Alright so I had a brilliant idea for a story and I figured that I just had to write it. Ok so here's the summary:

Ever wonder what happened if Jasper had actually bit Bella at her birthday party? And what would happen if Bella felt that she wasn't wanted anymore? What outcome would happen if she left and didn't come back?

So, let's see what happens in the preface. READ AND REVIEW!!!

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Pain… a scorching pain that ran through my entire body. It was the only reminder that I was still alive. If there were no pain, then there would be no life left in me. It must happen a lot these days. My mind could not remember the last time that there was so much pain in my system. Could there be a bigger hell than this?

But… it would save Edward the regret of having to worry about me constantly. He wouldn't have to save me every single day of the week. My heart would long for him but they would be happy… They would not live in guilt or remorse, knowing that I could be in danger anywhere I went. No more staying behind… No more worrying… Everyone would be better off without me in the picture.

It would hurt my heart more than ever before but… it was necessary. It was needed.

But… how could I leave my one true love? What if they would be alright with this? Probably not… He didn't want me like this. They wouldn't accept me.

The only solution is to leave.

But… would it be the right choice in the end? Only my heart will tell.

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