Karin stared wide eyed at a pair of round grey eyes of a Smokey furry face one month old kitten held up in front of her by a pair of hands smudged with black ink. The kitten stared at her momentarily before it extended its paws toward her face like it had to play with her. Behind the wagging tail of the excited kitten was a very annoyed face that had been adorned with smeared black ink across the jaw and cheek. Karin curled her lips in while her face twisted into a contorted expression of withheld laughter.

"He or she is yours to look after," Hitsugaya growled as he held the kitten in front of Karin. He had only been gone for lunch and when he returned, his desk had been decorated with tiny paw prints while a small pool of spilled ink dripped off the edge of his desk. He searched around for the mysterious trespasser before something fell onto his head, fell down his face and onto his lap.

Karin reached for the kitten and relieved Hitsugaya of its terror. She carefully cradled it in her arms and stood aside as Hitsugaya entered her home. It was her off day and she had wanted to catch up on some sleep. Never had she expected such surprise.

"Aren't you a cutie pie?" Karin cooed as she used her finger and softly tickled the kitten's tummy. The kitten mewed and made attempts to grab her finger. It's innocent smile sang melodies to Karin's soul as she nuzzled her nose against the small kitten's face.

"Can I keep it?" Karin spoke up as she heard her sink tap turned and water gushing out.

"So long it stays with you and it comes no where near me." Hitsugaya washed his face. He grabbed a bar of soap and rubbed it all over his arm and face.

Karin shook her head at the grumpy captain. How could anyone be mad at this little fellow? Karin raised the kitten up high and smiled brightly. She could take care of it. She could keep it as a pet. It mewed once more and its tailed wagged happily. Well it looked happy.

"I could kiss you the whole day!" Karin squealed as she brought the kitten back down and delivered soft kisses to its furry heard. The kitten responded in rhythmic loud purrs as it bathed in Karin's delivery of love. Hitsugaya wiped his face with Karin's bath towel and looked into the mirror. Some of the ink remained on his hair and it would take a day or two for it to fade out. He sighed and stepped out of the bathroom just before stopping at the sight of Karin smothering the kitten with kisses.

"Ugh, how can you kiss that thing? You don't know where it's been." Hitsugaya said with disgust. Karin simply frowned at him as she cradled the kitten against her chest. It nuzzled its head against her soft bosoms and purred.

"I guess you'll tell me what happened after work?" Karin assumed.

"Maybe. Hisagi is going to have a fit trying to read the reports. No way in hell I am going to ever redo them again." Hitsugaya lifted the corner of his haori and stared at the blotch of ink on it.

"The Haori is good as gone." Karin commented.

"Thanks." Hitsugaya frowned before letting go of the haori.

"I'm going to give you a quick wipe and then take you to the fourth squad okay?" Karin nuzzled her nose on the kitten's nose. The kitten smacked its soft tiny paws against the sides of her nose and sniffed the tip of her nose. Hitsugaya rolled his eyes at the relationship. The kitten started to pat Karin's nose with its paws lightly while its tail brushed her neck lightly.

"Aww I'm going to keep you!" Karin squealed in delight.

"Good god…"

I wrote this a while back and after reading through it again, I thought it was very adorable :P I wrote it because of the kitten that my sister brought home.

It's very short I know. It is sort of an intro.

This story is a kitten diary in the lives of our favourite couple.

Think this kitten can melt the icy dragon's heart?

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