January 26, 2002

Word Association

By Yashira

The fire crackled and flickered as small sparks, lighting up the evening air with vibrate little buzzes, flew upward like recently freed fireflies. Kagome sat there, crossed legged, dark eyes staring down into the flames as Sango moved to sit beside her. "Kagome-chan," She began softly as her eyes followed the flicker of sparks, "You have an idea?"

Kagome scrunched up her lips and reached gingerly forward, her fingers grasping gently on the half burned stick that stuck out from the fire. She glanced up at into her friend's waiting eyes. "Word Association?"

Shippo sat huddled in Miroku's lap, his eyes staring wide at Kagome, as the young girl reached forward and stirred the flames. "Word… association?" Miroku, blinking at Sango with a question colouring his violet eyes, looked confused. Sango shrugged and returned his look of confusion with one of her own.

"Yeah, it's really simple." Kagome replied as she dropped the stick into the orange flame and sat back down. Her brown eyes were humorous. "I'll say a word and you have to say the first thing that pops into your head."

Miroku looked at her dubiously, one eyebrow arching up questioning, as Shippo blurted out, "But that's not really much of a game."

Kagome grinned and turned to Sango, "Oh really, watch this. Sango, I'm going to say a word and you just say the first thing that pops into your head."

Sango's brown eyes narrowed as if in question, but she nodded regardless, "Okay."



"Hey, what the heck are you doing?" Miroku interrupted, his voice clearly nonplussed, as he jumped to his feet. "You call that a game."

"Hey I like this game," Sango remarked suddenly, "Give me another word."

"Hey," Miroku began in earnest protest, as Shippo hopped quickly to the ground. Kagome, however, was already speaking the next word.

"Shikon no Tama."

"Too many pieces."



"Is that a word?" Shippo asked thoughtfully as poor Miroku helplessly shrugged;

"My good name…"

"What good name?" Shippo inquired as he cocked his head to the side, "Don't you usually end up touching women?"

"Yeah, but they make it sound bad."

"And it isn't?"

Kagome cocked her head to the side and looked thoughtful, "Love."


"Oi, what the hell are you guys doing?" Inuyasha moved smoothly, his quick footsteps taking him from the shadows of the woods and into the light of the campfire and their small clearing within moments. He carried with him a stag, draped over his shoulders, as he stopped short of Kagome and Sango. "She runs out of supplies and I have to go hunting… AND YOU people are doing nothing, but talking?!"

"It's a word game…" Miroku explained as he walked over the grassy confines of ground, his robes swirling around him, to get to Inuyasha. The fire cracked and sparked as Inuyasha gave one of those. 'I'm not amused,' looks.

"And don't tell me no one went to get more wood either.. Why do I have to do everything?" Behind them Kagome and Sango continued on with the game.



"Ah, calm down, we have enough for now…" He looked thoughtfully at the girls and then smiled at Inuyasha, "Care to give it a try, it seems you need a partner for that game."

"Feh, how could I have fun with words?"

As if on cue both Kagome and Sango fell over laughing with the last exchanged of words.





Miroku and Inuyasha both wore the classic teardrops. "Hmm say, Inuyasha you sure you don't care to try?"

"Tell me how to do this…" He muttered angrily, "Loud mouth…eh?"

Miroku explained in about 10 words and less as he shook his head at the girls. "Okay, I would say something like, "Kouga" and you would-"

"Wimpy wolf."

Miroku nodded, grinning. "Wow you picked it up fast…"

"Cowardly, stupid, idiotic…"

He paused and gave Inuyasha a worried look. "Inuyasha... that's enough…"

"Moron, jerk…"

"Hey!" Letting his staff smash down on Inuyasha's head with a loud crash, Miroku gave him a dirty look. "Only one word you got I? Gee, leave it to you to get carry away with it."

Inuyasha growled in reply, his low hiss punctuated by repeated laughter from Kagome and Sango.

Miroku rubbed his eyes, "Sesshomaru."




Miroku stopped a moment, looking extremely bored. Why did Sango and Kagome make this look entirely like fun, but with Inuyasha it just seemed more like a chore. "Okay.. how about Kagome…"


Sango and Kagome stopped abruptly, their laughing cut short as if in mid cry.

Miroku wore another sweat drop as he glanced behind him to where he could clearly see the looks in Kagome and Sango's faces. Inuyasha whose back was to them, looked up into Miroku's face with a 'you set me up' look.

Kagome, temple vein to the ready, turned to Sango. "Idiot."

"Um.. Jerk.." Sango looked entirely too nervous.



Inuyasha's fists narrowed at his side as Miroku backed away slowly. "Kagome, it's just a game.. it doesn't mean anything right?"

The flickers from the fire jumped in a shower of trembling sparks as Kagome shoved another stick into the flame. She did not answer Miroku's question.