Story: Welcome to Lightman's Group, Wizarding Branch

Summary: Lightman's Group has branched out an Harry is responsible for the Wizarding Branch. How will Harry cope with working with both his obnoxious boss, Cal, and the sheep of the Wizarding World?

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Chapter 1: A Failed Reading

Harry walked into the courtroom, browsing through his folder as he dictated several instructions to the young man walking behind him.

Why Cal had insisted on hiring a personal secretary just for him was beyond him. It wasn't as if he needed the star-struck boy to keep track of his appointments. He was almost inclined to think the only reason Cal had chosen to force the boy on him had been for entertainment value.

Feeling annoyed, he took a look at the defendant to get a feeling of his features, then growled angrily. Turning towards the prosecutor he snarled:

'You gave the accused veritaserum?'

The thin, mousy prosecutor smiled nervously, wriggling the hat he had taken off as soon as Harry walked in in his hands. He looked the part of the stereotype ministry worker, unnoticeable, mild, rather average. And lets not forget the whole in-awe-and-fear-of-The-Man-Who-Saved-Us-All.

'Two drops of veritaserum were administrated to the defendant five minutes ago, Mister Potter.' He squealed. 'Is that a problem?'

Harry stopped pacing, closed his eyes and slowly counted to ten.

"Don't kill the idiot, don't kill the idiot..."

Maybe Loker was right and he should take anger management classes. Some day. In the far future. Probably.

Inhaling slowly to calm himself, he let out the air he was holding and found himself still fuming.

'I believe I was called to perform a reading, as the defendant was suspected of being immune to veritaserum.' He stated, each word enunciated sharply. 'Of course, giving him veritaserum is the most logical thing to do when my readings are based on microexpressions, as veritaserum paralyzes facial muscles during the first twenty minutes after administration and keeps them slack for twelve hours after ingestion.'

'Micro...microexpressions, sir?' braved the man, eyes darting nervously around the room as if searching for an exit.

Harry signaled his secretary –what was the man's name, again? He really should try to remember...- to call Gillian, and turned to the man with an irritated sigh.

'You hired Lightman's Group's wizarding branch, which is certainly not inexpensive, and you didn't even bother to take a look at the instructions we sent? Well, that's not my problem. For the next twelve hours any reading I get from this man will be baseless, and most probably a miracle, seeing as he will have nothing to read. If you still want a reading, contact my secretary once the veritaserum's effect had passed. As of now, I have better things to do than sit around and watch a doped man.'

With that, he turned around and walked out of the room, muttering angrily under his breath.

Bloody retarded wizards!

This was just a small prologue. Next chapter will explain how he ended up there.

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