflecting off the obsidian surface of the road. "Next town's 'bout fifteen miles. We'll just take our time and call Stevens Pass our home 'til they get the roads cleaned up."

Sam pulled his cell phone from his pocket and checked the weather, quickly seeing the low double digit temperatures. He updated the information and saw that it had dropped two degrees in the time it took the weather to reload. "Dean, this isn't gonna get better anytime soon. Some happy birthday, huh?" Sam said, watching the windshield wipers stall out as they became glazed over with a thickening layer of ice. Dean's mouth just tightened briefly and he leaned further forward, trying to see the road through the shimmer of his blurred headlights.

"DEAN!" Sam barked, bracing against the dash board as the car went into a spin. His shoulder popped painfully and his arm buckled, throwing him into the passenger window. His head cracked off the glass and his world went black.

The Impala slammed into the hard snow bank packed against the high shoulder of the road, the front end of the car buckling as the axle was shoved backwards by the blow. The big black car bunny hopped the hard packed snow and plummeted down over the bank, tail lights disappearing behind the bank as the undercarriage skimmed the surface, sending a spray of snow up over the gleaming, ice covered black paint. The hood bowed in the center as the black car came to rest nearly on her nose, against a tree. The grille folded in half around the coarse bark of the Redwood, headlights exploding as they were ripped out of their sockets. Steam bloomed from beneath the hood as the V8 grunted and fell silent, the ticking of the rapidly cooling engine and the shudder and snap of ice caked tree limbs the only sounds in the still night. The freezing rain continued to fall.


"Unh." Dean groaned as he pushed himself up off the steering wheel. His ribs shrieked loudly and he gasped for breath, pushing back against the seat. His hands clenched on the wheel as he locked his elbows to keep himself back against the seat. Blood leaked down his forehead and into his right eye, burning and blurring his vision. He swiped a hand against it, smearing it over his eyelid and down his cheek. His head rolled as he fought to stay conscious. Finally blinking away still seeping blood he focused on the seat next to him when he felt a cold chill settle over him. Blood smeared the window glass, forming a crimson spider web where it followed cracks in the tempered material. The source of the blood lay against the dashboard, Sam's head, turned away from Dean. The youngest Winchester's body was crumpled in the foot well, legs folded painfully beneath him.

"S-Sam?" Dean cried, reaching for his brother and groaning as his fear for his brother made him forget his own precarious position and his ribs smacked off the steering wheel again. He pushed up against the wheel one handed and reached again for Sam, feeling for a pulse. He refused to breathe, moving his fingers to another point when he felt nothing. "C'mon." Dean finally released a harsh sigh when he felt the thump beneath Sam's skin. Shivers racked Sam's frame and Dean's hand felt the chill to his flesh. Dean felt his own harsh shake course through his frame as he tried to gauge how badly Sam was injured. He felt blood slowly cooling on the side of Sam's neck as he ran a gentle hand over the bones to make sure nothing was broken.

Dean stiffened his legs and used them to hold himself back away from the wheel. He reached for Sam, groaning as the added weight of his brother pulled at his abused ribs. He finally got Sam's head back away from the dash. It lolled, resting against the bottom of the seat. "Sammy. C'mon k-kid. W-wake up." Sam's eyes moved beneath their lids, but didn't open. Dean relaxed against the wheel, weakness and chills sapping his strength. The ice caked the silent car, so deep and covered with crystallized snow that all he could make out was the blurred lines of a buckled hood and the brown of a large tree in front of him. The cold air again ghosted over him and he turned his head to see where it was coming from, blinking rapidly as flakes of snow blew through the vents and into his eyes, the air stinging his cuts and burning his lungs. He closed off the vents and reached into his pocket, chilled fingers pulling out and nearly dropping his cell phone. His stinging eyes blurred as the movement jarred his painful ribs. He blindly pushed a button and lifted the phone to his ear. All he heard was the fast beepbeepbeep signifying no service.

