Story: Welcome to Lightman's Group, Wizarding Branch

Summary: Lightman's Group has branched out an Harry is responsible for the Wizarding Branch. How will Harry cope with working with both his obnoxious boss, Cal, and the sheep of the Wizarding World?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of his characters. I don't own Lie to Me, either. I (sadly) do not make any profit from this.

New chapter! (And I'm really sorry it took this long... I've had problems coming at me from every possible corner)

That said, enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 3: No way

Harry walked into the hall and ignoring the secretary he stalked into Cal's office. The woman seemed to have some kind of problem with him, which he had at first dismissed as her reaction to a new employee, but the barely concealed scorn her face usually displayed in his presence had convinced him of that not being the case.

He sprawled over one of the chairs, letting one long sigh before even looking at Cal.

'Remind me again why we took the British case?'

Cal raised his left brow, and let a quick smirk wash over his lips.

Running a hand through his messy hair, Harry let another sigh.

'Ok, ok, no need to mock me so. Anyway, it was a complete disaster, just so you know.'
'You expected that. We expected that.'

'Doesn't make it any better. The damned idiot in charge administered veritaserum. What a bloody waste of time.'

Lightman smirked again, then abruptly stood up and motioned for Harry to follow him.

'What is it now, Cal? Because if I'm not mistaken that's the look you had at the start of the McRodell's case, and I'm never taking another one of those again.'

'You'll see' Cal answered with a quirck of his lips. It was just a short micro-expression –for some reason, Cal's default mode was emotion-suppressing – but it spoke volumes of his boss's mood.

As Harry followed him along the corridor Loker walked by, arms filled with heavy folders. He raised an eyebrow and Harry answered by nodding slightly at Lightman.

He sped up to catch Lightman, only to stop abruptly as he saw who was sitting in what Loker jokingly called the Rubik room.

His eyes widened almost imperceptibly, a faint line appeared in his forehead.

'That better be the best impersonator ever, because if that is who I think he is I will murder you, Cal, no regrets.'

'Funny that. Come here, you have to see him.'

'Oh no, I don't.' Harry turned to go, almost crashing into Gillian as he stepped away from Lightman.

'Harry? Is there a problem?'

'No Gillian, of course there isn't. I was just going.'

He tried to side-step her, but Lightman was quicker and grabbed his arm.

'You're not going anywhere, love. Clients await.'

'I sure as hell do! Let go of my arm Cal. Now.' He grounded out the last word between his teeth, just a warning, which Cal proceeded to ignore summarily.

'Now, you seem to have forgotten, but I'm your boss.' A quick toss of the head. So something was troubling him, then. Good, he was starting to think it had been his own imagination. 'And that' he pointed to the cube 'is your work. You don't get to say no, hon.'

'I'm not working with that little piece of shit for all the gold in Gringotts, Lightman!'

'Boys, let's calm down, ok? What is going on?' Foster put a restraining hand onto Cal's shoulder, a clear manipulator. So obvious it was difficult to miss, which was probably her intention all along. That woman had way too much experience with Cal.

'The little guy is just throwing a tantrum. He's in a stint about our latest employer.'


'He is a murderer and I certainly cannot be objective or professional about him! I would rather choke that bastard than give him the time of the day.'

'You will be perfectly calm and professional. Don't be such a child. And he was never convicted.'

'I was witness to his murder, conviction or not! And I wouldn't touch him with a ten-feet pole.'

'Why don't we take it to your office? People are staring.' Gillian wanted to sneak a peek at the man who had managed to provoke such a fight between Cal and the new kid, but she didn't dare lift her eyes from them.

'There is no need. I am leaving.' Harry snarled the words, stalked through the door and apparated away, still fuming.

'Bloody perfect. Call him and tell him he's getting a salary reduction, will you?'

Gillian sighed.