A is for After by Eve-the-Charlotte

Pairing: It's a surprise. . . .

Prompt: Happily ever after.

Reason for writing this: I am the laziest excuse for a white woman on the planet. I don't feel in a TD series mood. Take your pick, though the first one is actually hitting the nail on the head, if you get the reference.

His fingers trailed up her arm, over her shoulder, across her neck, to cup her face. His hands were large, nearly as big as her face. And you know what they say about big hands. At this thought, she began to giggle, then suddenly hushing up when his thumb brushed her lips.

He stared at her, his darling angel from Kyoto. He had grown over the years, yet she had as well, just not in the usual way. Instead of gaining stature, she simply became more womanly as she grew older. He loved that, as he loved all of her. She was staring at him now as he stared at her. This continued for only a moment though, before he closed his eyes and kissed her softly, sweetly. She smiled against his lips before fluttering her eyelashes closed and returning the gentle kiss. She then drew back enough to whisper the words, "I love you, Jimi."

"I love you, too, Naoko. Always," was his response before he captured her lips again. And they lived happily ever after.

Bear with me, I know they are legally related and all, but I still find the idea of them together adorable. Please, read and review, but do not flame the pairing.

Word count according to Microsoft Word 2007: 277.