This is the first Wolf Pack fan fiction on this site (I think) I'm proud to put it up here, even though I'm not expecting many reviews. I don't know if the series is being continued, and I read Wolf Man after I wrote this. We will say this begins from when Cry Wolf ended. If you are reading this though, it would be nice to have a few reviews... Now without further ado,

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Life had gotten somewhat easier for the pack. Well, at least as easy as life could be for the four lycanthropes. Ever since the incident involving Angelina, the four had been somewhat accepted by the population. With Maria's help, it seemed as if they were just ordinary teenagers, trying to cope with 11th grade mathematics class.

That's only because they think you're human.

Nobel pushed the voice into the dark corner of his mind. Right now, that was as good as it was going to get, and for now, so long as his pack was safe, they were fine. Besides, Michael and Maria seemed to have adapted to it well enough...

Do you actually believe that they would keep that attitude, if they saw you in werewolf form?

He silenced the voice again, and looked out the rain patterned window. Spring thaw was running through the forest, and he could tell by the looks on the pack's faces that they were as eager to feel spring's embrace as he was. Of course, it wasn't hard to tell. Argus was slumped, with his head nestled in his huge arms, counting the seconds by, even though it was the first class of the day. Harlan was ecstatic, he might have as well been wagging his tail, and Tora's ears were perked, listening to the forest outside. Maria glanced at all four of them, before stifling a chuckle with her hand. Michael was more than aware of Tora's excitement. This class was usually the only place in school where they could all meet, with the exception of the cafeteria. Nobel sighed. While he was grateful for the knowledge and comforts of being in human society, sometimes the urge of their wolf sides was...strong. His head perked up when his teacher's voice changed from the usual monotone of higher mathematics.

Argus hadn't lifted his head, even after his teacher had stopped trying to explain things that he probably wouldn't need in the future.

Maybe if I'm lucky, she'll suspend me for the day.

Argus snorted at the thought, and then tuned into the last of his teacher's speech.

"...And these are the two new students."

Argus lifted his head sharply. New students? In Redstone? That was rare, as an understatement

He spied one...or was it two?... people in the doorway. It looked as if one was hiding behind the other.

There was a small, mousy girl with wood brown hair hiding behind a tall, lean boy with flamboyantly red hair. Argus snorted at the colour, but then turned his eyes on the woman. She peeked out at him, before squeaking in surprise, and darting back behind her...he assumed brother. Her apparent fear of him stung.

"Lucy, would you grow up? You're giving a bad impression!" The boy whispered, so quietly that only the pack's heightened hearing could hear it. The girl's eyes widened in shock, before she coughed, her cheeks scorching red with her embarrassment.

The teacher regarded them with a raised eyebrow before turning back to the class.

"These two are your new fellow students, their names are Tom and Lucy MacLibra. I expect you all to give them a warm welcome." The teacher said, introducing the two oddballs at the front of the class. The teacher pointed at two desks at the opposite ends of the room, one near Tora, and the other pretty much separate from everyone else.

The girl, Lucy, started out towards the lonely desk, before Tom turned her towards the other, and winked at her. She eeped in surprise, before walking quickly towards the desk. Tom took his seat, and regarded the front of the class in a bored expression.

Argus made out Lucy saying a nervous "Hi." to Tora, and sitting down quietly. He sighed and looked out the window. Only 5 hours left.

Time limped along, before finally reaching lunch. Harlan was still looking like a happy pup, and don't think for a second that Jake MacKinnon didn't comment on it. Harlan was still faced with bullies daily, but, ever since the incident with Angelina, it had toned down quite a bit.

A loud chorus of wolf howls and whistles announced the presence of Argus. He didn't even turn around, pulling out a chair for his brother to sit in. His brother sat down, a black cloud of angst hovering above him. Nobel and Maria joined the two, Maria paused to pat Argus on the back before sitting next to the alpha male. They ate in silence, with the occasional joke or complaint about having to stay for two more hours. Tora sat down at the table, smiling brightly.

"What are you so happy about?" Argus growled.

"You mean besides the weather?" She shot back, grinning at her huge brother.

That caused even Argus to smile.

"Be right back." He said, walking towards the counter, in search of more chocolate milk. The howls and whistles followed him. After they quieted down, his ears perked as he picked the noise of the room apart, focusing his senses on the question he heard.

"Who is he?"

He glanced out towards the table he had heard the voice from. Surely enough, Lucy was looking quizzically at him, before turning towards one of the people who had offered to show her around.

"You haven't heard of the wolf-man? He's a local hero around these parts, saved a kid from freezing to death, not that long ago." The girl filled her in.


Argus dismissed the conversation, bought his chocolate milk, and prayed that the school day would end soon.

"Come on, slowpoke!" Tora laughed, running ahead of Harlan as she sped down the street, towards the ranger's house.

"Oh no she didn't." Harlan yelled as he increased his speed, dashing down the empty street after his sister. Nobel and Argus ran down the street after the two, chuckling to themselves. It was a good thing Maria and Michael weren't with them, they would never be able to catch the four.

The sunlight reflected in the puddles as their (thankfully) still human feet pounded the pavement. Phyllis waved to them from the front door as they sped past, appearing to something similar to and air traffic controller.

They jumped the fence, and dashed towards the forest, shedding clothes as they went, fur already growing as the neared the border.

Four wolves passed like lightning into the forest.

The pack stayed outside for the majority of the day, not even returning for dinner. After time almost equal to that they had just spent in school running in the forest, they were pretty much empty on energy. They were so tired that they could barely drag their feet home and change into their human forms. When they did return though, Phyllis had prepared what was equivalent to a feast for the pack.

"To celebrate the spring." She said.

After stuffing himself with food, Argus was quite tired. Hunger no longer ravaged his sides, but his lust for the forest was not quenched. He sat on the porch in the backyard, and just opened his senses to the forest. He could hear dozens of animals, smell countless flowers, and could pick out one of the waterfalls in the forest.


There were a few rivers in the Redstone forest, but, his senses zeroed in on one in particular. It was relatively close to the house, and he took it in. He was not Harlan, but, his senses could clearly pick up the fall of water, about 50 meters away from the house. He could almost taste the clear water, almost feel the spray, almost smell...

It couldn't be...

He lifted himself, and broke into a sprint, transforming into wolf form after quickly removing his clothes.

He had to see this for himself, otherwise he couldn't believe it.

There it is, the first Wolf Pack story on . Wow, I feel like a cyber pioneer.... It is my sincere hope that you like this story, I might not have gotten the character right, but, I hope I did. I'm still working on it, but I hope I inspired someone to write a Wolf Pack series fan fiction of their own. Of course, my readers are probably not that awed with my writing...if I have readers...


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