In The Genes

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Chapter 3.

Ororo and Scott led him down the hallway and into a large study/office where a bald man in a wheelchair was sitting behind the desk.

He turned and smiled at Sam. "You must be young Sam Winchester" Sam was shocked that the man knew his name. "I'm professor Charles Xavier". He stuck his hand out and Sam took it, shaking it briefly.

"Welcome to my school for mutants" He continued. "I'm assuming you would like to be taught here?"

Sam nodded, knowing he couldn't go back to his family and Xavier smiled. "I'll have someone write you a timetable so you can start tomorrow".

"Thank you sir" Sam replied.

"Please, call me professor Xavier" Xavier said. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to run some tests" He gave a small glance to Ororo, but Sam didn't think anything of it and nodded.

"Please follow me" Xavier said and led him down the hallway and into a lab.

"I don't believe it" Ororo said an hour later, when they were looking at Sam's test results.

Sam was being shown around by Bobby, his new roommate, while they went over the results. Ororo, Scott and Xavier couldn't believe their eyes as they looked at Sam's full body scan.

"He's covered in Adamantium" Scott stated in astonishment. "Just like Logan".

"How is that possible?" Ororo asked.

"It seems that Mr Striker may be experimenting on children now" Xavier said. "Ororo, could you fetch Logan for me? I need to speak to him about this".

Ororo nodded, leaving the room and a minute and coming back with a scowling Logan.

"What's this about Chuck?" Logan asked.

"Is there any chance Striker could have been experimenting on children?" Xavier asked.

"Possibly" Logan replied. "It's like him. Why?"

"We have a new student" Xavier told him. "Sam Winchester and he seems to have an Adamantium skeleton, like you"

"Winchester?" Logan repeated as his mind was assaulted with a memory.

He was walking down the street when suddenly a woman bumped into him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" The woman said, looking up, her brown eyes twinkling in the sunlight. Her blond hair blew in the wind and Logan seemed inexplicably attracted to her. "I didn't look where I was going".

"No" Logan replied. "It was my fault".

"I'm Mary. Mary Winchester".



"Just Logan"

They smiled at each other and then Logan said. "Can I buy you a cup of coffee?"

"Sure" Mary smiled and took his hand.

"Do you know him?" Xavier asked.

Logan shook his head. "No. Just, familiar".

Xavier nodded. "Thank you Logan". He smiled at them all. "You're all free to go, but could one of you send up Sam for me?"

Scott nodded. "I will" And they all left.

Xavier sighed to himself before going to his office to wait for Sam.

A few minutes later, a small knock sounded.

"Come in". Xavier said.

The door slowly opened and Sam stepped through, taking a seat in front of him. "You wanted to see me professor?"

Xavier nodded. "It'll only take a minute". He handed Sam some pictures of Alkali Lake and Striker's base. "Do they mean anything to you?"

Sam looked through them and shook his head. "No professor"

Xavier nodded. "How did you find your powers then?"

Sam grimaced slightly. "My family and I were hunting. A bear attacked me and they just came out".

Xavier nodded again. "Thank you Sam. That's all I needed".

"No problem professor" Sam replied and left.

Xavier sighed before calling Ororo and Scott to meet him so they could discuss the matter further.

It only took a few minutes for them to show up.

"Professor?" Ororo asked as they entered.

"I'm confused now" Xavier said to them. "Unlike Logan, Sam has no idea what Alkali Lake and the base are, but yet, he still has an Adamantium skeleton"

"Could he?..." Scott trailed off.

"Possibly" Xavier replied. "But without knowing Logan's past, we would not be able to tell".

"Blood tests?" Ororo said.

Xavier nodded. "Possibly. But I would not want to scare the boy so soon after loosing who he had, real family or not. He'll have to find out on his own".

The others nodded.

"For now" Xavier continued. "We'll just have to make him feel at home".

Scott and Ororo nodded and left the office.

Once again, Xavier sighed before doing his work.