Post game Colloyd wintery fluff. Inspired by the fact that there was a lot of snow around here recently and something that was mentioned in a conversation about that snow.

Dedication: gift-fic for Zelda Master/Arctic Husky. Sorry it's so late. I decided to go with a chocolate theme for the Sheelos Sisters gift-fics and couldn't resist doing a Colloyd one. Hope that's OK and that it makes you smile. :)

Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia still belongs to Namco.

Colette sighed and smiled happily as she neared the door of her house, her breath clouding in front of her face like mist.

It was so rare to see snow in Iselia and rarer still for it to settle in such a way that it was perfect to make snow sculptures from. She and Lloyd had been unable to resist the somewhat childish urge to go out into the garden which now contained a menagerie of snow animals.

She giggled with joy as the fluffy snow gently floated up around her feet as she walked then her giggling turned to laughter as Noishe began to roll around in the snow, barking and waggling his tail.

"Come inside Noishe, your fur'll get all wet if you keep doing that," she smiled. The dog-like creature gave a little whine before rolling back onto his feet and following the couple indoors.

He huffed impatiently, wanting to rush to sit beside the fire, when Colette told him to wait at the door as she removed her coat and boots but the promise of a brush if he behaved himself kept him in place while she rubbed him with a towel to try to dry him off a bit.

"Paw please?" she asked and, once he'd lifted his right forepaw onto her open hand as requested, he wagged his tail as he received a biscuit. He greatly approved of Colette's habit of keeping a seemingly limitless supply of the things in her pockets, even if, in his opinion, she didn't hand them out quite often enough.

Once she was happy that Noishe was reasonably dry Colette allowed him to zoom over to the fire where he proceeded to take up as much room as possible. She grabbed a blanket then sat down beside him, gently nudging him over slightly so that both she and Lloyd would have room to sit next to him. Her smile grew wider as Lloyd sat down next to her, carefully carrying a tray of hot chocolate.

He set a bowl in front of Noishe as Colette wrapped the blanket around both their shoulders then passed her a mug before taking a sip from his and putting an arm around her. Colette closed her eyes in contentment as she settled her head on Lloyd's shoulder, the warmth from the fire, from Noishe, from the mug, from the blanket and from Lloyd making her feel as though she was wrapped up in a cozy cocoon that seemed a million miles away from the fun but cold snow that was still just outside their door.

Days like this, she decided, were what made life so wonderful.