"Sonuvabitch." He muttered reaching across again to where Sam's phone usually rested. He found nothing in Sam's jacket pocket, memories of Sam having it in his hand just prior to the wreck slamming home in his mind. Dean's eyes scanned the seat and visible floorboard area futilely.

"'K Sammy. 'M gonna get us outta here and up to the road. You're gonna be alright. We're gonna be fine." Dean braced himself with his legs again and reached for the door handle, unlatching it and trying to open the big door. It refused at first, then with the crackling sound of ice, opened just a crack, snow filling the gap before it stopped solid against the hard packed white mass that the car was over half buried in. Dean pushed harder, trying to get the door open. He felt a rib shift and he gasped, his groan muffled by the sound of the door falling shut as far as it could, snow packed in the latch and seal, leaving cold air filter in through the small gap with a whistle. Dean's shivering intensified, his hands quickly turning a rosy red, and beginning to sting with cold.

Dean brushed Sam's hair back. "I promise I'm gonna get you help. Jus' gotta get the hell outta this car." He rolled down the window after the glass separated from the ice with a crack. The glass came down, leaving a thick coating of ice looking like the window never moved. Dean growled in annoyance and slammed his elbow into the slick, cold surface. Once. Twice. Again with a roar as it finally shattered out, stinging cold air and freezing rain slicking down his leather clad arm as his momentum carried it through the open window.

Sam's shivering increased, teeth chattering, and his mouth pinched at the corners. He moaned.

"Sam?" Getting no response, he checked his brother's pulse finding his skin getting colder and his pulse too rapid. "I gotta get help." He brushed Sam's hair away from the injury. "You hang the hell on, ya hear m-me?"

Dean shifted, stifling a groan as he reached through the open window and gripped the ice slick roof of the car, pulling himself painfully slowly up on to the top of the door panel. His hand slipped and he landed against the door pillar, his jaw taking the brunt of the blow, enough to crack his teeth together and stun him. He gripped again, his rapidly numbing fingers melting the ice slightly and making it slick until his fingers began to stick to the surface. His feet finally came free of the window and he lowered them to the icy snow, his boots sliding until he braced himself against the side of the buried car. He moved slowly, leaning against the back door to remain upright, his boots shifting on top of the glossy surface and barely leaving a track. He pulled on the ice covered door latch, trying to get the door open with numb, red fingers. He stuck his hand in the small gap and slammed the door backwards into the snow until he managed to work a gap big enough to reach his arm through to wind up the window, leaving his brother with as much heat as possible in the cold car and dropping temperatures that surrounded them. The car groaned as the repeated impacts moved it against the tree, shearing rough bark from the tree and making limbs high above shudder beneath the ice.

Dean turned away from the car, shivering, an arm wrapped tightly around his throbbing ribs, the other the only thing keeping him upright as his boots continued to slide with every harsh tremor that wracked his frame. He pulled his jacket closer, the leather squeaking in the cold, and curled his hands into the sleeves as he took a step away from the car.

The hard coated snow glistened in the darkness and he felt the steadily falling freezing rain clinging to his eye lashes and coating his stubble. He headed around the back of the car, feet slipping out from under him, and he landed hard on his stomach, icy water seeping through his jeans.

"Ungh." he ground out as the shook of the fall jarred his ribs and stole his breath. He pushed himself upright, pain bringing a warm lethargy that wasn't unwelcome. He slid again as soon as he made it to his feet, but managed to stay upright, bracing himself against the trunk of the car, the tail lights level with his head. "Damn it! It's too icy to lug him around."

As Dean fought to clear his stinging eyes, a cold wind picked up, blowing gritty snow at him like sand as it began to fall from the night sky. The tree the car rested against shuddered, ice laden branches clacking off one another. He dug in his feet hard, kicking at the snow along the path the Impala had taken over the embankment. The ice had been broken by the weight of his baby, and although it had glossed over, it wasn't as thick and smooth as the surrounding surfaces.

Finally making it up onto the road, the wind now gusting and driving the falling sleet into his flesh like frigid bullets, Dean fought to stay standing as the gale tore into him. The limbs of the big redwood shuddered and clacked, leaving Dean to shield himself as one came down.

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