Today, January 24, is the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. If you would like more information on this event, here's what Wikipedia has to say about it: .org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday_(1905)

I just had, had had to write up a gloomy emo Ivan ficlet for today. Sorry. But it was too good a chance to pass up...:D

Hetalia doesn't belong to me...

The snow.

Time keeps passing, so fast. It slips. It screams. I can hear it.

Red- all red. They said it would be alright. Those people; those fools. They should have gone home.


No- red. That's all it is. Just red.

A lot of it.

Fingers; cold. Very cold. Curled around the rifle. Clinging; a single plank of wood keeping me afloat in this vast, vast ocean of ice. Ice and blood.

I used to think there was a point to this.

Now I know that things like reasons are akin to things like lies.

Only not lies to people but more lies to yourself. I'm lying to myself. I'm being lied to.

Where is Toris? He didn't wait for me…?

Ah well. I only need myself. I'm not alone, really. There are so many people all around me. People whose lives I took.

But they were trying to sabotage everything; they were going to tear down something that took years to build. Years. I try and I try; but are they never satisfied? Can't they just accept what I give them? No- always more, more, more. Enough! I can give no more.

They say they are oppressed. They say they are dying.

If they only looked at what we are doing; making us all strong.

Strong; dying.

But the snow…

I'm not crying, you know. I'm laughing, see? Can't you hear me laughing?

What's this- blood? No- red.



Just red.

The horizon looks red. The future looks red.

Paint. Paint the future, paint the world- red. It roars. It overcomes. It swallows.


Yes, yes, it came out a little blacker (redder? Commiezzz...) than I expected...heh hehhh *_*.....if it doesn't make a lot of sense, it's because I was trying to capture a sort of disturbed/ not quite all there mindset. Hey; Ivan just massacred about 1000 people (depending on whether you're pro-tsar or more left leaning, the number is anywhere between 95-3000!) and so he's probably a bit more cracked than normally.